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Recently starred by Zhou Xun

“Xiaomin’s House”

Brushed the screen, a family ethics TV series after three years after “The Legend of Ruyi”, Brother Xun is still so beautiful.

As a 40+ woman, Liu Xiaomin, played by Zhou Xun, is gentle and intellectual, and she dresses even more

Simple atmosphere

, exudes the temperament and charm of a mature woman.

CR: Dongshen Future

But in contrast,

Tang Yixin

Liu Xiaojie’s dressing style is more in line with our young sisters, with both fashion and temperament.

The focus is on utilization


to embellishments, such as earrings, watches, backpacks, etc., the sophistication is straight.


I gave you Amway last week, and I haven’t wrapped with you for a long time, so let’s arrange a winter bag and plant grass today.

Underarm bag

The armpit bag of this year’s fire,

Compact package type

, the design is slim, with a strong INS minimalist style.

Hard leather

The high cold feeling that comes with it is very compatible with winter, naturally creating a feeling of “hands in pockets, no one loves”, a must-have for cool sisters to go out on the street.

Because it is carried under the armpits, the body of the bag looms, almost integrated with the top, so you don’t have to bother too much in dressing, and it is a very sensible bag.

Occasionally I want to pick a color jumpy back, fresh and lively

Macaron color

It is also a unique beauty in winter.

Or choose to cater to winter, pick

Cloud bag style

The armpit bag, thick and warm.

Tote bag

Tote bag equals yes

Large capacity package

is synonymous with commuting to work on weekdays, and it is also very convenient to travel and shop on holidays.

And the tote bag is much richer than the armpit bag, whether it is gorgeous graffiti or regular linger, it is full of high-grade beauty.

The colorful tote bag, breaking the shackles of the bag type, serious with some permissioned love, is very suitable for younger sisters.

cr: Little Red Book @坨坨大坨

cr: Little Red Book @ Penguin Cake

Mini’s tote bag is also very popular with girls, and although the small one has limited space, it is portable and cute, and it looks good.

In winter, the hand is cold and does not want to be carried by hand, and the appearance of buckling the strap cross-body is also very high, but if you pass the security check, it will be more troublesome.

Plush bag

BV’s plush bag this year can be called a big hit, the curved shape and plush material are gentle and cute, the color matching is lively and bright, and the soft girl is a must-have.

Imitation fur

The material is expensive, not picking the bag type is one of its major advantages, the hand-held model is small and photogenic, and you can also work part-time hand warmer.

cr: Little Red Book @ Kobayashi Excavator

Lamb wool material

Weakens the cuteness, has a more cool sense of sassiness, and the combination with the large tote will not violate the sense of harmony, and the hot girls are super eye-catching out on the street.

Large areas of plush are really intolerant to dirt, only choose

Small area

Plush embellishment is more innovative.


Mini package type

It is especially suitable for soft suede or hard metal.