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Good-looking tea packaging

In addition to giving tea itself a new meaning and temperament

Users are also increasingly valued

The gift and collection value of tea ceremonies

Collected some today

Chinese tea packaging

Compared to the usual style design

The use of color

It has also become a major attraction of tea packaging

Let’s enjoy it


Gong San Tea Room

via: mg

The logo is designed with a hot stamping process

The dark green gift box shows the quality and sense of age

Creates a more vivid color collision

It doesn’t look too monotonous

Pull open the gift box

Inside are four individually wrapped tea cans

Categories are distinguished by different color logos

Continuing the brand’s tonality

One step further

Enriches the packaging vision

The whole is dark green as the brand identity

It is different from the traditional Chinese tea gift box packaging

A little more calm, restrained and heavy

Xirui Centennial Tea

via: Design between

If you say that the tea ceremony of the palace three tea room is a stable style

Then this Xirui century-old tea is based on

A noble purple hue

Interpret the low-key and noble product temperament

on the gift box

Double phoenix pattern

Inspired by Chairman Jiang Zibiao


“Ruifang Tea Estate Double Phoenix Trademark Name Tea Box”

It is used in the packaging of Xirui’s century-old tea ceremony

It adds a fuller and deeper cultural heritage

The way to open the box with double openers

in order to

Red copper stereo hot stamping logo

is the demarcation

It complements the purple background perfectly

Full of ritual

The three-can pack is a careful consideration for the gift box setting


The philosophy of “one life two, two lives three, three lives all things”

Extract ideas

Both express the brand

A never-ending vision of development

The three-can box also meets the different needs of consumers

Greatly increase usage

Spring Mountain Lingyan – Junpin Rock Tea

via: Designed by Chen Liangping

The last rock tea gift box with “bamboo” as the main element

The green color of bamboo subtly brings out the character of bamboo

Supplemented by thin but tall

Thousand-knotted bamboo leaf diagram

You can feel it visually

Arrogant and transparent

And on the green envelope

Added a bamboo outline icon outlined by geometric lines

The same double opening design

Give consumers more surprises in the unboxing process

The side of the gift box is to

The principle of repetition

Bamboo details are outlined with combined lines of varying lengths

Create a unique sensory experience

It also further echoes the product theme

Expand the gift box

The inner seal is still one

Complete bamboo forest diagram

The dim yellow hue sets off the sense of age

Tea drinking has also become more ambitious~