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Every summer, it is also the peak season for installing mesh screens in our homes, and in the summer we have to open the windows, if there is no protection from the screens, a lot of mosquitoes will come in. So, today the editor will tell you about those things about the screen window. Now many people are passing on

King Kong mesh screens are toxic

, is this really the case? Today, the editor will give you a refuting rumor, what is going on, what should we pay attention to when choosing a screen window?

First, the diamond mesh screen window is toxic?

1. Is there a relationship between screen windows and formaldehyde?

The diamond mesh screen window is mainly a metal product, and the rubber parts will be used in the accessories; Aluminum profiles and diamond mesh are generally mainly powder sprayed, so that relatively simple products basically do not produce formaldehyde that is more harmful to the human body. Formaldehyde and screen windows, eight lifetimes can not be related. But consumers raised such doubts, today I share with you some small knowledge of window screens.

The main profile of diamond mesh screen window is aluminum, aluminum is a common metal in daily life, there is no harm to the human body. Metal aluminum has ductility, with the advancement of science and technology, the application of aluminum alloy products is more extensive, which is obvious to all. Human body contact with aluminum will not produce adverse reactions, if you have to find out the harm of aluminum to the human body, that is, aluminum, according to the assessment of the World Health Organization, the daily intake of aluminum is 0 ~ 0.6mg / kg, here kg refers to the weight of the person, that is, a 60kg person allowed intake of 36mg. This is a matter of diet, so I won’t discuss it here.

According to this logic, the stainless steel screws of the diamond mesh screen window and the formaldehyde pollution of the stainless steel diamond mesh are also impossible to talk about. Nevertheless, some people may ask, then the paint surface of aluminum and diamond mesh will cause harm to the human body?

2. Is spraying powder toxic?

Let’s talk about powder-coated powder! Powder coating is a new type of coating material that does not contain liquid solvent diluents in powder form. Heavy corrosion resistance, powder recyclability, high decoration, no pollution to the environment and other characteristics make it. Powder spraying is to use powder spraying equipment to spray powder coating to the surface of aluminum, under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of aluminum, forming a powdery coating; The powder coating is cured by high-temperature baking leveling to become a final coating with different effects (different kinds of effects of powder coating).

In this way, the entire spraying process is completed. Of course, many processes are omitted from being mentioned here. However, from the main production process here, we can see that the chemical composition of the powder coating has not been changed, but the environmentally friendly powder coating is heated and solidified on the surface of the aluminum material by physical methods. There is also a small accessory in the screen that cannot be ignored, inconspicuous, but very effective – wool strips (rubber strips)! At present, the commonly used door and window wool strips on the market are generally improved by PVC. In the soft PVC plays a key role is the plasticizer added inside, the more stable plasticizer is phosphobendicarboxylic acid dioctyl ester, dibutyl ester, its price is relatively high, so some illegal traders use other cheap materials instead, the production of relatively inferior screen wool strips, to the customer has brought a very big hidden danger.

Second, how to choose a screen window


Sheet yarn

It is also known as fixed screen window, it is the oldest kind of screen window (commonly known as sheet yarn), four sides of the frame intermediate yarn.


Strong and durable, light material, easy to handle, low maintenance and replacement costs, many old houses still use this type of screen window.


: That is, from the appearance of some old, not beautiful, not very suitable for the newly opened commercial house, when not in winter to remove it, the lighting effect is not very good. The material is cheap, and the yarn and frame are easy to deform and even rust over time. This screen window is not a mainstream product now, some outdated, but the price is cheap, so there are still some customers who will choose. However, if the balcony is installed with frameless balcony windows, it is strongly recommended not to install this type of screen window, otherwise the overall façade of the frameless window will be destroyed.


Invisible screens

Invisible screen window in recent years began to enter people’s family, it is beautiful, durable, well sealed by everyone’s love, according to people’s requirements and invisible screen is divided into ordinary invisible screen and magnetic invisible screen, folding invisible screen.

Ordinary invisible screens:

A good invisible screen window can adjust the spring force in the yarn box by itself, some yarn boxes can be removed to reduce the afterburner, and some can automatically remove floating dust. Some people have suggested that this kind of new screen window is easy to break, this is because you are ordering small manufacturers of inferior invisible screen products, good domestic screen windows have been very mature.

The switch is convenient, the appearance is very beautiful, dirt resistant, the material is firm and has a long life, no frequent maintenance and replacement of the screen window, does not occupy space

It is not easy to disassemble and clean, and the cost of changing yarn is high.

3. Magnetic invisible screen

It also becomes a soft magnetic stripe screen, that is, a magnetic stripe is attached around the window frame, and a magnetic stripe is also provided around the screen, and the screen can be sucked on the window frame when it is used, and when not in use, the screen is removed.

: It is stronger than the current mainstream invisible screen, better sealed, mosquito-proof and has a good decorative effect; Highly sealed; Easy to clean, free to replace the screen, easy to disassemble; Suitable for a variety of window types.

: Lighting is not very convenient, and it cannot be folded when the window is closed, which requires additional storage space. The most fatal disadvantage of this screen window is the limited life of the magnetic stripe, which is generally replaced once in about 2-3 years. And if the yarn is broken, the magnetic strips around the four sides are replaced together, and the cost per door will increase significantly.

4. Folding invisible screens

In recent years, folding screens have appeared on the market

: Folding screen windows look better because they fold up like fans. Beautiful shape, easy to use and store. Wide range of application. Good light transmittance and invisible effect in the true sense. Long anti-aging service life and reasonable design.

Mosquitoes are likely to enter much higher through a folded screen than an invisible screen. And the windproof effect of folding screens is not good. The biggest disadvantage of folding screen windows is that the screen may not be able to be retracted after it is exposed to the sun after it is damp, and the thread rope worn in it is easy to break. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not choose folding screens.

Third, how to distinguish inferior wool strips?

These are all production problems, and they are all more professional terms, and it is difficult for ordinary consumers to understand. In fact, the way to identify the quality of screen wool strips is also very simple. The following three methods can be referred to:

1. Whether there is a peculiar smell with the nose, normal PVC material will not appear pungent and unpleasant.

2. Wrap the wool strip tightly around the profile as much as possible, place it under high temperature conditions for a period of time, and observe whether the contact surface between the surface of the profile and the wool strip is stained and discolored, and whether the dust on the surface of the wool strip has oil seepage and yellowing.

3. Generally, the cheaper wool filler will be more, and the surface will not be very bright, so try not to choose cheap and not bright appearance.

After reading the editor to share these knowledge of King Kong mesh screen window, I believe everyone is right

Whether the diamond mesh screen is toxic

With a new understanding, it is true that there are many types of screen quality on the market, but we pay attention to these when selecting, which can ensure the safety of our home. So today the editor will give you here, I hope you can like it.