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Lord Fan said: The new bag is coming~

Fall/Winter 2020 Fashion Week is drawing to a close.

In the past two days, Fan Lord wrote about the show-watching styles of male stars, and they all fought one by one, wearing big-name new clothes and eye-catching accessories, contributing a lot of hot searches.

And the new season items at Fashion Week also have a lot of highlights, especially the new men’s bags, many of which have new trends and keep up with the trend~

What do the big brand new men’s bags look like in 2020? Let’s take a look with Lord Fan today~

——I’m the dividing line——

● Box bag ●

Retro resurgence, hard shape, angular “small bags”, the status of the fashion circle is getting higher and higher, and many big brands are out in 2020~


LV’s small hard box Petite Malle, which has been popular since its launch, has remained hot. The new small hard box material is even more special, with this wood grain and metal material, very delicate.

If you feel that the upper model is too high-profile, and this solid leather bag, it will be more suitable for men’s backs. The left side is equipped with LV decorative buckle with high recognition, and the right side has a gradient color matching, which looks more distinctive.

It is worth mentioning that the new LV series is based on the theme of “Heaven on Earth”, blue sky and white cloud elements are essential, so you can also see blue and white leather cases in the new model, full of dream~


Dior, starting with the launch of the joint capsule series with RIMOWA last year, also has this small hard box, which has both RIMOWA’s signature groove and Dior’s classic Oblique old flower, which is very eye-catching.

In the fall/winter 2020 collection, Dior came out with his own hard box items, such as the cutout bag below, silver metal texture, handbag on the left, and a more mini headphone bag on the right, the design is more eye-catching.

This series also has a small leather square box bag, which is small in style and has a metal buckle, like a cute “cigarette box”~


Gucci also loves to go retro, and in the new collection for 2020, there are these small leather bags of different sizes, which can be crossed diagonally or carried in a variety of colors.

On the show, these two “cookie boxes” also successfully attracted the attention of Fan Lord, the color matching was small and fresh, and the brand logo and cartoon pattern were printed on one side, feeling that they could be carried home immediately for the New Year~

In addition to small bags, the hard leather case in the hands of the model on the runway is also very attractive, with old flower patchwork, and there is a yellow font marked “FAKE” on one side, and the brain hole is very large, worthy of Gucci.


In comparison, Valentino’s new small bags are cleaner overall. Embellished with floral elements, the bag has a boxy shape that is sophisticated but doesn’t look too feminine.

The same style also has black and other print patterns, simple and high-end design, suitable for men who love to walk all black style in daily wear, and can instantly touch the eye~


Another fairy brand Fendi also came out of a small bag in the new season, and I tasted it first, is there a feeling of carrying the commodity box on the body~

The new season of Fendi has a lot of bags, materials and sizes, simple design, men’s back neat and stylish.

Fan also found that this handbag, the all-black color scheme is very low-key, the volume and capacity are more practical and can be installed, and business elites can also control it.


Dunhill, who has always been a business style, also has a box bag in the new men’s bag, and the two shapes below are very exquisite, and the brass metal parts add a retro feeling.

These two are a bit like a leather case for red wine, with metal buckles on the edges, and can be crossed diagonally when tired of handwriting, which is relatively practical.


The new BV has changed from a design director to a younger style, and there are also small luggage styles in the new men’s bags. For example, this classic woven bag, shiny calfskin has a high-end texture, with a silver metal frame is also relatively low-key, and it is cool to carry.

This unisex style small handbag and hand-held hard bag can also be carried by men, both of which are quite BV characteristics, very low-key and stylish.


Leather goods brand Berluti also produced small bags, which are co-branded with the British handmade luggage brand Globe-Trotter, and the surface is made of the newly released Monogram print, and the painting style is quite suitable for business people.

In addition to the hand suitcase, there are also shoulder bags and mini handbags, Peng Yuyan carried this mini handbag when he watched the show a few days ago, which is fashionable and not obtrusive.

In addition, the new series also has a more special shape of flat box bags and backpacks, one like a medicine box and one like a shoe box, which feels very weighty to carry ~

● Mother-daughter pack ●

If small waist bags were popular last year, then 2020 is more popular to combine multiple waist bags, coin purses, and handbags together, and the sense of shape will be stronger~

In the spring/summer 2020 collection released by LV last winter, there is a three-in-one multi pochette bag, a shoulder bag + handbag + coin purse combination is very interesting, many star bloggers have a body.

In the fall/winter 2020 collection, men’s bags also continued this trend, and this CP combination of briefcase and handbag appeared on the runway, flexible in disassembly, using old flowers to block colors, fashionable just right.

This one is also very unique, fresh and bright blue sky and white cloud color matching, the bag can also be freely combined and disassembled, more suitable for concave shape.

In the new model, this handbag with a combination effect is also worth paying attention to, although the round pouch cannot be removed separately, but it adds highlights ~

In Dior’s new series, there are also many sub-mother bags. Let’s take a look at the overall style, the shape of large bags and small bags is the same, from saddle bags, cross-body bags to handbags.

In the new series, this patent leather small belt bag is more eye-catching, the two bags are suspended side by side, and the two-in-one design has a variety of uses.

