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Attention car owners! To buy an electric car, you should avoid these 3 business routines, including “lost car compensation”

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Electric vehicles have become the first choice for people to travel short distances, because the price of this vehicle is relatively low when buying, it is not easy to jam traffic when traveling, it is convenient to find parking spaces when parking, the cost of use is relatively low, and it is welcomed by car owners, and the sales of electric vehicles are getting higher and higher. However, now there are more businesses selling electric vehicles, profit margins are more transparent, in order to be able to pursue higher profits, some businesses will earn profits through routines, so when buying electric vehicles, it is necessary to avoid these three business routines in time, including car compensation.

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This is a video that has been popular on the Internet platform in recent days, Mr. Zhang of Wuhan, Hubei Province bought Yadi electric car, and purchased insurance for lost car compensation at that time, but when the vehicle was lost, according to the relevant requirements of Yadea, all the materials were prepared, the original price of 3500 yuan of electric car only paid 2699 yuan, Yadi’s reply is that according to the new and old degree of electric vehicles and regional deductibles, only pay such a high price, can not fully compensate.

The literal meaning of lost car compensation, I believe that many people’s understanding is that after the vehicle is lost, it will be responsible for paying for an identical vehicle, which seems to be very good business marketing, but after the loss of the car, often can not get full compensation, some even can not pay, often in the end is time-consuming and laborious more troublesome.

Lost car compensation is a marketing routine of merchants, in order to be able to allow users to buy a vehicle, choose to lose the car can be compensated, but in case of losing the car, they will have a variety of excuses, such as the need to file with the company within 24 hours, the need to have complete car purchase materials, the need to have a local report receipt certificate, etc., set a lot of compensation thresholds, so that the owner finally does not do.

When buying an electric car, the merchant let the purchase of lost car compensation insurance, many merchants are to earn this profit, not really want to lose your car compensation, after the loss of the car, will be prevaricated for various reasons, so do not believe this kind of business routine, but when using electric vehicles or to put in a safe place, timely lock the car is fundamental.

In addition to the business routine of losing the car package compensation, there are two common business routines when buying electric vehicles in normal times, and car owners should also avoid them in time when buying electric vehicles.

1. Double warranty for electric vehicles

When the owner buys an electric car, some businesses in order to be able to let the owner buy a vehicle, often choose electric vehicle double warranty, we know that the warranty of electric vehicles is often one year, from the date of purchase, within one year is free replacement, merchants claim double warranty, let the owner feel that the vehicle can be guaranteed for two years, giving people an illusion of reliable quality of electric vehicles.

In fact, the warranty of electric vehicles is correspondingly stipulated, not the warranty of electric vehicles, but the main spare parts of electric vehicles, such as electric vehicle motors, controllers, batteries, frames, etc., in fact, now with the development of technology, the motor of electric vehicles is normal for 10 years no problem, the controller can also be used for more than three years, although the battery is a vulnerable accessory, but normal use of 1~2 years is no problem.

In addition to the above main spare parts that are not easy to damage, some wearing parts are not guaranteed, such as electric vehicle tires, brakes, reflectors, handlebars, etc., these spare parts have problems, the owner also needs to spend money to replace, so the double warranty of electric vehicles is just a gimmick, is a business publicity routine, and has no practical meaning.

2. Electric vehicles are trade-in

When buying electric vehicles, trade-in is the most common way, such as the original can not be used electric vehicles, or eliminated over-standard electric vehicles for old trade-in, sell old electric vehicles to businesses, some businesses even claim that old electric vehicles can be worth 1,000 yuan in cash, do not think that their old electric vehicles sold at a high price, in fact, this is still a business sales routine.

As the saying goes: wool is out of the sheep, no matter how much cash your old electric car can be worth, the merchant will never give your new electric car to you for nothing, but the price of the new electric vehicle is increased in disguise, such as the price of its own new electric vehicle is 3600 yuan, when using the old trade-in method, the merchant will raise the new electric car by 1000 yuan, even if your old electric car 1000 yuan in cash, you still 3600 yuan to buy a new electric car, but also give their old electric car to the merchant for nothing, The electric car itself can only be 200~500 yuan, so that the merchant has an extra few hundred yuan of profit.

Therefore, when using electric vehicles to trade in old ones, don’t just listen to the merchant say how much the old electric car can be sold for, but more importantly, confirm the sales price of the new electric vehicle, so that it will not be tricked by the business. Often when using trade-in, merchants will not recommend large brand vehicles, because the price of these vehicles is transparent, but will recommend some small brands of three or four lines, so that there will be higher profits.

When we replace electric vehicles, especially when buying electric vehicles in the old trade-in method, we must keep abreast of the price of new cars and the price of old electric vehicles, so that it is not easy to be tricked by merchants.


Although it is said that buying is not as good as selling, as long as we buy electric vehicles, we only need to pay attention to the above three types of business routines, we can reduce the possibility of being routine, and at the same time, when buying vehicles, try to choose big brands, read more relevant evaluation information of the vehicle on the Internet, timely understand the performance and price of the vehicle, and do it in their hearts, and will not be routined by merchants.

So, what other business routines do you think there are when buying electric vehicles? Welcome to leave a comment

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