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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Hello fishing friends, today I will share with you the Baofeilong brilliant, 5.4-meter fishing rod. I hope to help you through my sharing.

The handle joints of this rod are semi-painted, the middle part is bare carbon, and the ends are blue chameleon painted, and the paint water is of good quality. Full lacquer grip, it is recommended to wrap a handle glue when using. This rod is designed with 5 sections, three sections of three-section anti-lock grooves, arc back plug, hidden missed ring, and inlaid explosion-proof ring at the front end of the large joint. The rod is slightly rotated, the tail vertebrae are polished and flat, and the tail vertebrae are printed with codes for easy jointing.

The first section contains about 40mm, the first diameter is 1.12mm, the official label is 1.2mm, and the front diameter is 19.2mm. The rear element diameter is 26.3mm. The weight of the front and rear plugs is 145.7 grams, the official label is 144.8 grams, the weight of the back plug is 162 grams, the weight of the rear plug is 16.5 grams, and the weight of the large section is 62.5 grams, accounting for about 42.9%. The rod shrinks to 1.21 meters and draws out a total length of 5.43 meters, and when the rod is shaken, it feels like it is hard. With rear plug center of gravity 1.48 meters, remove rear plug center of gravity 1.63 meters. The holding weight is 1.816 kg.

Let’s take a look at the hardness of this rod together: hang 500 grams of weight rod 45 ° hardness is 3.6, hang 1000 grams of weight rod 60 ° hardness is 3.1,

The fishing weight was officially marked as 2000 grams, and the last 2000 grams were successfully fished.

To sum up: Bao Fei Long Brilliant This fishing rod is good overall workmanship, but the overall rod is thicker, combined with its hardness, weight, I think it is more suitable for the slow fish of black pit donkey stealing, if recreational fishing is not recommended to use it to catch crucian carp. The activity price of nearly 400 yuan for Double 11 can only be said to be not cost-effective. If you count the brand value, it is not expensive.

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