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Jiang Minjing is back again, the short skirt in “Best Lovers” is fresh and pleasant, and the small girls hurry to learn.

“Best Lovers” is a Japanese-Japanese series broadcast by MBC TV on December 7, 2015, directed by Choi Chang-wook, written by Seo Hyun-joo, and starring Ha Hee-lo, Kang Min-kyung, Cho Ahn, Jung Chan, Kang Tae-woo and Guo Hee-sung. The play mainly tells the current situation of Korean society such as the troubles and entanglements of single women, divorced women, and remarried women in modern society through the lives of mothers and daughters in the struggle with love.

1. Fresh short skirt in summer

At the production press conference of “Best Lovers”, Jiang Minjing said that the 3-year gap has given him more time to learn and grow, and he will strive to interpret the characters in the play, hoping that everyone can look forward to new works, because they are young, so they are full of imagination. Because of imagination, it is full of vision. Because of the vision, so full of perseverance. Because of persistence, so proud and stubborn. It is this stubbornness, it is this unconvinced drive that makes young people different personalities. For his own persistence, he never accepts defeat easily, even if he faces someone he likes very much.

OPT2016 summer new step skirt casual white midi midi skirt hip straight skirt women’s skirt B2015

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Chiffon top top + short skirt, Japanese sweet style, very suitable for this summer to wear out for vacation, exquisite a top, refreshing and capable, refreshing color, looks very comfortable, more fashionable and elegant.

OPT2015 Autumn New Wrapped Hip Skirt Literary Vintage Solid Color Corduroy Versatile Step Skirt Woman Q1400

The color of the short skirt is very soft, not too picky, and the shoulders of the top are also slightly puff sleeves, wear it on the street, really earn enough return rate Oh!

Metal chain trim high-rise slim-fit A-line skirt

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Highlighting the sweet ladylike temperament in the casual style, gray and black match, just like the fake two-piece style, slim A-line design, with a pair of small white shoes, comfortable and stylish.

2, the A-line short skirt is so worn in summer

“Best Lovers” Fu Fangsi and Li Tang, Cheng Xiangnan and Yin Haoran, these two young lovers have had the most romantic and beautiful love in the best years. But the arrogance of youth and the frivolity of youth have made the innocent and beautiful love between them lose to personality contradictions and practical differences, and they have been in peace since then.

Simple and elegant three-dimensional pearl pin adorned with a high-waisted A-line white skirt

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This is a set of all-white elements to easily create a light mature women’s style, the short skirt adds femininity, and with a pair of bright little heels, it is even brighter on the street in summer.

Jing Wei High waist ripped denim skirt hip skirt women’s short skirt spring and summer slim skirt summer versatile Korean version skirt

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Light blue high-waisted denim skirt, versatile colors make your top and shoes unlimited, wear a variety of styles of yourself, show the design of thin hips, make your body slimmer.

High-waisted ruffled denim skirt women’s short skirt spring and summer fishtail skirt skirt summer Korean version bag skirt slim fit hip culottes

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The super versatile denim high-waisted ruffled skirt, the moderate length makes your leg line look very slender, and the high-waist design tucks the top into it, and it instantly looks tall.

3. Summer bright short skirt

Lost things should not be cherished when they should be cherished, they should never come back, but perhaps it is destiny to meet again, and they meet unexpectedly at a gorgeous costume show after many years of absence. In the end, they stand shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, to meet a better tomorrow and move towards a hopeful future.

Jinggu custom autumn and winter Korean big pocket A-line versatile simple washed coarse corduroy skirt

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If the white element is used as a whole, it will inevitably give people too much of a troubled feeling, but if it is the lower body, it will give people a bright effect, let your skirt bloom freely in summer!

Jinggu custom 2016 spring and autumn new red short skirt pleated culottes skirt women’s Korean summer student skirt

Red pleated style high-waisted vintage hip skirt, high-waist design, let you wear a charming figure, bring a feminine atmosphere.

Spring/Summer 2016 new Korean lace skirt slim black high-waist hip skirt mid-skirt versatile step skirt

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This retro hip skirt, high-waist design, shaping a woman’s graceful waist, black forms a visual beauty, retro and sexy coexist a hip skirt, the upper body is particularly feminine.

4. Introduce several of the most beautiful short skirts

The sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter love and family stories of several generations describe the respective love experiences of mothers and daughters, show the troubled entanglements of single women, divorced women and remarried women through the lives of the mother and daughter, and convey warm family affection through the stories of the protagonist and the characters around him.

ibudu 2016 summer new vintage print A-line skirt slim slim slant pocket mid-skirt Y522116Q10

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With a bit of retro, sweet and delicious printed skirt, the close-fitting design wraps the curvy curves of the lower body, sexy and charming.

Ibutu 2016 summer new exquisite print skirt bag hip short skirt step skirt women’s E621063Q20

The personality design of this short skirt, coupled with casual lines, is more literary and artistic, the material is structured, and the high-waist fit design makes it look very thin to wear.

OPT2016 summer new literary A-line denim skirt women’s mid-length high-waisted step skirt skirt B1035

The retro denim blue meets the fresh little daisy, and the irregular skirt design is like the north and south poles, and the magnetic fields that repel each other are harmoniously combined together, which is intriguing.

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¥99.00 Taobao See details

¥108.00 Taobao See details

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¥109.00 Taobao See details