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Recently, the weather is cold and hot. In front of the door, I always think about the wardrobe with the shoe cabinet for a long time, so the woman will always have a piece of clothes / shoes (feed ~)

I have organized a few pairs of boots today, suitable for the weather from now ~ all the way to spring and have no feelings (* ˘) ˘ *) .. .: * ♡ ♡ 看!

1. Hundreds of facial car lines with boots


Between the retro design is very popular, this milk tea tone is more classic, can wear from the winter to spring.


7 cm design draws long legs, simple with a piece of dress is very good.

2. Thick Chelsea in the boots

Don’t forget the most popular Chelsea boots this year’s autumn and winter


I accidentally collected a pair of black and white (手)

This bottom is a sawtooth, very good


And the leather is also very quite, it is definitely a good friend of spring


If the little legs are comparable to the girl, wearing this Chinese boots can be well modified with calf meat.

3. Hierarchical hierarchical thick bottom Chelsea boots

The second double Chelsea boots introduced


This pair is very cute, the rounded shoe is equipped with a sawtooth thick, so that you can easily increase 4 cm, high / small girls are very suitable

There is a hierarchy in the design, and the first brown is pushed.

4. Poinseng West Boots

This pair of western boots are really great (screaming!)

The girl’s girl can also control


The V-shaped opening design is very thin, the inner zipper is easy to pass away.


(Silent receiving list …)

5. Horse buckle 2Way flat Loofeng shoes


Finally, I want to recommend it to everyone, I’m a four seasons.

Metal horse ball buckle, can be sweet

It is also suitable for office / students that need commute / health.

I’m going to wear this pair when I go to the stairs.



I wish you all the fairy people find their own winter cross-spring.

Then 99 (1 • Ω • 1) 6 [Heart]