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The other day, the temperature in the north plummeted. On the day of the beginning of winter, many cities in the north also ushered in the first snow. It indicates that winter is really coming. For northern cities, winter is also really cold, and all kinds of warm equipment should go into battle. Cotton clothes and pants, warm clothes, and thermal shoes and socks are all must-have.

In order to better keep warm, many types of warm materials are available on the market. I don’t know when a wind blows De Rong, all kinds of businesses and various platforms are touting the warmth and comfort of De Rong underwear, so whether adults or children around, they will buy De Rong underwear after winter, and feel that this kind of clothing is very comfortable to wear.

This is not the big winter cooling a few days ago, coupled with the arrival of Double 11, I am considering buying a set of De Jung thermal underwear for everyone in the family. After the straight male husband of science and engineering knew it, he said that our thermal clothes of German velvet fabric are purely IQ tax, adults can wear it, don’t wear it for children. After listening to my husband’s words, I went to check the information and sure enough, many pediatricians do not recommend that children wear Dejung underwear. After the beginning of winter, the following materials of warm clothing should be bought carefully, not only spending money in vain is harmful to children, do not blindly follow the trend.

The fabric of De Velvet clothing is chemical fiber acrylic, which has better warmth performance. So this is also the reason why the market can blow the wind of De Feng. But compared to its warmth, other drawbacks are more harmful to children.

First of all, the clothes made of German velvet are not breathable and do not absorb sweat, and children are active and most likely to sweat

The reason why Dejung thermal underwear is warm is that it is not breathable, does not absorb sweat at all, and children who do not love to sweat can wear it closely. If the child loves to sweat, but most children are lively and active, even in kindergarten, there are various activities to run and jump, exercise is large, sweating is a common thing. Once sweating, De Rong underwear does not absorb sweat at all, all stained on the body, which is very uncomfortable.

I heard from a friend that last winter I was fashionable and bought a set for my daughter. When her daughter came back from physical education class, she complained and never wore it anymore, which affected her running. So what I bought for a few hundred dollars was still a brand of De Rong thermal underwear, and my daughter wore it for a day, and I will not wear it again, and it is estimated that it is also the bottom of the box.

Chemical fiber material, harmful to the child’s skin

In fact, no matter how good the material sounds, it is a chemical fiber material, which has a variety of additives, harmful to human health, especially as underwear, the chemical fiber substance on the cloth is easily absorbed by the human body, and it will cause great harm to the human body for a long time, especially skin diseases.

And the child’s skin is more delicate, the thermal underwear made of chemical fiber, close to the body is not breathable and does not absorb sweat, the child’s sweat is all stuck to the body. Coupled with the chemical fiber material, the various additives inside volatilize inside, which is easy to stuff eczema and various skin diseases. In addition, many of the deron on the market are very inferior and more harmful.

Therefore, parents must not blindly follow the trend and buy clothes made of German velvet, especially what children wear. Children wear intimate clothing with pure cotton is best.

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