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Little Safflower review:

In the process of the baby from learning to crawl to walking, the company of the crawling mat is indispensable. Not only does it prevent the baby from being bumped by the hard floor, but it can also become a small amusement park exclusive to the baby.

There are many types of floor mats on the market, from materials to form specifications, which one is both comfortable and safe?

In August last year, Hua Hua once evaluated the grounding pad and found many safety problems (search to see: children’s grounding mat evaluation: 1 carcinogen exceeded the standard by 14.7 times, and 5 had a risk of suffocation!) ), at the urging of the mothers, this time it was the overall floor mat that came to the assessment.


What kind of crawling mat is best?

Evaluate samples

Measurement indicators

Subjective experience: Bebbot’s hemming is loose, and Beyi and Lando feel rough

Elasticity: Mandragon and Disney have good elasticity

Slip resistance: Beiyi performs well

Waterproof/Cleanable: BabyGo is difficult to clean

Overall performance rating: Disney, NetEase Yanxuan and Mandragon ranked highly

Safety test: trace formamide was detected in 3 models, which met EU standards

Overall rating: Recommended Disney & Mandragon

Crawling mat usage guide

Recommended products

What kind of crawling mat is best?

Integral or stitching

The advantage of the ground mat is that it is light and easy to store, can be disassembled and stacked when not in use, and can be put together into different shapes as you like. However, there is also a risk that the parts are easy to fall off, and the safety is slightly inferior.

Although the overall floor mat is more troublesome to store, it is not easy to hide dirt, breed bacteria, and do not worry about parts falling off.

Thick or thin

Commercially available crawling mats are generally divided into 0.5cm, 1cm and 2cm three different thicknesses, of which the common are 1cm and 2cm, 1cm thick floor mats are relatively light and easy to store, suitable for older babies. A 2cm floor mat is more effective in cushioning protection, so it is more suitable for young babies crawling and toddlers, but the price is also rising.


At present, the common materials of floor mats are these 4: EVA, EPE, XPE, PVC. Among them, EPE and EVA are cheap, but they are poor in softness, resilience and odor, and they are not environmentally friendly.

XPE and PVC are much better than the above two materials in terms of use experience, and they are more environmentally friendly. However, the price is relatively higher, of which PVC is exclusively for local tycoons, and the material safety is theoretically better, but the weight is very unfavorable for storage, and the waterproofness is relatively poor.

Therefore, overall, XPE floor mats can be regarded as the current king of cost performance, and it is also the focus of this evaluation of Little Red Flower Evaluation.

This evaluation of the little red flower evaluation aims at the 10 popular XPE material overall crawling mats on the e-commerce platform, considering the cooler weather and the needs of young babies, the choice is 2cm thickened products, quickly see if there is one for your home:

The prices of 10 crawling mats range from more than 100 to 400 yuan, with the most expensive good boy more than three times the price of the cheapest Bebson. The price difference is so much, I wonder if there is such a big gap in product quality?

This evaluation adopts a elimination system, in the first round of performance evaluation, the top performance products, and then the second round of laboratory safety evaluation.

According to the problems that crawling mats are easy to encounter in daily use, Little Safflower Evaluation has formulated the following 4 performance evaluation indicators:

Subjective experience

The Bebers hemming is loose, and the Beyi and Lando feel rough

Test method: observe whether there is a pungent odor; whether the workmanship hemming has a thread and whether the stitching is loose; Whether the touch is soft and skin-friendly, and does not stick to the skin.

After the evaluation of Little Safflower and the hard work of colleagues, the subjective experience of the 10 floor mats is summarized as follows:

Workmanship hemming

1. The prints of Aole, Beiyi and Youchuangjia are clear and bright, and the mat and hemming have no obvious traces of deformation by rope binding, and the stitching is neat and dense.

2. Except for Lando which has one thread, there is no extra thread in the other floor mats.

▲ Lando

3. The seams of Good Baby and Bedhorn are loose, Goodboy is loose, while Baby’s is loose and easy to tear open.

▲Good children’s hemming is uneven

▲Beber’s hemming is loose

Tactile experience

1. Disney, BabyGo and Aole are soft and skin-friendly to the touch and perform well.

2. Goodboy, Lando and Bayy feel hard to the touch, and Lando and Bayy are rough and grainy to the touch.

3. Although Bebos is soft to the touch, the roughness is also more obvious.

Of the 4.10 products, only Lando is a little sticky.


None of the 10 crawling pads had a pungent smell and passed the “dog nose” test with full marks!

In this round of testing, the scores of the 10 crawling mats are shown in the following table:


Mandragon and Disney have good elasticity

Test methodology

: Spread the crawling mat flat on the ground, throw eggs on the 10 crawling mats from a height of 50cm and 100cm from the crawling mat according to the height of the baby, observe whether the egg is broken and the height of the bounce, and test the cushioning and shock absorption effect and elasticity of the crawling mat on the egg.

▲Throw eggs 50cm

▲Throw eggs 100cm

To their credit, 20 tests of the 10 crawling mats did not cause the eggs to break. However, there is still a certain difference in the height of the egg that bounces up after being thrown from 50cm:

▲The highest point where an egg bounces off after falling from a height of 50cm

It can be seen that Manlong’s elasticity is significantly stronger, while the elasticity of good children is relatively poor, which is also caused by its soft texture, so the test score of this round is as follows:

Slip resistance

Bei Yi performed well

: Place the phone on different crawl pads of the same slope and observe the distance the phone slides from top to bottom.