This one also has a brown color, which is more important and lively, and the fashion index is higher.


Although Prada does not have a mother-and-daughter bag design in the fall/winter 2020 collection, there are still bags that can be combined and disassembled in the spring/summer collection. For example, the Re-Edition nylon bag, Jin Xiaomei and Hailey Bieber have been the first to put on their backs.

In Prada’s 2020 New Year Gift, the colorful nylon shoulder bag launched is also a combination design of the mother and daughter bag, similar to the Cambridge bag’s clamshell design is very retro tone, with a mobile phone bag, the overall eye-catching.

The same black style was also carried by the owner of Fan not long ago, and the girl’s back is not against the peace, and there is a bit of a cool feeling~

The two bags in Prada’s New Year’s gift are also similar designs, and the company’s friends wear them together after they start, whether they carry a large bag alone or with a coin purse, they all have a sense of premium.


There are also a number of high-street brands that have similar combo styles in this year’s fall/winter collection. For example, in Loewe’s new bag, there is a combination of sub-mother bags, and it is also made into a shawl style, which is not clear.

In Amiri’s new products, there are also similar styles, shaped like two mobile phone bags, one left and one right is very harvesty, suitable for playing mahjong at home during the Spring Festival ~

There is also Sacai, which connects two small cloth bags into a waist bag, the whole is very spring wind, and I am no longer afraid of not enough pockets~

The same style also has a deep check color scheme, which is suitable for men who usually wear dark clothing, and the painting style is not as jumpy as the pink model.

● Vintage cross-body bag ●

In the new collections of each brand in 2020, there are also a variety of cross-body bags. This year, there are more retro styles, and some have played the minimalist route.

Gucci’s satchel has an elegant curve and a horseshoe buckle on one side, which even the company’s sister JS says is very grassy.

The same bag type also has a reading flower color, the style is more retro, but it will be easy to look like a grandmother bag if it is not matched well.


In Loewe’s new collection, this one also takes the nostalgic route, with a look inspired by his classic Gate saddle bag, decorated with a bow bag with a playful and recognizable buckle.

His balloon bag has also been very popular in the past two years, and the new model has become an all-black color scheme, the capacity is large enough, and the men’s back can also be simple without losing the sense of premium.


Although Bally did not participate in the Fall/Winter Fashion Week this time, this spring/summer collection is quite grassy, the bag shape is simple and stylish, and the metal buckle is very textured.

This messenger bag is also very young, the bag cover has a handle to carry by hand, and the orange strap is also very eye-catching~


In the past two years, the super popular southern French designer brand Jacquemus on ins, the new season also released men’s cross-body bags, all of which are high-grade Morandi colors, and the short shoulder straps are between chest bags and cross-body bags.

Because of the quilted decoration, the overall look is fashionable and age-reducing, but it is also quite a test of wearing.


And Hermès’ new season of men’s bags are minimalist. Like this shoulder bag of the same color, it is relatively light and thin, and the shape is a bit like a high-end version of the “plastic bag”.

The model also carried it inside the clothes, which seemed to be warm and windproof~

☞Acne Studios、Paul Smith、Sunnei

In addition, Acne Studios, a light luxury brand from Sweden, also released two cross-body bags for the new season, one bucket-shaped, one wide shoulder strap, light and bright.

Paul Smith also has a small satchel, which is relatively small, but if it can only hold a mobile phone, it will be a bit chicken for many men.

There is also Italian brand Sunnei, the new cross-body bag looks like a toiletry bag, and the shoulder strap can be removed, and a pack of dual-use can be added points.

● Large tote bag ●

Finally, let’s talk about the large handbag, which is the most practical for men, and many brands are also changing their patterns~

☞ Pretend to be a large “shopping bag”

Valentino’s new tote bag, printed with branded lettering, is highly recognizable and practical.

Fendi is also making a large tote bag into a shopping bag style, with a classic yellow and black color scheme, which looks like it just came out of the store from afar~

Sunnei’s one, in addition to its own brand name printed on one side, also has Valextra, in fact, the two will start co-branding from February this year~

☞ Minimalist style

There are also some brands of handbags with decent styles, but there are still points to watch. LV’s can only be freely combined in small packets, which is low-key and interesting.

Hermès these two adhere to the simple style, the left side with embroidery, the right side with studs, platinum bags can also become cool cover in a second~

Lanvin’s two are very capable, resembling platinum bags, and the leather looks relatively hard.

Jacquemus’ handbags, on the other hand, can be carried by hand and shoulder, and come with long shoulder straps that can be carried over one shoulder in a variety of ways.

In addition, although BV did not participate in fashion week this time, the handbag details of the new 2020 collection are still sufficient. The left side of the picture below can be stored into a handbag, which is very convenient, and the right side has a simple design and soft leather, which is suitable for men’s travel.

In the autumn and winter collection, there is also this handbag with more obvious woven elements, fluffy and soft like a big bread, and it feels very good for concave styling~

——- ending dividing line——-

Well, after watching so many big-name new season bags, which one is the most grassy for fans, hurry up to leave a message to share~

The picture is from the Internet, and part from Visual China

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