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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Li Qin’s appearance has a pure temperament, giving people a pure jade girl’s style, now she is in her 30s, and the years do not seem to be reflected in her. Every appearance will bring a very pure temperament, there is a feeling of a little sister next door, let’s take a look at her dressing style.

Li Qin will choose this refreshing and clean color in the choice of clothing color, giving people a more comfortable feeling. I also know how to spend some careful thinking when dressing to highlight these temperaments of myself! Li Qin’s simple color matching for the reason of wearing creates a very strong girly feeling.

Simple and refreshing basic color matching through the change of style to create a unique sense of fashion, the basic version is inevitably slightly single, Li Qin chose to layer the basic style to create a more layered fashion effect. With a black skirt that is more inclusive of the leg shape, it reduces the sense of space, small and cute and reduces age!

In this complete set of outfits, this light-colored washed shirt as a very refreshing feeling in color, the wide ruffled collar and the light green knitted jacket, forming a sharp contrast, not only enrich the layering, but also richer in color, the overall gives a very age-reducing effect, full of vitality.

The short and long styles show the figure very well, and Li Qin is very careful to tuck the hem of the short top into the high-waisted skirt, which modifies the proportion of the body well and has a very good thinning effect. The basic knitwear with a white shirt adds a sense of fashion, and the embellishment of fun print elements has a very good age-reducing effect. This layering technique is very fashionable, and with a layered black skirt, the whole person not only looks more tall, but also loses the feeling of simplicity and atmosphere.

Li Qin’s light yellow shirt, soft and light and breathable, not only increases the wearing experience, comfortable and breathable, but also adds an intellectual and elegant temperament, but for girls with not too fair skin, then choose more carefully, with a pair of blue jeans, this simple color matching is not only very atmospheric, the style is also simple and generous, with a pair of high-waisted jeans, the whole person looks fresh and fashionable, girly very strong!

The white suit is elegant and atmospheric, showing the taste of urban beauty, in order to avoid the simple suit style showing aging, the collar part and the outside of the pocket are used rhinestone embellishments to increase the sense of luxury and eye-catching, the sense of fashion is doubled!

This denim suit, the bow decoration on the hem of the fashionable skirt, adds a lot of fashion highlights to the overall look, making the overall fit look more three-dimensional, and the girl’s heart is bursting, but at the same time it uses black and denim contrast stitching, which adds a touch of playfulness and agility to the gentleness!

When the overall color is relatively monotonous, you can choose some more fashionable elements and color matching designs to create a simple and complex fashion effect. The combination of white top and jeans is refreshing to reduce age, and the balloon sleeves of the top style, as well as the print elements add a sense of fashion and vitality, improving the monotony and stereotype of this basic color scheme.

I have to say that the leather skirt is a very good fashion item, not only fashionable, elegant and handsome, with the choice of color chose this traditional black, the color matching will be more broad, and Li Qin chose to match a black short sleeve to increase the aura, the whole person changed the jade temperament to give people a queen style!