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Huang Weiwen once wrote about Yishu from the perspective of fashion at length, and finally came to the conclusion: “Sometimes I wonder why Yishu’s characters have been so ‘too lazy to change clothes’ for many years, but in the end I understand that if a person pays too much attention to clothes, like me, he may be distracted and unable to write beautiful novels.” To quote another golden phrase from Miss Yishu: ‘Where one’s time is spent is visible.’ ’

True beauty never deliberately operates

There is a famous saying about Huang Weiwen’s dressing: “If you see any strange clothes and can’t think of who will wear such clothes, then it is right to buy them and give them to Huang Weiwen.” And Yishu, although she has written almost three hundred novels, her heroines dress up back and forth is a very fixed routine: white shirt khaki pants, the heroine’s face is not made up and only smeared with a layer of oil, thick long hair is tied behind her head at will, otherwise it is simply short to be shorter, if there is a big occasion, the skirt only wears Wang Weiwei, and the jewelry only brings Guqingsky…

In fact, Yishu rarely writes directly about women’s appearance, and usually uses a bystander’s phrase to carry out the phrase “Only today did he know that there were such beautiful women in the world.” And these beauties usually do not take beauty seriously, 365 days a year, every day is all white, and wear clothes without sparing, juice food is sprinkled all over the shirt, the beauty just laughs and laughs completely inappropriately, wearing a full set of expensive cashmesis, still playing with children and making a mess.

The life philosophy of the heroine Yishu is not deliberate management and pretentiousness. So although she often asks the heroine in the novel to go to North America with her relatives, “buy half a dozen Kevin Crane’s underwear and half a dozen Bobby Brown’s lipstick”, and then explain that “North America is nearly half cheaper than Hong Kong”. But…… Yishu’s materialization is not determined by the brand, she said that the brand and loyalty to the brand are almost all white shirts and khaki pants in disguise.

Yishu girl “Shi Nansheng” lives beautifully and dresses more beautifully

I didn’t first meet Shi Nansheng at work or socially, although I met her countless times over the years because of work. Of course, everyone knows that she is Yishu’s favorite girl and is the prototype of Jiang Nansun in “The Golden Years”. “Nansheng doesn’t necessarily wear boutique, sometimes white socks and colorful sandals. Well matched, chosen to suit her, obviously she is dressed, there is no possibility that clothes are wearing her, the color is variable, the shoes are not high and short, they are changeable, but believe me, if she is there, you will definitely see her. Pros: The only Hong Kong girl I know who doesn’t wear a bra but is at ease. The figure is so good, five feet and seven inches tall, and it is not bad to wear anything. Yishu wrote about Shi Nansheng.

That time, at the Landmark Plaza in Central, Hong Kong, where I could bump into acquaintances every time I went, I pushed the door and saw the lady in front of me wearing a gentle and gentle printed dress, and I couldn’t help but be attracted by her to look around the front, it turned out to be Shi Nansheng. In the crowd of people in the Landmark Plaza, I saw her at a glance. Shi Nansheng did not live up to Yishu’s admiration decades ago, and even lived as wonderful as the heroine written in Yishu’s novel, and she is still a name in the international film industry, and she is still dressed beautifully. Shi Nansheng just dyed her yellow hair, and Lin Qingxia went to the Landmark to buy clothes and was photographed, and when she met her at the Shanghai Film Festival, she said that she dyed her hair for the first time in her life, just dyed, and was photographed when she went out.

Shi Nansheng, who was wearing a Balenciaga skirt and a silk scarf around her neck, said that she and Yishu had been friends at the time, but they had not seen each other for decades since they immigrated. But looking at her current appearance, Yishu probably won’t be disappointed. She is just like Yishu wrote, the ideal old look, short hair, thin, still very smart.

A brand that Yishu is passionate about – not fashionable, but classic

The perfume is Midnight Flight (Guerlain) or Zai (Shiseido), and the jewelry is to be Kutchinsky, and the daughter of the rich man in “Xibao” says that “Cartier is the jewelry store of the nouveau riche, and the nouveau riche only knows Cartier”.


Guerlain “Midnight Flight” perfume

And the lady written in “Xibao” is dressed appropriately: a white silk shirt, a string of sandalwood beads, a gold watch, and a pair of black suede pants pleated at the waist. The pants are Valentino, the salary of a bank manager for a month. The heroine of Yishu, who is still at work, wears clothes her favorite brand is Valentino, she has written many times in the novel that prices are now rising sharply, three or five thousand yuan (that was three or five thousand yuan in the 80s) but buy a skirt in Valentino, but the style is generous and decent, and it is always no problem to wear it for a whole year. Middle-aged noble ladies always wear a Chanel suit to negotiate with their husband’s mistresses, and as for the young lady who has been taken over by the rich and returned to a partial house, she will be busy buying silver foxes, holding them in their hands, and white-collar workers exclaim that “she bought Fendi’s latest fur, worth 700,000 yuan.”


The Esau Girls’ favourite shop in Hong Kong is Swank, and there is still a small piece of the store on the first floor of Harbour City, mainly selling evening wear. In the seventies and eighties, Lane Crawford and Joyce were already popular, but they were rarely mentioned. Her beloved heroines always return from abroad, wearing cheesecloth shirts and worn jeans, but they run to Shiyun to throw a lot of money, and the male protagonists are shocked to see it, “Buying clothes only in poetry is not so easy to satisfy.”

However, no matter how many cards have been written, the heroines of Yishu can still go around the world in T-shirts and jeans, and at most wear a Rolex ultra-thin men’s platinum watch on their wrists. The male protagonists are fascinated, and the real beauty does not need too much decoration. But you can also imagine that the beauty of Yishu’s era was You Min, “there will never be a more qualified girl than her”, it was He Lili, “if a dress is not good-looking He Lili, then no one can wear it well”, at the end, at least Lin Qingxia, describing Lin Qingxia as famous “beautiful without knowing it”. Beauty of that level, wearing or not wearing, what kind of clothes to wear, are all radiant.

And Yishu’s heroines, hundreds of books are almost written according to this level of posture, the name tag is just a symbol, dressing and being a person is the same, the end is low-key and tasteful. Among Yishu’s friends, the one who had the most influence on her was Fang Ying, who taught her “don’t buy so many clothes, buy brand-name classics when the season changes, and in time, you will find that you will have a lot of good clothes.” The girls then insisted on half a century of taste, less is more. You can imagine that in modern times, Jiang Xibao would run to Jil Sander or Celine to buy countless sets of white shirts and cashmere suits with the money of the maid, and when he returned home, he would iron his trousers straight. Think of that picture, it deserves to be modern and fashionable.

Editor/Ying Wang

Contributing Writer/Jin Zhe


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