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What to wear in the spring season? No skirt is incomplete in spring, but there are thousands of styles of skirts, which one can become the favorite of this season?

I think it is a flowing, youthful, energetic, cheerful pleated skirt, it can always make people linger, wearing it can make you crush the crowd, not only fashionable, but also lively and cute, elegant and intellectual, you want to look it has ~

The pleated skirt has never withdrawn from the trend, after all, it is versatile, multi-style, thin and flesh, etc., and in recent years, the design of pleated skirts has changed a lot, making it more and more “favored”. Whether it is a wordless light-colored pleated skirt or a calm and intellectual dark color, it is very popular. Here’s a look at how to wear this much-loved pleated dress!

Start a fashionable journey of “pleated skirts”

Of course, the pleated skirt is not only exclusive to early spring, it can be worn in any season, so the pleated skirt is the king of fashionable classics at different times. But when it comes to pleated skirts, we think of romance and flowery, but the styles it can match are very different. Whether it is a basic pleated model or a sublimated model, you can solve all the wearing problems, let’s enter the fashion journey of pleated skirts!

Point1 • Color charm

Pleated skirts worn in different seasons, there will be a clear difference, that is, the difference in color, to talk about autumn and winter models, it is mainly dark, but in spring and summer, pleated skirts are definitely light and bright. And this year’s color is also followed by light color wear, and the pleated skirt gives different colors to bloom differently.

▷ Base white

The most basic color in the light color is white, and the white pleated skirt feels clean and warm when worn on the body, and it can be changed at will with different styles of items, such as blazers, to create an intellectual light mature style.

▷ Bright yellow

Recently, two new popular colors have come out, extreme gray and bright yellow, and pleated skirts can quickly add bright yellow colors, making the whole person bright and not obtrusive. It is not only a display of vitality, but also makes the whole person look cleaner, although this color can focus visual attention, but the middle harmonizes a little grayscale, wearing it is not picky about skin tone.

▷ Trendy gradients

For fashionistas, after trying a variety of solid color styles, I want to come up with something more colorful. So gradients can make pleated skirts more fashionable. The color ranges from light to dark, even if it is an abrupt color, it can become soft in this way, such as blush pink, and the outfit looks sweet and intellectual.

▷ Stitching color

Unlike gradient color, splicing color is two different colors directly colliding with each other, so it will not have a good transition effect like gradient color, be cautious in color selection, if the color matching is not right, it will become a disaster outfit. Generally, it is enough to use two splicing colors, and the simplest way is

Use a shade of color, or a base color + bright color

, contrasting without going wrong.

Point2 · The material shows the grade

In addition to the color, the biggest difference between pleated skirts is the material. Most of the pleated dresses we see are of light fabric, and of course in this season, this fabric is very popular. Let’s take a look at these popular fabrics, which are the favorites of celebrity fashionistas.

▪ Mesh pleated skirt

Pleated skirts of this material are very common in celebrity outfits and can have a dreamy and beautiful effect, but to be honest, if you don’t have junior high school skin and a beautiful body, mesh pleated skirts are recommended not to match, it is too picky to wear, as long as you don’t pay attention, you can become a village girl.

▪ Knitted pleated skirt

The pleated design of the pleated skirt can reduce the power of the knitted fabric, and can reflect the grade and warmth of the outfit when worn. In addition, the pleated skirt of knitted fabric is different from other fabrics, it is more inclined to the grain characteristics, so the sense of line is more obvious, and the skirt has a strong sense of drape, which can best withstand the changing weather of early spring.

▪ Pleated leather skirt

The leather pleated skirt is the most personal style of all fabrics, it gives the pleated skirt a handsome character, and the surface has a smooth feeling, so it is much more high-profile than the pleated skirt of knitted fabric. Secondly, its fabric is hard but after adding a pleated design, it becomes more flexible, if you have a leg thickness problem, choose the A version of the leather pleated skirt.

▪ Satin pleated skirt

The pleated skirt of this material is more subtle when worn on the body, but because the satin material is very thin, it reduces the visual complexity, and no matter what type of satin pleated skirt it is, it can make the skirt swing at will after wearing, and there is a sense of lightness in the high-grade.

Point3 · Long or short

The length of pleated skirts has different tastes, such as small girls will prefer to match short skirts, short skirts worn on the body to avoid the problem of pressing the figure, but also wear the effect of preppy style, the whole person’s outfit has a youthful atmosphere. The most classic style of the short pleated skirt is the check style, and it is no problem for students or girls who have just entered the workplace to wear it.

The length of the window width pleated skirt should be grasped well, not the longer the better, such as the pleated skirt that covers the legs, it feels short and bloated when worn. Especially when short-legged girls wear it, they completely become a legless girl.

✔ Irregular long pleated skirt

To make the pleated skirt feel fairy, it must still be long, but you don’t want the long pleated skirt to wear on the body has the problem of pressing the figure, so use a pleated skirt with an irregular skirt, you can use the difference in length on both sides or the front short back length to wear, slightly exposing the skin of the legs is the most suitable.

Point4 Learning to build is the key

How to match the pleated skirt, the following matching methods, it looks good if you wear it.

1. Suit + pleated skirt

Office lady how to wear a pleated skirt, with a blazer on the line, increase the temperament and temperament of the entire outfit, neat and high-grade fabrics, the professional women’s ability to show vividly, the fabric of the pleated skirt can be used the same as the suit fabric, so that the most harmonious wear.

2. Shirt + pleated skirt

Pleated skirts and shirts build a daily style of wear, shirts avoid wearing a sense of rigor, the fabric is soft and does not have a sense of curve to look the best, can show the lazy intellectual taste, or add a little design to the cuffs, such as puff sleeves, to add a touch of girly style.

3. Leather jacket + pleated skirt

In recent years, the dress of the mother MAN has become popular, obviously the pleated skirt can not create a handsome and aura, so to use a personalized leather clothing to match, leather clothes with pleated skirts are very stylish, any way to match it is good-looking, you can also add a little leopard print to be more wild.

This season, wear a “pleated skirt” to break the convention and create a more innovative outfit!