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2015-12-02 Big Y Mama + Xiaoshu’er Mama Ma

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Just the day before yesterday, a baby boy in Wuhan who was just 1 month old died of fever syndrome. Can something happen to wearing more clothes? Yes, this is not sensational, nor is it an isolated case, the same thing has happened in Xiamen, Xiangyang and other places before. So parents remember, also tell the elderly,

Don’t cover, don’t cover, don’t cover.

Children are actually very afraid of covering

The habitual thinking of adults is that the temperature decreases, and children are prone to cold. This little baby in Wuhan is worried that he is cold, so they add clothes to him one by one, and even let him wear a thick sweater when he sleeps. As a result, the child has symptoms of coughing and runny nose.

Then, the child’s parents were worried that the child would sleep alone in the small bed and cold, so they took the baby to the big bed and slept among them, and the baby cried and sweated. After trying to calm down, the child finally fell asleep, but the next day the baby had a high fever and was very weak.

What’s more, the grandparents thought about the child’s fever and wrapped them in several layers of thick clothes (fever really can’t be covered, you can click to view Xiaolin antipyretic sticker can be thrown!). Practical and clear pediatric fever coping strategy is here! One article ), at night the child breathes weakly, and he can’t wake up no matter how he screams. If I sent it to Wuhan Children’s Hospital, I couldn’t save it…

The child is small, the respiratory and thermoregulatory center is not yet developed, the adaptation to the external environment is poor, and the heat covering time is too long, which is easy to induce “heat covering syndrome”, which will lead to hypoxia, high fever, sweating, dehydration, convulsive coma, and even respiratory and circulatory failure.

Covering can cause colds, eczema, constipation, and frequent awakenings at night

Not only heat syndrome, in fact, most children will catch a cold in winter because of too much clothing.

Similarly, wearing too much will also cause a lot of skin diseases. “Wear so much? You first take off a piece of clothing for your child, and then I will tell you how to treat it specifically. “This is the most my dermatologist friend said to the parents who came to see their baby’s eczema. Wearing more will also make your baby’s eczema worse.

In addition, wearing too much can easily lead to dry stools in the baby.

Many hemp have encountered children who wake up frequently at night and are particularly restless, and at this time, you should also pay attention to whether he is dressed a little too much. My son used to sleep alone, and once when he went out of town, he slept between the two of us, and he always tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep. When I turned on the light, I found that the little face was flushed, and his neck was full of sweat, and he hurriedly reduced his clothes, and he immediately fell asleep.

How to make sure your baby is wearing enough

The most reliable and easiest way to judge: touch the child’s neck, if it is warm and the skin is slippery, then it is just right. If it’s a little sweaty or your skin is a little sticky, it’s wearing too much.

But the neck is warm, but the hands and feet are a little cold, right? It doesn’t matter. Because the baby’s heart is small and contracts once, the so-called blood pumped by the heart reaches the ends of the limbs relatively little, so under normal circumstances, the child’s limbs, especially the hands and feet, are a little cool. This will be more prominent in winter.

How to dress is appropriate

Remember that when you wear clothes in cold weather, the thicker the better, and you should pay attention to the number of “layers” when wearing clothes. Thick clothes have poor breathability, cover it easily to sweat, and after sweating, it is difficult to take off and change in time. So

Never wear warm underwear for your child.

Wear a few more layers of slightly thinner clothing to keep you warmer. There are many layers, the air circulation between the layers is relatively good, and it is easy to dry even if you sweat. Moreover, there are many layers, and it is convenient to take off and change, and the body temperature can always be maintained relatively stable whether indoor or outdoor.

This is what we often call the onion dressing method, layered on top of each other.

General rule: babies under three months should wear one more layer than adults, and over three months they should have one less layer than adults.

How to wear it specifically, give you a little practical dressing advice.

At home: cotton underwear + thermal vest + cardigan

The winter in the south is relatively cold, the indoor temperature is basically about 15 degrees, a bottom cotton underwear plus a warm vest, and a cardigan or pullover sweater, so that the baby can move freely without losing temperature. Thermal vests are definitely a must-have item for babies in winter, protect the back, abdomen, shoulders and other parts that are susceptible to cold, and wear several pieces inside and outside. If there is heating in the home, it will be very happy, and you can do the subtraction.

▲The cotton underwear worn close to the body must be pure cotton and single layer, do not choose thermal underwear with cotton. The padding of the cotton is artificial fiber, which is not conducive to sweat wicking. Before six months, it is more convenient for your baby to wear one-piece underwear.

▲The underwear cotton vest is worn between the intimate underwear and the sweater.

▲In winter, it is suitable to wear a slightly thicker sweater or wool sweater. Before the age of 1 and a half, it is suitable for a low round tie shoulder buckle, and a high neck is not suitable.

Going out: Based on the at-home dressing plan, only a cotton jacket is required to go out.

The cotton jacket depends on the outdoor temperature to determine the thickness and thickness, and needs to be kept warm and windproof.

Below 5 degrees, if you have to go out, you need a thick down jacket with a hood; 5-10 degrees can choose a cotton clothing of ordinary thickness; 10-15 degrees is a fleece jacket, or cotton underwear + thick wool sweater + cotton vest.

▲ Thick down jackets must be prepared, especially cold days to wear.

▲ Fleece jackets and tweed jackets are reserved for selling cute in the not so cold winter.

As mentioned earlier, vests are a good product of conscience, and it is worth preparing several pieces for both the inner and outer wearable styles. Wearing a cotton vest can reflect the layering, wear a scarf, hat, don’t be too trendy.

How to dress when you sleep

A sleeping bag is definitely the best choice for your baby when sleeping. The sleeping bag is safer than the quilt and does not easily cover the baby’s mouth and nose; It is not easy to be kicked away, and the baby and adults sleep peacefully.

Young age (birth to five or six months) is recommended

Swaddling sleeping bag,

It can prevent the baby’s startle reflex. Such as Halo’s one. From newborns, small wings are used to wrap the baby’s arms.

How to choose the bigger one?

When the weather is just getting cooler, I recommend gauze sleep

(Japanese Hoppetta mushroom sleeping bag is more famous, and less particular hemp can choose other domestic brands).

If the heating is turned on at home in this weather, you can choose a less thick autumn and winter cotton sleeping bag

(Our family chose Gobi Rabbit’s, the fabric is very comfortable, the sleeves can be removed, very humane);

However, if the home does not use heating, then you may need to change your baby into a thicker quilt sleeping bag

(Foreign countries are basically sleeveless, domestic ones are more suitable for national conditions, and sleeping bags in the cotton era are good).

Some hemp will ask, how to choose between split legs or no legs, this has to be determined according to the situation of your baby. Generally speaking, before standing, you can choose to leave the legs undivided, and it is convenient to change diapers. If you can stand, the one who chooses the legs may be more suitable for the baby, but our son is still using the legless one.

Do you want to wear underwear in the sleeping bag?

My point is that yes. It depends on the baby’s individual situation: if the baby likes to wear a sleeping bag naked and keep warm enough, then it’s no problem. But some numbness may still feel uneasy, so wear one for the baby, don’t overheat. Anytime or in any situation, if you want to know if it is okay, just touch your baby’s neck and feel it.

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