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For the bosses with cars, it is generally simple to decorate the car inside, and it will put some decorations. What is the ornament in the car? What items do you can’t put your car? Let’s take a look along with Xiaobian.

For those who have cars, be sure to pay attention to some items in the summer, ornaments should also choose appropriate. Let’s take a look

What kind of ornament is good in the car?

What items cannot be placed in the car.

What kind of ornament is good in the boys and bus

First, there are many items that can be hung in the car.

The main thing is to have some meaning of auspicious hanging. Such as unicorn wind chimes, Mantun Guanyin, plum, gold ingot, etc.

And it can also be selected according to the identity, positioning position of the owner.

If Jin Yuanbao represents wealth, if the owner is a businessman, you can choose this item, and it is like the financial resources. And the gratitude of Guanyin is naturally evil spirits, and if you are not unwaver, you can choose this type of hanging.

From this, you can see what mascot on the car is best, in fact, it has to be seen according to your needs.

Second, let’s talk about the ornament that is not suitable for hanging in the car.

1, the meaning of the uneven item.

Although some ornaments such as a witch doll, crystal 骷髅 can reflect the “personality” of the owner, but these items do not have a good choice to hang them in the car.

2, cartoon hanging.

Cute cartoon characters, animals are very exciting, but from the car, what mascot is the best angle, “small people” is not suitable for hanging in the car.

3, an influential item.

Simply, it is easy to attract the attention of the owner’s attention. The most taboo is the point of attention is not focused, and it is impossible to affect the object of the owner’s attention. Moreover, these volumes of volumes are very easy to cause the owner’s sight to be blocked.

These things are not allowed

1, car perfume

Some people like to put the perfume before the windshield, in fact, this is a “indourt-time bomb”, the usual perfume safety environment is approximately 45 °, but through the exposed closed car, the temperature can be up to 50 ° -60 °. No blame.

2, lighter

The main ingredient of the lighter is liquid butane, flammable and explosive. Don’t think that just if you can’t get in the sun. As long as the temperature is high enough, the lighter can easily produce expansion explosions. If the car interior is ignorant, the car will cause self ignite.

3, old flower glasses, magnifying glass

Old flower glasses and magnifying glass are convex lens, which will focus light. Time is long, the temperature of the focus is too high, maybe the interior of the car, may also cause the car to be spontaneous.

4, filling drink, bottle water

车里面放什么装饰品好 有些物品千万别放车里

Filling beverages are easily cracked in a high temperature environment, although it is not serious danger, but the instant cracking can hurt the human body or car.

Bottled water uses polyester bottles, and high temperatures will cause polyester bottles to change, precipitate bisphenol A that causes chronic poisoning of human body into water.

5, mobile phone, mobile power

There are lithium batteries in the mobile phone and mobile power supply, and the temperature in the car in summer can be easily exceeded by the upper temperature cap of the lithium battery. Masually cause the internal battery to report waste, and the weight causes an explosion.

What must I have to buy a new car?

And these things you must put in the trunk because these things can save!

车里面放什么装饰品好 有些物品千万别放车里

1, tire pressure gauge, automatic air pump

There is tire pressure monitoring, and the tire pressure gather is on the house. The automatic air pump is put on the car.

For safety, the tire pressure of the car is always checked, at any time. Don’t take the safety of safety!

2, trailer rope

Self-driving with friends, the car is in the mud. There is a trailer rope to help you get away from the predicament.

The car is broken, there are friends help, direct trailers to repair the factory, don’t have to wait for the rescue!

3, take a wire

车里面放什么装饰品好 有些物品千万别放车里

Matching electric wires, there is no way to start, or forget to turn over the light overnight.

车里面放什么装饰品好 有些物品千万别放车里

The battery is dead. The power line can help you go to the repair shop to change the battery.

4, drug, first aid kit

In the wild, accidents, drugs and first aid kits are very easy to use.