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The racket in this evaluation is a five-star racket produced by Kawasaki – Honor S9, compared with the previous generation S6 of the Honor series, S9 retains graphene weaving technology and is further optimized, so that the toughness and elasticity of the middle bar are strengthened; In terms of shooting frame, an airfoil breaking frame is adopted, with a small cross-sectional area and an increased side thickness; The design of the play style biased towards the speed offensive flow improves the offensive consistency compared to the box type.

This evaluation uses the victory VBS66N line 28lb SZ threading method to adjust the balance point of the primer buffer film to about 306 (the original air shot 294±2mm)

Frame shooting

The racket frame of the Honor S9 adopts an airfoil breaking frame, which is similar to the Y family brittle shark but very strong, and in the fierce doubles confrontation, you don’t have to worry too much about the collision accident and are reluctant to use it; The wind resistance of the breaking frame is small, and there is no sense of resistance to swinging. The overall frame has a solid texture, bringing solid feedback to the shot, without the slightest feeling of empty unloading.

Medium bar

The middle bar part still uses the graphene weaving technology of the previous generation S6, the cool black ring pattern, and the original technology has been improved, which improves the toughness and elasticity of the middle bar, and has better shock absorption and force feedback speed when hitting the ball compared to the S6; The hardness is medium to high, first of all, we must understand that strength and toughness are the relationship between fish and bear’s paw, so the racket with good shock absorption will naturally not have too high strength, combined with the official “speed” offensive flow, the improvement of toughness can reduce the strong impact of shockers and other strong impacts, and assist the coherence in speed.

Swing weight

The official positioning of the racket of the speed offensive stream in the doubles, but the swing weight is not small, and the overall weight is concentrated at the head and T point; Combined with the characteristics of the wind-breaking frame, although it is effortless in terms of attack; But relatively speaking, it takes some strength to control the weight to be able to perform the best coherence.

Combat feeling

Combined with the above mentioned weight-wielding characteristics, the actual combat evaluator is the school badminton team often uses Y family 3UZF2 red lindan and L family 9000C team members, the evaluator used the racket sense gap is not too large as possible, relatively objective, can clarify a general range of use habits. The high distance ball is relatively relaxed, the middle is softer than the ZF2, and the medium is hard, and you can hit the ball with the help of a certain inertia. In terms of killing and pressing down, I personally believe that the important thing for amateur players is to improve their coherence ability, and if they do not have a certain physical fitness, it is difficult to control a racket with a large swing inertia such as ZF2, and it is easy to lose the coherent rhythm in the multi-shot that cannot be attacked for a long time. Compared with ZF2, S9 will be easy and easy to coherent, relatively small swing weight, wrapping feel excellent, and suitable for combining heavy kill and continuous point kill. In particular, the flat block and defense are quick and easy to coherent, and will not be disrupted by high swings; Of course, relatively speaking, the swing weight is not small, and it requires a certain amount of finger and wrist strength to control, and the test team members mentioned that the S9 feels similar to the Y family sky axe 100ZZ (good wrapping, stable ball). In terms of passive balls, because the racket frame is larger and the error tolerance rate is high, the weight of the swing mentioned above is reduced compared to ZF2, so it will be much easier for golfers who usually like to use heavy shots. The description of the shortcomings is that the killing ball is slightly “woody” compared to the middle rod of ZF2, and everyone understands the standard differently, we temporarily understand it as the transmission of the middle rod to the force is not particularly sufficient, in the previous article I used a soft feel to describe, that is, people with fast power and good explosiveness feel that they are not fast enough when pressing down to attack, and when pumping and passive, this soft hardness is more comfortable than ZF2, and people with slightly worse strength feel that the downward pressure is easy, so objectively speaking, the advantages and disadvantages are relative. Later, I found a golfer who often used the 3U Sky Axe 99 to try the game, and his description of the feel was similar to that of the ZF2 player, but added that the middle shot was a little soft, and I felt that the ball lagged.

Summarizing the above objective comparison, the power explosiveness is very good, and golfers who often use the ZF2 Sky Axe 99 feel that the Glory S9 only slightly cannot meet their explosiveness in the downward pressure attack; But in the first half of the middle half of the technical easy to coherently force to give praise, and slightly weaker golfers think that the hardness of the middle bar and the racket frame is just right, combined with the official speed offensive racket, I think S9 is a suitable force for power advancement, like to play a coherent attack in doubles and like to hit the batter, provided that there is a certain strength quality to control; If you really like the rackets of the “violent macho” series, but you are struggling with high-speed passive and flat draws, you can try the Honor S9 to give you a different experience!

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