▲Slide mobile phone test

In this round of competition, Bei Yi’s anti-slip performance was extremely dusty, the mobile phone was put on without moving at all, and the little red flower evaluation was repeated several times, all with the same result. And the mobile phone on babygo is like grease on the soles of the feet, sneaking out far away.

▲ Beiyi

The final glide distance and score of the 10 crawling mats are shown in the table:

Waterproof/clean resistant

Babygo is difficult to clean

: Apply tomato sauce to each of the 10 crawling mats, and after 10 minutes, wipe with a damp rag to see if it can be wiped clean without staining.

▲Rub the tomato sauce

In order to fully reflect this performance of the crawling mat, the Little Safflower Evaluation specially selected the more complex parts of each crawling mat for tomato sauce application.

▲ Spread ketchup

The final result and score are shown in the following figure:

Use the performance rating

Disney, NetEase Yanxuan and Manlong ranked highly

Based on the above four evaluation dimensions, the weights are divided according to the importance of different indicators, and then scored, and finally the subjective overall scores of the 10 crawling pads are obtained by weighting the average as shown in the figure below.

After the first round of testing, among the 10 crawling mats, Disney, NetEase Yanxuan and Manlong performed well, ranking the top three. This is the object of a second round of tests – laboratory safety tests.

Security detection

All three models were detected with trace formamide, which met the EU standard

The inspection index is also the three safety indicators that are easier to detect problems in the sampling of crawling pads over the years, and the evaluation of safflower refers to the most stringent standards available to compare with the test results.

The test results are as follows

Formamide: All 3 crawling pads have been detected, but they are all within the limits of EU standards, of which Manlon has the lowest detection amount, consistent with the detection limit of 50mg/kg.

Heavy metals and plasticizers

None of the 3 products were detected.

On the whole, the safety of the three products can meet the standard requirements, of which “Manron” performs best, followed by “Disney” and “NetEase Strict Selection”.

Overall rating

Recommend Manron, Disney

Using the comprehensive performance and security tests, the weights are divided according to the importance of different indicators, and then the points are assigned, and finally the total scores of the three crawling pads are obtained by weighting the average as shown in the following figure:

Then, the final recommended products for this evaluation mat are Mandragon and Disney.

Reference price: 348 yuan

Size: 150cm*180cm*2cm

Reason for recommendation

: Soft touch, good hemming, no peculiar smell, good elasticity, strong waterproofness, 19 kinds of migratory heavy metals and plasticizers were not detected, and the detection amount of formamide was low.


: Poor slip resistance; It takes more effort to clean it.

Reference price: 318 yuan

Size: 180cm*200cm*2cm

: Soft touch, fine workmanship, strong elasticity, easy to clean, 19 kinds of migratory heavy metals and plasticizers were not detected.

: Anti-slip performance is average; Trace amounts of formamide within EU standards were detected.

The overall crawling mat evaluation of this issue is over, on the whole, the 2 crawling mats with high practicality are still more reassuring in terms of safety, and parents can refer to their own needs to buy. In addition, if you have any other products you want to evaluate, welcome to leave us a message!

1. It is recommended to use a safety fence with a crawling mat. On the one hand, the safety fence can well fix the baby’s range of motion and ensure safety; On the other hand, it also allows the baby to have its own closed playground, which will be more comfortable to play, and it is also convenient for parents to store toys littered by the baby.

2. When using the crawling mat, it is best to clean it first, dry in the sun, scatter the smell, and then use it for the baby when there is no taste, and wash and disinfect frequently in future use, and you can buy two crawling mats to replace them in turn.

3. In addition to the 4 materials of crawling mats mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are some crawling mats made of cotton, such products will be more breathable and skin-friendly, but they are far inferior to XPE in terms of support and easy cleaning, in addition, they are not waterproof and moisture-proof.

At present, some XPE crawling mats will use a cotton finish in order to improve breathability, but it becomes neither directly erasable stains, nor can it be fully machine washed like pure fabric mats.

Test fee: 3155 (sample fee) + 1210 * 3 (test fee) = 6785 yuan

Testing agency: Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center (now known as “Guangzhou Customs Technology Center”). The inspection and quarantine law enforcement technical support institution undertakes the tasks of statutory testing of entry-exit products, public technology commissioned testing and scientific research in Guangdong.

Text/Dong Ji

Little Safflower Assessment Introduction:

We are the first batch of people in China to engage in product comparison evaluation, and the purpose of establishing “Little Red Flower Assessment” is to recommend safer and more cost-effective children’s and household products to parents through independent, objective and professional comparative evaluation.

“Little Safflower Assessment” adheres to three principles: not accepting test samples provided by enterprises, not accepting advertisements and sponsorships that try to influence test results, and independently paying to entrust national certification and testing institutions to conduct testing.

Stay tuned

“Little Red Flower Assessment”,

Get more baby and child product comparison reviews.

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Measurement indicators

Crawling mat usage guide

Recommended products

Test methodology

Test methodology

Reason for recommendation