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Timberland, in China has a very good market, there are many stores, on its Chinese official website, I found the largest number is 212, think about it, a brand that started with workwear (labor protection) shoes in Europe and the United States, in my Greater China low area opened more than 200 stores, is also very remarkable

Image from Timberland China

When it comes to Timberland, you can’t get around 10061, which is a pair of shoes that push Timberland to the world, just like the kick can’t be badly advertised “called Timberland when you leave, it’s called kick can’t be bad when you come back” “Kick can’t rot, take a lifetime to complete” The advertisement highlights the characteristics of Timberland’s durability while trying to lead a workwear trend, just like jeans to raise, Timberland also has to raise, Wearing your own taste is not rotten.

Big yellow boots are almost synonymous with Timberland, but besides big yellow boots, what else does Timberland have? Timberland’s black technology



Mainly used in sports shoes (FlyRoam), lightweight and efficient cushioning midsole, can play a good cushioning effect and resilience. (PLEASE DON’T COMPARE AEROCORE WITH BOOST AND GEL, AFTER ALL, IT DIDN’T START WITH SNEAKERS)

2. SensorFlex comfort system

A three-layer bottom with continuous support (stable layer), active cushioning (suspension layer) and dynamic flexibility (large bottom layer).

3.Defender Repellent Systems

Timberland’s own anti-stain and waterproof technology, the pair of EK ruggeds I bought is the technology used, water sprinkled on it does not spread, only a little dust absorption, should be regarded as a need to improve this technology



5.GripstickTM rubber outsole, made of the best viscosity rubber raw material, can provide better grip.

6. Anti-fatigue technology

It is a unique molded foam shoe bed, equipped with geometric design and inverted cone structure, increasing external impact absorption, each step brings energy rebound, providing stable and comfortable support throughout the day, this is also Timberland housekeeping technology, the use of this technology insoles sell expensive, but the effect is really good

7. OrthoLite® insole

There are many shoes that use this insole, not Timberland’s unique technology, I have several pairs of shoes that use this insole, and it is indeed effective in terms of moisture transfer function and antibacterial treatment, effective odor control, who uses this aspect who knows


This does not need to be introduced, professional waterproof and breathable coating, about the introduction of this material, I have it in my previous original, you can read it if you are interested


1. Dryvent™ fabric

It is a waterproof and breathable fabric developed and produced by TheNorthFace®, and the outer layer of the fabric is treated with long-lasting water repellency, which helps to form water droplets and block moisture on the surface of the fabric

2. COOLMAX fabric

It is a patented four-pipe fiber material developed by DuPont INVISTA, which forms the largest space between the four-pipe fibers and fibers to ensure the best breathability and quickly conducts the moisture emitted from the skin surface to the outer fiber. To put it bluntly, it is a quick-drying fabric

3. Cordura® fiber fabric

It is also an INVISTA product, the biggest feature is that the wear-resistant leather does not fade

Second, in addition to rhubarb boots, it is worth recommending items

1. Workwear shoes

Timberland’s fist products, in addition to the 10061, there are many boots that are also called kick-incorruptible

This pair was snatched from Deya on my Black Friday in 2015, and every winter I wear it to tread snow and tread, go to the construction site, visit the mall, and wear it with a feeling – safety, advantages not to mention,

Here I want to talk about the disadvantages of this shoe: slightly less breathable, I have sweaty feet, my socks are soaked after a day of wearing, thanks to the OrthoLite® insole, otherwise the taste is unimaginable

Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot $73.49

It is generally evaluated that the upper foot is very comfortable, and the full-grain genuine leather waterproof upper is adopted, which is strong and durable; Seamless stitching and neat thread routing effectively keep the inside of the shoe dry when worn. Detachable dual-density EVA insole with perforated design effectively improves air circulation and further improves wearing comfort. The adjustable lace system provides the most comfortable wearing experience. Includes patented BSFP Motion Efficiency System support (4 steps per step: braking braking/supporting support/flexing bending/propelling); Rubber outsole, non-slip and wear-resistant.

This is the best seller on Timberland Meiya, from the geometry, the aunt is also very fond of this pair of shoes, a good price single pile, look, women’s minimum about 200, men’s minimum 400 can be won, personally feel that the lowest price floating 30 yuan is a good price

Timberland PRO Men’s Wedge Sole

These Timberland PRO Wedge Sole 53009 6″ men’s cargo boots are comfortable and durable and feature foot protection for outdoor work. The upper is made of full-grain genuine leather for good breathability, and the mesh interior is treated with Agion antibacterial ions and a breathable EcoOrthoLite insole to prevent bacteria and odors. The EVA midsole provides additional shock absorption. Goodyear Welt structure for enhanced support performance, enhanced lateral stability, non-marking wear-resistant outsole, anti-slip, oil-resistant and wear-resistant. 6-inch high-top boots, according to feedback from friends, the ankle and toe part of the material is stiff, effectively protecting the ankle and toe.

