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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

We all know that wanting good feng shui in life can make everything go smoothly, from career to small things in the family, it can be a lot of what we want! Therefore, many friends will like to put some things at home in order to have a good feng shui at home. However, most people do not know much about feng shui, resulting in a worse and worse feng shui pattern at home. So, what taboos should we pay attention to if we want to have a good feng shui pattern in our home?

The first is the pendant of the cuff on itself, Maitreya Buddha, commonly known as the Laughing Buddha. We all know that Maitreya Buddha has always been smiling and has a big belly, which represents tolerance, kindness, wisdom, humor, and happiness. All, as long as there are sleeves on the body with this kind of pendant, it will bring us a good effect of wealth and smooth work!

The second is the painting at home, many friends like to hang a picture at home, so that the home also has a good meaning. So what kind of paintings should be best in the home? We all know that cross stitch has been popular some time ago, and even today it is very popular, so it is very good to choose some peony flowers or eight horse cross stitch, their meaning represents wealth and success. Of course, if you don’t like cross-stitch paintings, there is now a kind called diamond painting, just glue diamonds one by one, which is much better than cross-stitch!

Finally, there’s the fish tank. Whether it is at home or in the office, fish farming is a must-have, and fish farming means “more than every year”. So many successful people like to sample a few fish at home or in the office. But one thing must be noted, it doesn’t matter if you encounter the size of the volume, the quantity is best to be even, there is a saying called good things into pairs! The most important point is the fish tank, any shape of fish tank is good, that is, you can’t buy the triangular kind, because the triangular fish tank will block the nobles from coming to the door, so that the career is declining step by step! Families will also get into a spat over this!

Do you know, as long as there are these three things in the family, the poor can also become rich, see if your family has it?