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There are many products in life that can enhance happiness, such as noise-canceling headphones, smart night lights, smart door locks, etc., it may be difficult to go back to the previous products after use, in fact, there is a category of products that are also loved by otaku and otaku women, that is, portable Bluetooth speakers, which can take your favorite music to any place where you need it. Recently, the author received a portable Bluetooth speaker launched by Philips – BT6900B music horn, today let’s see if this product meets your style!

Philips BT6900B Music Trumpet costs 799 yuan


First of all, Philips BT6900B Music Horn provides a total of three color options, in addition to the purple and blue models we received this time, in fact, there is a black option, if you like to be more low-key, then black is also a good choice, if you want to be more personal, obviously purple will look more special.

As a small-size Bluetooth speaker, Philips BT6900B Music Horn is a handheld “artifact”, it is easy to hold in the hand, and the speaker weight is only 310g, it is naturally very light in the hand. In addition, the speaker shell is made of grid-like double-layer woven material, which is very textured in the hand, and this material is also more resistant to dirt, so there is no need to worry too much about cleaning.

The buttons of the Philips BT6900B Bluetooth speaker are located on the right side of the fuselage, and the button area is wrapped in rubber, which can play a good protective role, and the operation feel is also excellent, and because the fuselage is very small, there is not much pressure from one-handed or blind control.

In the middle of the button area is the speaker’s power button, in addition to turning the machine on and off, it actually has a special function – check the battery level, just press the button briefly to pass the surrounding signal lights, you can know the remaining power of the speaker.

At the other end of the Philips BT6900B speaker, there is a charging interface and a 3.5mm audio interface of the speaker, as well as a rubber protective cover, which can play a good dustproof and waterproof effect.

Speaking of battery life, according to official data, the battery life of this speaker is 10 hours, which is basically consistent with the results of the author’s actual test, not only suitable for indoor use, but also able to meet the needs of long-term listening to songs. At the same time, this Philips BT6900B speaker also offers a fast charging option that allows the speaker to charge faster.

In order to facilitate everyone to charge, Philips BT6900B also designed a USB lanyard cable, which can not only be used to carry speakers, but also do not have to worry about forgetting the charging cable when going out, which is still very intimate.

For the particularity of the use of speakers, you may occasionally encounter some more special occasions, such as swimming pools, seashores, ultra-humid forests, etc., so portable Bluetooth speakers actually have a more important point, that is, durability, and the consideration of durability standards are currently mainly based on waterproof and dustproof levels, according to official data, Philips BT6900B Bluetooth speaker waterproof and dustproof level up to IPX7, basically rainy or dusty weather do not have to worry, or accidentally fall into the water is no problem.

Friends who have used Bluetooth speakers should know that Bluetooth connections are often limited by distance, such as the general Bluetooth transmission distance is only about 10 meters, and there may be intermittent connections at home across two walls, and Philips BT6900B Bluetooth connection distance reaches 30 meters, can adapt to a larger range of Bluetooth connections, and is also very good in stability, for home use is completely enough.

Audition Experience:

First of all, in the use scenario, Philips BT6900B can adapt to the use needs of various areas of the home, such as desktop, bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc., and the compact body of the speaker also ensures the convenience of carrying, and it is a good choice to bring it in the car or use it outdoors. Philips BT6900B also has a more practical function, that is, support hands-free call, when you connect to the mobile phone to listen to songs, will not delay you to answer the call, and hands-free call allows you to free your hands and enjoy the convenience of wireless Bluetooth calling.

Secondly, in terms of sound quality, Philips BT6900B adopts front-reflecting neodymium drivers, so the overall sound performance is good, whether it is vocals or musical instruments, the sound is relatively clear and natural, can adapt to most music styles, is definitely the best choice for indoor listening. At the same time, this speaker is equipped with a bass radiator, so that this small-volume Bluetooth speaker also has a large bass radiation area, the overall sound sense is very full, and there is a good extension, and there is no pressure to listen to songs in the open indoor or outdoor. As a small-volume Bluetooth speaker of 799 yuan, the overall performance of Philips BT6900B Music Trumpet is absolutely worth it, which is enough to improve your life happiness index. ■

Edited by Ma Jingdong

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