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From: CCTV News Comprehensive “Weekly Quality Report”

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In summer and autumn, the weather is hot, and high-heeled sandals are favored by many female consumers. In order to help consumers buy comfortable, durable and safe high-heeled sandals, the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission recently organized a comparative test of high-heeled sandals. The results showed that the hook and strap of some high-heeled sandals were broken during testing, and the content of harmful substances in some shoes exceeded the standard.

Many high-heeled sandals are not of substandard quality

There are security risks

It is understood that the hook is one of the main stressed parts of high-heeled sandals and is located inside the shoe. Whether the shoes are stable on the foot or not, under certain conditions, it all depends on the effect of hooking. If the hook is too short or too soft, the shoes may be skewed when walking, which can easily lead to twisted feet and falls.

In this comparative test, a total of 4 pairs of high-heeled sandals were found to be intriguing items that did not meet the standards, and it was one of the items with the most problematic samples. They are the nominal Shenzhen Xitian Garment Co., Ltd. honeyGIRL Tian Xin brand high-heeled sandals, Hangzhou Shuzi Trading Co., Ltd. SCHUTZ brand sandals, Shenzhen Baisen Shoes Co., Ltd. PT’SON Baitiansen brand sandals and Giorgio Armani (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. GIORGIO ARMANI brand high-heeled sandals.

The comparative test also found that some expensive high-heeled sandals are not good quality in terms of basic straps and folding resistance, which not only seriously affects the performance of shoes, but also directly reduces the service life of shoes and harms consumer rights and interests.

The content of harmful substances exceeds the standard

This may result in allergies and damage to the endocrine system

The weather is hot in summer and autumn, and many consumers have the habit of wearing shoes with bare feet, and shoes are in direct contact with the skin for a long time, and the limit of harmful substances cannot be ignored.

The results of the examination showed that the phthalate content of four high-heeled sandals exceeded the standard. These four products are the nominal Shanghai Yueze Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. 73 hours brand sample, Tianchuang Fashion Co., Ltd. KISSCAT brand sample, Yisi Co., Ltd. exull Yisi Q brand sample and Shenzhen Xitian clothing Co., Ltd. honeyGIRL Tian Xin brand sample, of which Tian Xin brand sandals have the highest phthalate content, which is 6 times the standard limit requirements.


Testing engineers said that phthalates are a common class of “plasticizers”, added to footwear materials can make soles, linings and other parts become soft and elastic, enhance comfort. Known studies have shown that phthalates can be absorbed into the human body through the respiratory system and skin, causing harm to the endocrine system and reproductive development system.

In addition to phthalates, regulations show that the content of heavy metal hexavalent chromium in adult shoes should not exceed 10mg/kg. Human skin exposure to hexavalent chromium can lead to allergies, inhalation through the respiratory tract will cause liver and kidney function damage, and in severe cases, it can also cause cancer, resulting in genetic defects. The comparative test found that the hexavalent chromium content of Hotwind brand sandals of Ningbo Hot Air Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. was 2.5 times that of the standard limit.

How to buy high-heeled sandals? Expert support

So how to choose high-heeled sandals? Testing experts said that when purchasing, you should first check whether the stability of the shoes is good.

Yang Lijie, technical leader of Shanghai Assurance Leather Quality Inspection Technology Co., Ltd.:

The stability of the high heels can be determined by two actions, first put the high heels on a relatively solid plane, gently pluck, the shaking amplitude is large, and the stability is poor. The second is to press the inner part of the shoe, which is not soft and not deformed.

In addition, experts remind that consumers should choose the right products according to their foot shape, and they can try to avoid problems such as squeezing and grinding feet.

Source: Voice of Zhejiang