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Hi~ Hello everyone, this is BiuFashion, follow the editor to see all the fashion outfits, learn to show charm, be a more exquisite self, can match the desired outfit all year round, and become a delicate and dignified elegant woman.

The trend of fashion is constantly updated, and the popular color matching and clothing styles are different every year, but at the same time, fashion is also a circle, there are many

Wear pieces

Match it with popular colors or popular items, and the overall effect will be very good.

Skirt that wraps hips

It’s a particularly good fit for clothing. If you want to show a good figure, wear a skirt that covers the hips

Can be dignified and enchanting

, Di Li Gerba, Song Qian, Wang Feifei are very loved. The skirt is optional to cover the hips, the figure is naturally good, the simple fit has great charm, full of femininity.

Classification of hip-wrapped skirts

(1) Hip skirt

(2) Hip-wrapping dresses

(1) Hip-wrapped skirt

Among the skirts that cover the hips, the half-skirt style is more suitable for daily travel, and can be more diversified to show the effect of fashion. The skirt of the hip style is also divided into

Midi skirt


Short skirt

, two different skirt lengths, will have a great impact on the overall style

☆★ Mid-length skirt

Suitable age group: middle-aged women

The mid-length skirt has a strong intellectual charm, and the skirt that reaches the ankle position not only makes the skirt that covers the hips

The lines are more visible

, or a more conservative style. This style is more suitable for middle-aged women and has a relatively strong femininity.

Skirt design highlights: split design

The shape of the hip skirt is relatively simple, and the simple hip skirt style adopts a mid-length skirt, and the overall effect will be a little dull, and added

Split design

, can make the simple style more designed, but also can show a certainty



☆★ Short skirt

Suitable age group: young women, middle-aged women

Short skirts are very cool, short skirts are usually above the knee, in the middle of the thighs, such a skirt length, older women to wear is not very suitable, but young women to match, not only can

Show off your figure

, and very good

Age reduction

The effect, because the cropped skirt has a strong vitality of its own.

Dress design highlight: with lace fabric

The cropped skirt fit is even more

Simple and refined

The cropped skirt with a hip style has a very sexy charm. Short skirts allow slender legs to better show in the field of vision, carrying

Very sultry

of charm.

The simple version looks relatively single, and with a certain design, it can have a stronger fashion effect. Skirt use

Two different materials

To match, it is very unique and carrying

Larger than life

visuals. Especially when using black lace fabric, the overall sexy charm is stronger.

Fabric material

The use may not be obvious at a glance, but dresses made from different materials can be very different, the most obvious

Cortical material

。 Combined with the comparison below, it is clear that the dress made of leather material has

More eye-catching


(2) Hip-wrapping dresses

Dress styles are common in daily life, but hip-wrapped dresses have a smaller selection rate in comparison. The skirt that covers the hips is made into a dress

The fit of the long skirt

, to travel

Events are very inconvenient

, but many more advanced occasions, wearing such a style is very dignified and eye-catching.

☆★ Loose fit

The loose-fit hip-wrapping dress is relatively relaxed and comfortable, and the loose-fit hip-wrapping skirt is made using a design with a hip-wrapping trend, so that the overall line has the effect of covering the buttocks, but

It does not fit the body.

Skirt design highlight: halter neck style

The long loose hip skirt is not very capable of showing temperament, so you can put the design point of the clothing on the upper body, so that the shape of the skirt is relatively secondary.


The style of the halterneck

Design to be better

Show the curve of the shoulder

, such a style is very suitable for women with a thin body, and can make the right shoulders clearly visible, thus bringing a more refreshing effect and looking more feminine.

☆ ★ Slim fit

The slim fit hip skirt is subtly divided into long skirts and short skirts, but in general, the slim fit hip skirt focuses on showing a good figure.

The dress uses a bandeau design

The bandeau style skirt is the cleanest, simplest, while presenting a cool feeling is also very streamlined, there is no fancy design, so that the effect of the shoulder and neck is clearer,

Showing the “swan neck”

, very sultry.

The skirt uses a slanted shoulder design

The skirt with slanted shoulder design is very popular with many middle-aged women, and the slanted shoulder style has an asymmetrical beauty, which has a strong cooling effect, but it is very much


, the clean and refreshing and conservative dignified combination is very good, the overall effect

Very elegant.

The skirt uses a padded shoulder design

Shoulder pads are often accompanied by long-sleeved styles, and skirts that use shoulder pads are available

Very imposing

Because the shoulder pads are designed to allow simple clothing

With stiffer lines

, showing a more angular shoulder curve, so that women have a more handsome side.

When choosing a long-sleeved style, it is best to choose a short skirt for the skirt, so as to make the overall effect more harmonious and eliminate the dull effect brought by wrapped wearing.


I want to show my body

, when choosing a dress, you can

A hip-wrapped fit is preferred

The skirt, whether long or short, whether it is a skirt or a dress, can set off more enchanting curves.

In daily life, it is recommended to choose more skirt styles, which can not only make movement more convenient, but also be able to match different styles of tops to show a very different charm.

Follow me to see more fashion matching tips, enrich my insights on clothing, and be a fashion person who can really keep up with the trend.