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Time flies so fast, 2019 will pass in a flash. How did you have last year? Have all wishes come true?

Whether good or bad, gain or loss, just leave all the troubles in 2019 and happily welcome 2020~

Looking back on 2019, what has been popular in the fashion industry this year? And which items are still hot in 2020? The director has helped everyone take stock, hurry up and cover your wallet and come to Kangkang together!

2019 is the year when the avocado green domination screen. From the star designer to the little sister on the street, no one can escape the temptation of avocado green!

However, the popular color is always a burst, and now avocado green is no longer popular.

The color authority Pantone just released the 2020 popular color of the year is-

Classic Blue

This is a white, high-grade but not overly ostentatious color, the director boldly predicts that this color must be hot in 2020, after all, actresses have long worn it!

Two of the hottest hairstyles of the year,

Wool rolls and scumbag scalding

Must have a name!

“Wool roll”, as the hottest hairstyle in the second half of 2019, is still hot, and there are still many young ladies who can’t resist wanting to burn the wool roll.

Because it’s so beautiful and retro!

But the wool rolls are”

One hairstyle with the highest failure rate

If you really want to go hot, you must pay attention to these aspects:


Too much hair to perm ❌


The smaller the curl of the wool roll, the more picky, and the larger the curl, the more durable it is


The hair roots should not be burned too fluffy ❌


If you iron the wool roll, you must make up and match it well, otherwise you will become Ms. Luo Wenji in minutes!

“Scumbag hot” is actually very easy to understand, that is

Large wave rolls

。 Although we always say “scumbag tin foil hot, scumbag big wave”, but not really scum, it is

Independent, mature and brave


“Wavy Roll” does not have a fixed hairstyle, and the curl with relatively large fluctuations can be regarded as “scumbag perm”. The fluffy and curly curve can not only modify the shape of the face, but also look charming and charming!

However, nowadays, “wool rolls” and “scumbag hot” are a bit outdated, and the director recommends that everyone try the current popularity

“Trojan Roll”, “Mermaid Roll”, “Cloud Roll”

… Each one is good-looking and doesn’t pick people!

The fashion circle in 2019 is a year of blossoming everywhere. But the most mainstream fashion trends are mainly these 4:

In 2019, yes

The rise of the national tide

of the year!

Once disgusted by us “earthy taste” Li Ning, Bosideng and Peacebird and other domestic brands have been transformed into unique “Chinese style” to the world, and are constantly being redefined!

Influenced by the national tide, in the past year, we have also made a lot of new attempts, and obtained quite good answers.

Lin Guochao Rising Show

Lin X feiyue joint sneakers

Lin X Chen Peng co-branded down jacket

In 2019, Xinya style is really a mess, whether it is clothes, hairstyles, makeup, accessories, as long as it is related to Xinya style, it will set off a trend in minutes!

Even the selfie app has a beautiful filter~

However, this colorful color matching, really picks people, a little grasp of the place will be difficult to say!

Retro is not a new term, but 2019 is a retro wind

The most powerful

Saint Laurent’s runway in the eighties and nineties

From Hong Kong retro, British retro to French vintage, from granny shirts, granny pants to mom jeans… All have become the darling of the fashion circle!

February 19, 2019, the myth of the fashion world

Galeries Lafayette

‘s death has aroused widespread attention to “Xiaoxiangfeng”, so this year’s Xiaoxiangfeng is hot!

However, as a fanatic fan of small fragrant wind, the director always feels that small fragrant wind is not popular, but classic. As Madame Chanel said: “

Trends are perishable, styles are everlasting

Little fragrant wind is a timeless classic, simple, elegant, generous… Every girl should have a little scent!

Fashion is a cycle, and every season of fashion is repeated. But 2019 still saw some fresh elements that will continue to be popular. The director sorted out the 12 items of real fire in 2019, let’s come to Kangkang together!

With the return of retro style, the summer of 2019 is the most popular

Internet celebrity dress

, definitely not a tea break skirt!

I’m sure you’re all wearing coffee break dresses this summer, right? In fact, tea break skirts are not only exclusive to summer, but also worn in winter! Just select

A thicker style


Or inside

A turtleneck sweater

, properly warm and good-looking!

The big hit of flower shirts in 2019, too

The resurgence of Hong Kong style and retro style

It has a lot to do with it!


Vintage Hong Kong style shirts are mostly brightly colored and colorful, yes

Very eye-catching presence

, put it on and you are the most beautiful cub in the whole gai! I guess there’s no one who doesn’t like floral shirts!

