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Speaking of the chassis brand of electric armor (elecArmor), everyone should be relatively unfamiliar at this stage, after all, an emerging brand that only came in 2018 is 100% just beginning, and a closer look at this can see the four chassis models of the electric armor brand. At first glance, looking at the materials and descriptions of the four chassis of the electric armor, it feels that it is aligned with the mid-range market, full of materials, and each chassis has a signature feature – how many fan positions are equipped with as many ARGB fans.

In fact, when it comes to computer DIY installation with chassis RGB is an inescapable topic, for the majority of computer friends, the love name of “light pollution” can be said to make people love and hate. In fact, in order to cater to enthusiasts who love RGB, chassis manufacturers have launched chassis suitable for creating “light pollution”. And in fact, this is how the electric armor came from, such as today’s protagonist – electric armor DK104.

Very formal full-color paper shell outer packaging, directly unpacked!

The electric armor DK104 chassis currently has only one version – the black version, and here as an e-sports controller, I chose naturally faith black. The net weight of the chassis is 10kg, and the main body material is a minimum of 0.8mm black painted cold-rolled steel plate (SPCC), adhering to the consistent tradition of the electric armor family, and the materials are very solid! At the same time, as a mid-tower chassis, the electric armor DK104 can be compatible with all mainstream specifications including E-ATX; The CPU cooler is limited to 166mm high, which is compatible with almost all air-cooled radiators on the market, and the graphics card can support up to 400mm. The measurements of 456 x 218 x 490mm are quite regular in the mid-tower chassis.

The design of the front panel can be said to be more orthodox, an equidistant diagonal cutting line makes the front of the chassis look more regular, and this dividing line material is white translucent acrylic, which is actually a self-contained RGB rendering strip, which also makes the light naturally not very dazzling.

The main side panel is naturally the standard for light-polluting enclosures – fully transparent side panels, made of 4mm tempered glass. Compared with the general acrylic side plate, the tempered glass side plate has the advantage of having stronger light transmission, and the wear resistance of tempered glass is much stronger than that of acrylic, and it will not leave scratches as easily as the acrylic side plate.

On the other side of the cover is a pure metal cover, with a standard 240 fan cooling cutout and a removable magnetic dust screen in the forward position, yes, the DK104 cancels the front panel fan position and changes it to the front side position.

The top of the DK104 chassis has a high utilization rate, can install 120mmx3/140mmx2, supports the installation of up to 360 radiator, and is equipped with a magnetic dust screen as standard, which is convenient for removal and washing. The I/O section is also at the top of the power button, reboot, USB3.0X2, microphone, headphones.

The back of the DK104 is a very mainstream down-mounted power supply through compartment, a three-drawer tool-free 3.5-inch hard disk rack on the front, and the upper part is the motherboard back panel, the back wire cutout and the cooling fan cutout, the overall workmanship is in place.

It is worth mentioning that the electric armor DK104 did not let the lighting effect “fool around”! The standard six RGB fans are all plugged into the fan hub on the back panel of the chassis, and the lighting effect switching is completed by the standard wireless remote control, this wireless remote control can not only control the light color with one button, but also control the light brightness and lighting effect mode with one button, and the user can also arrange the simple effect according to their favorite lighting effect, this function really makes people have to praise.

Individually designed straight-through power supply compartment with a three-compartment drawer rack for screwless mechanical discs at the front, a large honeycomb heat dissipation hole at the bottom, and a pull-out dust net.

The inside of the chassis has also been fully blackened and anti-scratched, showing that the entire motherboard warehouse is quite spacious, which perfectly meets the installation requirements of hardware control for heavy equipment. The shield of the PCI slot (generally used to install graphics cards) is reusable, and the production cost is naturally higher than the common one-piece stamped disposable PCI slot. When users upgrade in the future, replace large or small boards, and change the location of the graphics card, they will not encounter the embarrassing situation of a vacant PCI slot. It can be said that it is very user-friendly! And the most impressive thing is the six 12-inch ARGB chassis fans that are standard with DK104, indeed you read it right, that is, six as standard, and all of them support ARGB remote control lighting effects.

Let’s do the installation display of DK104:

CPU:Intel Core i9 9900K



Memory: Zhiqi Halberd DDR4 3000 8G×2


Solid-state: Sandisk 500G M.2

Chassis: Electric Armor DK104

Fan: The electric armor DK104 comes standard with ARGB 120mm fan ×6


Electric Armor DK104, a mid-tower chassis designed for creating light pollution. The cold-rolled steel plate with a thickness of 0.8mm throughout adheres to the consistent solid workmanship and materials of electric armor; the unique longitudinal cut front panel, the completely colorless side transparent tempered glass cover plate and the humanized wireless remote control lighting effect heat dissipation system can be called an ingenuity. And the coloring of the chassis steel plate is perfect throughout, satisfying the player’s belief as an esports controller!