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Don’t want to bump your bag? Nest away your commuting niche designer bags!

Going out in winter, scarves, gloves, hand cream, thermos cups, etc., all kinds of cold items can not be left behind, and popular mini bags are not so practical.

A timeless commuter bag that can be paired with many shapes is just needed for all seasons.

Is it enough to fit it? Wrong! Choosing an oversized bag as a clutch will soar in style.

Just some time ago, during the fashion week, major brands also launched new seasonal styles of bags.

This year’s oversized bag has successfully caught the eye and become a new trendy item, and everyone has a fashion icon in hand.

Chanel’s new “practical” 31 handbag is already a veritable IT BAG this year.

Turn the oversized tote bag into a handbag in seconds, play with different carrying methods, super practical and fun design.

After the release of the autumn and winter haute couture collection, it was loved by many stars.

However, its high price and the problem of finding a pack still put me off.

Until I found a niche brand with a better cost performance, it is very practical to not bump bags, not rotten streets, these bags are perfect for commuters!


DOUBLE-X independent designer brand, founded in 2015.

The brand is committed to exploring the materials and structure of bags to form a new form. With black, white and nude colors as the brand tone, it creates a relaxed and natural lifestyle.

This brown heterosexual bucket bag is infused with metallic elements, which is slightly soft in the toughness, breaking the original bag structure and revealing a hippie rebellious black humor.

Simplified lines outline a clean silhouette, modern and stylish.

What’s special about it is its quirky yet cute design, which can be carried in your hand, over one shoulder or diagonally across the door.

At the same time, there is still enough space in the bag, don’t look at it is not large, such as iPad, makeup or headphones can be put in, it can be said that it has both concave shape and practicality.

Similar models are also loved by street photography bloggers, and they are very versatile in carrying and carrying on one shoulder!


Founded in 2016, Pink Kanel is a graduate of CAFA with a major in digital media, and is good at using visual images to express and express his perceived music, dance, and fashion forms.

Inspired by Danish colours, tastes, sounds and touches, Pink Kanel is the product of this sensual beauty.

This olive branch green bag is one of the most popular colors, very temperamental, and very refreshing and versatile.

The bag is square, very stiff, and there are no other superfluous designs.

When you are usually casual, carry a bag like this and match it with a pair of small white shoes, giving people a fresh and comfortable feeling.

In general, this is a bag that can be matched with any occasion and any shape, and it is very decent and generous.

The workmanship of the bag is made of full-grain first-layer cowhide, and inside is sheepskin microfiber leather, which is very hard and shapely, and feels good to the touch.

The inside and outside are genuine leather, and the materials used are really very conscientious.

If you want to carry your laptop or documents, this bag is the best choice for you.

Because even if it is full, it does not look over-inflated, and its shape is not ostentatious and very spontaneous, it can easily handle various informal occasions.

Simple and fashionable, fashion bloggers also love such styles.

Gulang independent design

The classic CELINE Clasp bag has a strong 50s retro style, and the elegant shape on the back seems to go back to the previous era.

The style is also versatile and temperamental, which is very suitable for daily wear in autumn and winter.

There is also no lack of retro style among niche designers, Guliang Independent Design was founded in 2012, taken from the word ‘girl’, is a brand created by couples.

The designers are from Gu Liang and Jiji, the “Guliang couple” who graduated from the China Academy of Art.

As an affordable daily bag, the design of this store is good at interesting shapes and childlike objects, which are not exaggerated and particularly eye-catching, and have captured the hearts of many girls.

This paper bag bag looks basic and versatile, don’t think it’s flat, the upper body is super good-looking.

The imported cowhide material is made of the first layer, the mouth is serrate, the zipper opening design, and the inner pocket also has a zipper pocket for safety and convenience.

Clean with gentle nude pink can make your temperament UP UP!

The handbag has a capacity that can hold umbrellas, wallets, cosmetics and other belongings, and the details are also very meticulous, so you can easily control the sweet and handsome.


CELINE’s Trapez bag incorporates Classic’s square lock design.

From the constant appearance of figures in street photography to the scene of being robbed as soon as the goods arrive in the store, the constantly updated color scheme makes this bag still popular for years to come.

But the classic camel color is difficult to buy, it is really better to choose a niche brand that will not collide.

Obsessed with romance, literature, art and retro feelings, A.Cloud reinterprets the modern aesthetics from the 60s to the 90s in a simple and textured way.

The brand’s traditional ’90s bag blends vintage and modern design qualities, blending sophistication and sensuality, ultimately finding a balance between simple, modern independent women and multi-faceted sophistication.

This simple book lock shoulder bag vintage handbag, calm and understated colors are perfect for autumn and winter clothing, and it is very high-end to wear jeans casually when you go out on weekdays.

The low-key and gentle design will not be out of line when you go to work, and at the same time, it will make people feel that you are very tasteful, which is very suitable for commuting bags.

The material is made of cowhide with a top layer of tree paste and microfiber wool inside.

It’s also fitted with long shoulder straps, zipped pockets on the sides and small layers, so it fits perfectly with casual wear and fashion.

Breaking Boundaries

BREAKING BOUNDARIES was founded in 2018 by a group of young designers.

The brand design style is good at exploring creative inspiration from diverse life elements, unique and funny, adhering to “style is character”, brain-opening interesting design, multi-element integration, so that the future is full of color.

Refuse to endure lengthy and tedious, show a youthful attitude, and become a creator of a wonderful life.

The recommended large-capacity tote bag is made of cowhide leather, the inside is single-sided suede, and the invisible magnetic closure is designed for safety and convenience, so you can use a lot of space for shopping.

The bag capacity is also very large, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to fit things when you go out.

This bag is full of fun and creative designs, simple and high-end without lacking a certain little rebellion.

The classic contrasting design combined with plenty of space in your bag illuminates the modern urban look.

This simple, exquisite and practical casual design is very popular even by Faye Wong.