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Please, guys

Don’t ask me every day

I like the men’s wear brand too!!

Today, I’ll keep it my exclusive

15 homes

Men’s clothing store share it!!

PS: Let’s start with my sharing criteria

(1) Light ripe, ruffian, Korean, Japanese, salt, etc. are involved, and the styles are diverse, hoping to satisfy more people

(2) Not too naïve and not too mature, the versatile foundation does not pick the age group

(3) Pro-test + multiple comparison, the cost performance is guaranteed

(4) Look tall and thin, you must cover your flesh!

Without further ado, get down to business! ☟

The first Searoad maritime highway

Keywords: light ripe, simple, textured

Rating: 4.9

Recommended index: ★★★★★

This is definitely the most worthwhile store in the men’s wear track~

Why is it the best place to start?

Because this winter the sea road has surprised me too much,

His family’s wool sweater, merino wool, feels dry and soft, and the upper body is not tied!!

Although the wool sweaters of many families are also soft, they will still feel tied closely,

And it

Skin-friendly and breathable,


At the same time, bring your own

sweat wicking function,

Like I usually go to work, even if the heating is turned on sufficiently, it will not be embarrassing to wear it alone.

6 colors, 2 styles –


Temperament high neck:

Simple crewneck:

His family’s winter thicker sweater,

Versatile and easy to take care of, keep warm and can’t afford to ball,

So far the upper body also

I didn’t feel cold,

My new corduroy shirt,

Available in 4 colors, both inside and out,

Pure cotton, thick and not stuffy, clear texture and texture~

The second is PINLI

Keywords: light tide, simplicity, fashion

Rating: 4.8

Recommended index: ★★★★

Men’s clothing is handsome but personality, fashionable and stable,

Pants thickened winter will not be cold, the fit is moderate, slightly elastic,

It’s quite soft and won’t collapse.

If you match the necklace piece, the overall outfit is more simple and personal~

The third family is Zorulu

Keywords: retro plain male minimalism

Store praise rate: 99.58%, although it is a little lower than the sea road,

But it is worth recommending, this store, the style depends on how you take it~

It can be Korean, it can be retro, and of course it is suitable for personality BOY.


Keywords: Japanese retro

Store praise rate: 99.51% light retro wear real fragrance store,

Older brothers in the salt and Japanese style can take a look at this family.

This color very eye-catching, 50% wool standing pile, thick;

The fit is clean and the upper body is wrapped.

A lot of models

Vintage and boyish

It was a perfect combination~

Sometimes again, in the past 30 days, it has been paid attention to by 2.5W people, and the quality is guaranteed!

Fifth Atry flagship store

Keywords: age reduction, leisure

Recommended index: ★★

Very age-reducing shops,

Look at the corduroy shirt is the hot selling first of the atry family,

It’s in with corduroy shirts on the sea road,

I’m very satisfied, if you compare the two companies,

Sea roads are suitable for people of many ages,

Atry’s ring embroidery is more suitable for younger groups in their early 20s~

The alphabetic corduroy jacket is also age-reducing,

Sixth WP Shirakawa

Keywords: light ripe, clean, refreshing

This is the first light mature shop I started.

Coolness + visual warmth;

Most of the daily basics, there are many neutral color items,

Just right for boys aged 25-35.

The design and shape of the coat are very clean and neat,

Although the down jacket is a little expensive,

But the overall is loose, and the short model shows the long legs!

Seventh DLVEGVE flagship store

Keywords: cityboy Hong Kong wind

Recommended index: ★★★

DLVEGVE upper body effect is nice, and there is currently no fading.

There are many shirt styles in his house~

The bottom is okay, and wearing it alone is definitely cold now.

Every pants is

Properly hide the meat + hide the imperfect leg shape!

Little friends with imperfect legs can look at ~

This shop made me discover that camouflage pants can also look good when worn!!

If you don’t know how to match this style?

In fact, looking directly at the model picture is also very trouble-free.

The eighth yuppie noise control original independent design

Keywords: personality fashion

Yuppie noise control is completely lazy perk, it not only makes tops, bottoms, but also accessories.

Hat & scarf:

Socks & shoes:


It’s good, but why did I give 3 stars on the recommendation index?

That’s because, not versatile enough, clothes are more designed,

I believe that many friends will like it, but they will not try.

The ninth NumberSalt

Keywords: trend Japanese

Some people like the Japanese system, some people don’t,

I think the Japanese system is too loose, like me, there are very few Japanese clothes,

In this store I entered the sweatshirt with the coat, was a two colleagues came to link,

Indeed, this one has good details and looks very delicate~


Keywords: light ripe advanced

Although the praise rate and rating are a little lower than that of the sea road,

But I have to admit, it’s all my heart.

I, who is a “brick mover” every day, simply loves to die of light cooking.

A must-have for commuting, comfortable and high-class to wear!!!


Keywords: fashion trend cool boy

Weekend dates, parties, comfortable being yourself,

Personality is not restrained, reduce age~

Cross-border cooperation with Coca-Cola.

Many styles are made very fashionable~

The first sight you put on can make a girl fall!

The words of this family are also intimately matched~

The twelfth Saville street tailor

Keywords: basic, casual, atmosphere

Rating: 4.7

Dating girls, a must! Parity yyds~

If nothing else,

The sense of atmosphere comes straight up,

The disadvantage is that netizens have mixed reviews,

If you only look at the style, you don’t need to hesitate, dear ones~

The thirteenth Hany

Keywords: mature business gentleman

Need a mature store to see this!

High-end business

, because the style is different from the above store,

So the price is not low,

100 points for practicality at work, not very suitable for daily leisure.

This 1000+ tweed trench coat is mid-length with a belt to slim the body,

Double-breasted design, not rigid,

Thick retro rush feet.

Other business models are also very exquisite,

The fourteenth WASSUP China

Keywords: national tide simplicity

Ranked first in the trend MVP store list for 8 days!!

The number of fans is 487W, the quality is guaranteed,

The styles are actually based on the basics, and ingenuity is added to the basic design

This is exactly what distinguishes it from other national fashion stores,

No bells and whistles, with its own unique style!


Keywords: salt system minimalist style

Handsome, cold-spirited dressing style.

It is dominated by black, white, gray and other cold winds with low brightness.

The color of the cashmere undershirt is comfortable, fits the shoulders, and defines the shoulder line well~

Good resilience, not loose, enhance the warmth in winter!

The jacket is refreshing and refreshing, and the mood is better when you wear it!

Haha, I’ll share it today

Everyone is also working hard when they see this~

———— dividing line————

Share my likes, I hope you like it too~

Rating: 4.9

Rating: 4.9

Rating: 4.9

Rating: 4.9

Rating: 4.9

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Rating: 4.8

Rating: 4.8

Rating: 4.8

Rating: 4.8

Rating: 4.8

Rating: 4.8

Rating: 4.8

Recommended index: ★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★

Recommended index: ★★

Recommended index: ★★★

Recommended index: ★★★

Recommended index: ★★★

Recommended index: ★★★

Recommended index: ★★★