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“Chihiro New Pose” Chihiro Star Moment SR2 guidance video (3) point correction

Chihiro Star Moment SR2

Qianxun Star Moment SR2 professional-grade GNSS receiver is the first Beidou high-precision RTK measurement receiver product that supports the Qianxun Sky Sound Project and has satellite-ground fusion positioning capabilities, which can realize single-machine centimeter-level positioning in the coverage area of Qianxun’s location service, allowing you to “one machine” in hand and travel all over the world! This product has been built-in for 1 year Qianxun FindCM network RTK service (NOSR). This article will give you a detailed instructional video of the Chihiro Star Moment SR2.

Point correction

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For more information about Chihiro SR2, please visit the hardware store on the official website of Chihiro Location.

Chihiro Star Moment SR2 instructional video

(1) Service registration and binding

(2) Network RTK connection

(3) Point correction

(4) Road design line element method

(5) Road design intersection method

(6) Account search

(7) Project Guide

(8) One-click export and import

(9) File Transfer

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