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Black is dull and depressing, but as a bottoms, it is a “wild king”, not only can easily blend with various colors, but also has a strong visual thinning effect

If you’re plump, wear it. Therefore, among the many undershirts, black will always be the most popular one.

However, black undershirts are not as eye-catching as other colors, and if you don’t pay attention, they will become dull and full of passers-by, and you need a certain amount of dressing skills if you want to wear them well and have a temperament

。 In Korean amateur street shooting, they blend in different colors, layered or added accessories, so that ordinary black undershirts exude more charm.

Wear it with a bright coat

The color of the black undershirt is already very dull, and you can use bright red, yellow and other highly saturated items to enhance the brightness when wearing.

Some checks and printed items that are difficult to match on weekdays, if you match bright colors, it is easy to look dazzled.

Black is rational and atmospheric, and at the same time can suppress the pompous temperament of colorful items, maintaining a sense of fashion without being too exaggerated.


Fashionable Korean girls will use “undershirt + jacket + coat” to layer when it is cold, which can quickly adapt to different temperature differences between indoor and outdoor areas

, take off the coat can also maintain an independent and complete shape,

Stylish and layered

But multi-layered clothing will be a little bloated,

Black is worn as a shrinkage color in the innermost to have a good slimming effect. At this time, it is best to choose a light and slim undershirt,

If it is a knitted fabric, the finer and smoother the weave, the more delicate it looks.

Decorate with a necklace

In addition, Korean girls also like to use accessories to put the finishing touch,

In the spring and autumn when the weather is not too cold, use a suit, jacket and black undershirt, simple and atmospheric and not easy to make mistakes.

Wearing a metallic necklace can brighten up the look, but also add sophistication and chic

。 The black undershirt is like a background wall, and the silver necklace is more eye-catching against its background,

Wear it on your chest to lift your center of gravity and divert attention, making you look taller.

Mid-turtleneck undershirt

Black undershirts are versatile and not easy to go wrong, but only by choosing the right style can your temperament be sublimated

。 A mid-turtleneck undershirt protects the neck from the cold wind and keeps you warm, making it perfect for layering over the neckline in autumn and winter.

Girls with slender necks look particularly elegant when wearing it, while girls with large faces and short necks are not very suitable, which will give people a “sense of suffocation” and look unspirited.

Undershirt with low neckline

Low-neck undershirts are further divided into

Round neck, V-neck, and U-neck design, the latter two of which can show more neck line, looking sexier and more feminine.

A large area of skin exposure can also modify the problem of large face and short neck, which looks upright and straight, which is very suitable for girls with plump upper bodies. In the spring and summer,

This black undershirt with a low neckline is generous enough to wear alone or underneath, with a touch of sexy light maturity.

Translucent tulle undershirt

And with the development of fashion, undershirts also have more choices in fabrics, in addition to cotton, wool and modal fabrics, there are

The translucent light gauze design and the sexy lace undershirt make it stylish and unique.

For example, the picture on the left although it is

The mid-high neck and sheer tulle fabric make the neck feel more breathable, and the proper skin exposure can add layers, cool and feminine

, it is worth learning. How do you wear a black undershirt to look good? 12 outfits for Korean girls, fashionable, novel and practical!

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How do Korean girls wear a black undershirt for each person?