53009 is also a pair of shoes that are often pushed by aunts, welcome by friends, very tough shoes, personal preferences are different, some like this kind of shoes that look thick, some don’t like it, such as me. But according to some friends, the sole is not very wear-resistant, if you cherish it, you can properly order an outer palm, look at the lowest price to achieve within 500, the same, I personally feel that the lowest price floating 30 yuan is a good price

2. Sneakers

Timberland men’s shoes 18 autumn and winter comfortable high-top flying tide sneakers | A1Z8X

The main model of the official website, FlyRoam™ series of Chukka boots, as a series of heavy sports, mainly using OrthoLite® insoles, AeroCore energy systems, Defender Repellent Systems® anti-splash and anti-fouling treatment and other technologies, I didn’t wear them, but some friends wear this pair, the style of trendy shoes, the foot feel is not bad, I don’t have much experience with the AeroCore™™ energy system, but I am used to wearing boost, Wearing this again feels slightly harder

Timberland men’s shoes 18 autumn and winter new comfortable lightweight high-top shoes | A1TQW

It’s also sporty, more casual, with a top-down angle similar to the rhubarb boots, and no Defender Repellent Systems® water-repellent and dirt-repellent treatment compared to the previous one. In fact, I feel that this pair is a crossover derivative of rhubarb boots and sneakers, not pure, I call it sports yellow boots

3. Business casual shoes

Timberland Men’s EK Brook Park Chukka Boot

Timberland men’s shoes light cowhide mid-top business casual shoes | A1N35

Timberland focuses on workwear sports style, business styling is also similar, the above two are classic chukka shoe shape, commuting sharps, as for wearing comfort and ecco can not compare, in the business casual field, Timberland has no advantage

Any men’s wear is indispensable to the shadow of M65, especially the workwear outdoor style

Timberland/Tim Parkland menswear outdoor wear-resistant camouflage element M65 jacket | A1UEM

Capable and stylish, just not technological, but nevertheless, you dare to underestimate Timberland’s M65? What is in line with the brand positioning is the best

Using DryVent technology three-in-one casual warm jacket, fed up with wearing storm jackets is often mistaken for express brothers, a Timberland is a very good choice, I feel that this is a low-end version of the bird business series, I personally think that more such functional clothing should be launched, appropriate introduction of GTX materials, improve product positioning, there are commuting needs of friends is still very large.

Timberland Menswear Fall/Winter 18 new hooded can store coats | A1ND4

The classic four-bag coat, made of cordura fabric, the price is naturally more expensive, to be honest, if not for matching, 1800 oceans I will buy a more business Nordica, low-key and not colliding

Timberland Men’s 18 Spring/Summer New Coolmax Crewneck Short Sleeve Trend T-shirt | A1M2G

CoolMax fabric, quick-drying clothes

In terms of clothing, why are only the above ones recommended? Or what are the principles for my recommended clothing? There are two reasons: 1. Recommended and brand positioning match, wear it out naturally very suitable, such as the M65, why Timberland is not casual suits and so on, the positioning is different; 2. The use of technological fabrics, at least there is a technological content; as for other shirts, T-shirts, jeans, casual pants are actually many brands, in addition to the big tree brand, there are not many characteristics, and even some versions are not as good as the fast-selling Zara, HM

Accessories category

In addition to clothing and shoes, Timberland has also put a lot of effort into accessories, such as the wallet that Aunt often pushes, and there are many models close to this look, and the price is about 80 is a good price

Timberland men’s short wallet$

In addition to the wallet, there is also a belt, personally I think that below 90 yuan is a good price

Good price

Timberland belts for men

Another well-known accessory of Timberland is the anti-fatigue insole, but the price of 350 oceans on the Tmall flagship store is a bit expensive, and the cost performance is still okay.

Timberland comfort insole|91621

Timberland Anti Fatigue Insole

Personally, I think that Timberland as a brand that focuses on workwear outdoor leisure, on outdoor is not as good as the price of TNF, nuts and other majors, on leisure is not as distinct as TOMY, Nautica, and disdain for fast-selling brands, after launching a lot of derivatives of rhubarb boots, in the cracks to find its brand positioning well, and achieved good results, when it comes to workwear, you will always think of the big tree, which is rare. For consumers, as long as they are selected and matched, Timberland, like its brand positioning, is a must-have item for the style of embellishment in the wardrobe.