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Recently, when posting pictures on Weibo, I am often asked about what to wear during pregnancy, in fact, Mama Xiong found that the dress during pregnancy is very simple, and dressing and matching is definitely a science, not only to look at but also to “use”. To deal with autumn and winter, “keeping warm” is the basic principle of dressing, but keeping warm does not mean covering the heat. Pregnant women are more afraid of heat, even in winter, due to the accelerated metabolism is easy to sweat, so the winter clothing of expectant mothers also requires breathability and good sweat absorption.

Pregnant mothers dress healthily in winter, remember to “warm and not cover”. Choose the right clothes from head to toe, inside and out.

STEP 01 Maternity leggings

Leggings are close-fitting clothing, so be sure to choose a fit, feel comfortable to the touch, and adjust the elasticity in time as the pregnant mother’s body changes.


Panty Shopping Tips:

1. Choose sweat-absorbing, breathable, antibacterial and anti-odor materials, pure cotton materials are better.

2. The pants are elasticated and fit,

The size changes as the abdomen gets bigger.

In the second trimester, the abdomen of the expectant mother will become larger and larger, and it is suitable to choose leggings with rubber bands and good fabric elasticity to avoid tightening the waist and abdomen. The abdomen is enlarged in the third trimester, and the maternity underwear of the right size can be adjusted, and the frequency of prenatal check-ups is increasing, you can choose special maternity leggings.

STEP 02 Thermal underwear for pregnant women

With a big belly and heavy winter clothes, wouldn’t pregnant mommy have to sit and can’t move? Therefore, the winter clothing of pregnant mothers should be light and warm, and a piece of thermal underwear for pregnant women is essential.

Tips for choosing thermal underwear for pregnant women:

1. The fabric should be comfortable and breathable, and the outer cotton is preferred and the inner lint is not tumbled.

The outer layer is cotton, and the inner is non-tumbling thermal underwear, which is gentle to the touch, warm and comfortable, and has better sweat absorption and breathability effect. Try to avoid using fabrics composed of chemical fiber, which not only have poor air permeability, but also use chemical agents in processing, and the residue will irritate the skin of pregnant mothers.

2. Try to choose light colors and less patterns.

Because dark clothing is bleached and dyed

A large number of chemical agents are used, and the residue is harmful to the human body. New clothes should be worn only after rinsing them with clean water.

3. The size is one size larger, not too tight.

The body size of pregnant mothers is constantly expanding, so choose loose clothes, especially the chest, abdomen, and cuffs. And the design should be easy to put on and take off.

STEP 03 Winter Suit: Nursing loungewear

When she is at home, how can expectant mothers lack a set of warm house clothes? You can choose thickened warm confinement home clothes, which can be worn before pregnancy or after pregnancy, and there is a nipple to facilitate breastfeeding. The most vulnerable for pregnant women to be cold is the neck, abdomen, hands and feet, so pants that wrap the waist and abdomen are more needed, which can block the wind and keep warm during pregnancy, and protect the umbilical cord after childbirth to warm the waist and show the female figure.

Shop Tips:

1. The design is simple, do not have too much decoration, the color is biased towards warm colors.

2. Choose a long skirt hem design, so that it can cover the large belly during pregnancy and not easy to expose the abdomen and waist. Even if it is easy to sleep left and right during the whole pregnancy period, whether you bend over to sleep, it is not easy to expose the front and back abdomen, and carefully care for the entire pregnancy and childbirth period.

At the same time, wearing a confinement gown of ordinary length, the top is easy to lift, and the abdomen and waist are exposed, resulting in cold.

STEP 04 Maternity outfit

When you go out in winter, you can wear a thickened and pile nursing sweatshirt, and the non-tufting fabric makes your whole body feel warm;

Tips for going out in winter nursing clothes:

1. Be loose, not tight.

Casual maternity wear is more common, nowadays the pace of work is fast, life is stressful, after work, people prefer to choose relaxed and casual clothing types, of course, especially for expectant mothers who do not have a specific dress code. In terms of style, casual maternity wear is mostly loose skirts or sweatshirts.

2. The material should be comfortable and breathable.

Nursing clothes are most suitable for nursing mothers to wear in winter, zippers on both sides conceal the nipple opening, will not cuckle the baby, feed if you want, and keep warm.

3. Cotton surface and thickened insulation without tumbling.

In addition to having a wide waist, the fabric is still mainly warm, so that the pregnant mother can travel comfortably and keep warm and cover the invasion of cold wind, killing two birds with one stone.