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Autumn has passed, and although the temperature in the southern region is still high during the day, you can already feel a little cooler at night. For northern cities, I am afraid that it is necessary to prepare winter equipment to protect against the cold. In addition to thick coats, close-fitting underwear is also one of the most popular clothing items in winter.

However, in the face of a variety of underwear categories on the market, many consumers must have made it difficult to choose. So, how to choose underwear? Let’s take a look together.

One. Look at the fabric

As we all know, the quality of the fabric determines the comfort of the garment. As intimate clothing, comfort is even more important.

In the current underwear market, the most common fabrics are modal cotton, pure cotton and wool. Modal cotton has a soft touch and good elasticity, and is one of the fabrics suitable for underwear. However, for consumers with sensitive skin, modal cotton is processed with chemical fiber, and allergies may occur. Although wool fabric has better warmth and skin-friendliness, it is more expensive for ordinary people.

Compared to modal cotton, pure cotton fabric is more skin-friendly, even for sensitive skin. In terms of price, pure cotton fabrics are closer to the people than wool fabrics and are suitable for the needs of most consumers.

The new underwear of the cotton era adheres to the concept of brand cotton, and uses high-content cotton to achieve a skin-friendly effect. Among them, the herbal cotton underwear is made of plant antibacterial herbal cotton, which meets the comfort and has antibacterial effect at the same time, caring for the health of consumers.

Two. Look at the design

For the new generation of consumers, underwear is no longer the inner item in the mouth of the older generation, it should have a certain sense of fashion. Therefore, in addition to looking at the fabric, the design of underwear also needs attention.

In the past, underwear had stitching marks on the sleeves, neckline, and sides. People with sensitive skin tend to feel uncomfortable. The collar, cuffs and hem of the new non-marking cotton underwear of the cotton era are directly cut without stitching, just like the second skin of the human body. Even a tight knit won’t show embarrassing marks.

In addition, many underwear on the market has long sleeves and small necklines, which is prone to embarrassing scenes of exposed underwear. In response to this situation, the new herbal cotton underwear of the cotton era uses a round neck and 9-point sleeve design, which cleverly avoids the pain points that consumers are worried about.

Three. Look at the brand

Presumably, many consumers have seen the production environment of clothing, and underwear as intimate clothing, the production environment requirements are more important. Compared with some unknown brands, the production process of well-known brands is more standardized. For example, Cotton Times has always been striving for quality improvement, not only has a complete quality management system, but also has a perfect whole-process testing system. The underwear produced in this environment can meet the standards of underwear whether it is breathable or skin-friendly, making people feel more at ease.

The above are 3 tips for choosing underwear, I believe it can help you relieve the difficulty of choosing and choose the underwear that suits you. In addition, underwear as intimate clothing, remember to change frequently.