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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Popularized men’s trousers are often made of men, and trousers in the wardrobe usually only black gray blue, and they are boring but boring. There are a lot of new style this year’s autumn and winter, which can provide some ideas for men who have pursued fashion, and the gradually relaxed men, so that this fall is no longer dull.

Jeans as the classic of the fashion world, no matter black, blue can be matched with a small white shoes




Plaid shirt black sweater black t-shirt

Both is a good choice


The selectable style is more, no matter what style top can be perfect


▼ Men Slim Proud Jeans ¥ 109 (Click)


Surface color casual pants, low-key and no personality, the slim style highlights the body, more practicing

Four different colors, bring more choices to everyday, to match all kinds of styles to meet various occasions


▼ solid color casual nine pants ¥ 113 (Click)


Vertical stripes are very popular, youth is full, with a good-looking white shoe or short boots, hook your little girl is afraid that it is a hundred.

▼ lamp heart velvet striped slim casual pants ¥ 99 (click)

Such stripes are slightly thin, and the subtle changes can make people look bright, compared to thick stripes, slightly mature

Light-colored fitted with dark shoes such as white, dark yellow, brown, etc., to form comparison

There is not much restricted, black, white, gray, including the color of the rainbow, you can try, don’t!

▼ Leisure large size loose elastic casual pants ¥ 128 (click)

▼ Hong Kong wind long pants ¥ 158

▼ Broken Cave Baiji Skin Tmall Cowboy ¥ 138 (Click)

▼ Sports pants loose elastic large size casual pants ¥ 109 (click)

YOYOYO ~ Do you have freestyle?

Loose trousers, black and white classics, can feel a hip hop blow

For this type of loose style, it is recommended that the shoes are best not to be too thin.

Otherwise, I can’t see the feet, I am afraid that I have to shoulder the shoulders of Guo Jingming.


▼ Striped cotton couple 款 loose sports casual pants ¥ 179 (click)


Pure black + detail processing, five words describe: very low

▼ belongings Sports Leisure Pants ¥ 109 (Click)

The processing of the receipts with a soft material that makes your ankle more comfortable


Put on New Balance Classic, the whole person is comfortable to think about Beijing


▼ Japanese wild stripes needle pants collection sports pants ¥ 188 (click)


▼ Sports Leisure Pants Pads Nine Pants ¥ 118 (Click)


Working pants, grace, is exhausted. If you like it, you can pay attention to me another article specially recommended the work of the work.

How to wear “tooling” for everyone? Simple rude tell you!


Boys wear workfalls, girls want …

▼ youth multi-bag cotton cultural dress pants ¥ 168 (click)