Mop pants, also called”

Xinya pants

“, is our sexy little mustang with a fire of pants.

Mop pants are a pair

Comes with its own aura

of pants. High-waist design, loose and fat pants, so that anyone wearing it can have 1 meter eight long legs, properly showing height, hiding meat artifact!

Mop pants were popular for a summer, and the momentum continued unabated in winter. Whether it’s paired with a sweater, or a coat, it’s very

Showy and stylish!

If there’s anything that makes me “really fragrant” in 2019, it’s it

Daddy shoes!

As one

It was on fire for two years

, you don’t have to doubt that daddy shoes will continue to be hot in 2020. So, don’t hesitate to buy it!

I’m going to show you one of my favorite all-around items lately——

Silhouette suit

, it is a woman’s robe!

Suits have never left the public’s field of vision, and can be called the top 1 of workplace wear. It’s just that this autumn and winter popular suits from rigid design, to

Straight, effortless silhouette

Shift, it seems

Expensive and premium!

How popular Martin boots have been in the past year, I believe I don’t need to say more! Both celebrities and hipsters love it!

Two days ago, Ju Jingyi was still leaning

Silhouette suit + Martin boots

The shape is successfully out of the circle, sweet and cool, and it is a beautiful match that is very easy to copy!

When it comes to underarm bags, it’s the number one in 2019


Shoulder bag, you can understand it literally, the length of the bag is just clamped in the arm socket. This location

The anti-thief is simply invincible,

An absolute New Year must-have!

The armpit bag is very malleable, whether it is an atmospheric fairy style or a cool street style, it can play well

The finishing touch!

Moreover, compared to other bags, the small and retro underarm bag pair

Small children

It is also friendlier and broader!

Granny shirt, originally a representative of earthy taste, did not expect that with the return of retro style, granny shirt also suddenly became popular and became a dark horse in the fashion circle!

But grandma’s shirt, it’s a bit out of place to wear it alone now!

You might as well try it

Stack on top of each other!

Note that if you layer it, the grandma shirt cannot be too thick, it is easy to appear bloated; But if it’s too thin, it will be cold! Find one

Moderate thickness and thickness

The granny shirt was really hard, so I chose to give up!

The only thing that can fight with mopping pants in 2019 is probably only

Granny pants

! Super brother has been with everyone more than once Amway grandma pants, it is a perfect match with granny shirts!

Granny pants are a type of pants between wide-leg pants and pipe pants, but they are thinner than wide-leg pants and cover the flesh than smoke-tube pants.

Very versatile and not picky.

It can be said that as long as the granny pants you choose are of the right material,


You can wear it!

If the coat also has a draft, the lamb wool coat is definitely this winter

The new popular king

。 People in lamb’s hair can line up from China all the way to France!

However, lamb wool comes with a “sense of expansion”, so the design and matching requirements of the lamb wool coat will be relatively high!

The simpler the better!

Knight boots are also a dark horse this autumn and winter, and the fire is a mess!

The big power even relied on its own power to send it to the hot search! Taste this A and sassy shape, who can’t praise it will wear it!

Knight boots, the earliest riding boots for horseback riding, the overall shape is simple and tough, is a very handsome boot!

Xinya likes to use it to match all kinds of dresses and create

Sweet cool wind!

Knight boots are generally available

Lace-up and unlace-up versions

。 If you like a simple style, you can choose the unlaced model, simple and atmospheric!

I personally prefer the lace-up model to the non-lace-up model

More handsome and stylish!

The pot hat is the one that suddenly caught fire this winter because the shape looks like one

Inverted pots

And got the name.

In my opinion, the pot hat is definitely a bug-like existence in winter, absolutely

Concave shape artifact!

The hat of the basin hat is very deep and wears it especially well on the head

Small face

! And”

One hat covers all

“, didn’t wash your hair? Don’t want to wear makeup? A pot cap can solve it, it is simply a gospel for lazy cancer patients!

These are the top 12 most popular items in my eyes in 2019. What about you? Which are the items that make you look good, are trendy, and shine when worn on your body? Welcome to leave a message to tell me~

Having you by your company in 2019 is already a very happy thing for me, and I will walk through it together in the next days~

Life accelerates… There can be a lot of things that you don’t understand. In the days when people come and go, you must love yourself well! Happy New Year and Thanksgiving! Love you guys

of the year!