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According to the creative design changes of the same tourism cave lighting theme culture in different periods, this paper analyzes how the cave culture creativity combined with modern technology and aesthetic art innovates and inherits the cave culture, so as to provide reference for the creative design of the future tourism cave lighting theme culture, and make a modest contribution to promoting the development of cave cultural tourism.

1. Domestic tourism cave lighting theme cultural design development

With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more tourism resources have been developed and protected, and many caves have been rediscovered and developed as tourist landscapes. China’s cave tourist attractions are increasing, cave lighting combined with modern technology and aesthetic art is changing day by day – from simple cave lighting to programmatic control cave lighting to today’s acousto-optic dynamic lighting theme cultural creative cave lighting. However, in the contemporary development of caves, the creative planning of cave lighting culture has not been closely linked with the local customs, history and culture, and lacks the characteristics of cave tourism, resulting in few repeat customers, sluggish growth in tourist times, and increasingly depressed cave operation. Today, according to the analysis of the creative design and transformation cases of two cave lighting theme cultures in Lingqi Cave, Jiande City, Zhejiang Province, we understand the changes in the creative planning of cave lighting theme culture in different periods.

2. Creative design of Lingqi cave lighting theme culture in 2009

2.1 Cave lighting concept

Lingqi Cave is composed of three caves of Lingquan, Qingfeng, Misty Cloud and Lingqi Stone Forest, each with its own characteristics – Lingquan Cave is known for its water; Qingfeng Cave wins with wind; The misty cave is known for its clouds and mist, which are designed with three major cave lighting themes: Lingshui Weilan, Wind and Clouds, and Xingluo Yunbu, linking the name of the cave and highlighting the three characteristics of “water, wind, and clouds”, and at the same time, you can feel that each independent cave has an acoustic and photoelectric effect to reflect its inherent regional characteristics. The “new, strange, and special” cave lighting effect strives to create a picturesque artistic conception of Lingqi Cave, allowing visitors to get away from the noisy noise of the city and enjoy an otherworldly and back-to-basics feeling.

2.2 Cave lighting landscape

Lingshui Slight – entering the entrance of Lingquan Cave is a soft blue-green light of a waterway, and the boat ride is babbling guzheng, beautiful and thick, crisp flowing, reflection and confusion, and feel the spiritual beauty of the water in the cave. The lighting design of the cave in the cave is combined with the local customs, seeking rain and magnificent scenery, hearing the sound of drums, and stalagmite monuments faintly appearing; “Welcome to the birthday”, yellow light renders pictogram stalagmites, the background color is set off by a comprehensive color, and the “birthday star” is lifelike; “Fairy Dancing Stage” fairies dance under the dancing cave lights, and the blurry and hazy dark blue light at its water source evokes the endless reverie of the source. The exit of the cave has many and steep steps, with the fun of local Wu opera, interesting Wu opera talks, and skillfully solves the boredom of picking up the steps.

The wind rises and clouds – into the Qingfeng Cave entrance luminous floor tiles, engraved with a variety of ancient “wind” characters, once entering the Qingfeng Cave, all four senses feel the wind. The cave lights are the red flame of the “torch welcome”, the peculiarity of the “white jade screen”, and the realism of the “thousand milk lotus”. From the middle of the cave to the “Southern Spring Morning”, the green cave lights are beautifully rendered in comprehensive colors, and the stone mantle stalagmites reflect the water, sighing at the beautiful scenery of the south of the river. When you suddenly step on the observation deck, you can see the waterfall falling from the sky, splashing water vapor in all directions, and experiencing a stormy smell. The more interesting “Auspicious Ruyi Hall” interactive cave lights are immediately on, the mascot appears with the explanation, and the back lights are bright, and the strange stones in the hall come into view. The cave lighting of optical fibers and star lamps on the glass roof seems to find the vast sea of stars in the heart.

Star Luoyunbu – the first red light of the misty cloud cave highlights the height and straightness of the stalagmite of the “Dinghai God Needle”, and the colorful and colorful cave lights on the roof of the cave are reflected in the pool. The guidance of the street light went down to the glass observation deck, the lights were extinguished, the sound of heaven floated in the ears, shrouded in stars, in the starry sky, comprehending the mystery of the universe and the tranquility of the cave at this moment, suddenly the beam of light struck, breaking the original tranquility, two dragon pillars loomed in the sea of clouds, mountains and fog, bright starry sky and dynamic beams. The design of the cave here is intended to create a dreamlike artistic conception that is both true and false, with the music fading, the beam disappears, and the time and space tunnel extends, making people feel as if they are intoxicated by reality and fantasy.

3. Creative design of Lingqi cave cave lighting theme culture in 2019

3.1 Cave lighting concept

Relying on the characteristics of “water, wind and cloud” of Lingqi Cave, three themed cave designs are created. Lingquan dream begins – water transport all things born, water forest is full of everything, the lake light and water color are reverie, water is the source, and dream birth, light waves, sparkling, beautiful; Clear breeze and flowing water – learn to clean the breeze and blow people’s hearts. Suddenly, the dawn wind rises, and the water is transported for thousands of miles. The cool breeze is a sword light, like the demons and monsters on the West Heavenly Road, who has no storm, only by riding the wind and breaking the waves, can the clouds be seen; The mist goes straight up – the clouds and mist will eventually disperse, and only when the clouds open and see the moon can you soar straight up, gallop across the sea, go to the sky and enter the sea, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the world, and enjoy the true love of the world.

3.2 Cave lighting landscape

Stone creatures shoots, flowers falling in the spring – as soon as you enter the Lingquan Cave, you will see the ingenious “water curtain hanging curtain”, the development of the cave cleverly uses the water in the cave, the water points and drops in the cliff, the mouth of the cave creates a water curtain effect, the cave lighting combined with the sensor switch, as soon as the boat approaches, the water curtain automatically closes, as if “the blessed land of Huaguo Mountain, the water curtain cave cave sky”. Walking to the middle, is a “Lingqi Dream” real scene image, nine curves and five pools between the light boat rippling, the top of the cave dotted with stars and cave lights like onyx, the water is like a white lotus open, a faint glow of towering ancient trees hanging above the starry sky, branches bowing down in the water stone, the bitter taste of cypress leaves, butterflies shining gold, sparkling water, the ghost light swaying all things, a curtain of night to the dream. According to legend, whenever the villagers under Lingqi Cave encountered a severe drought, they went into the cave to pray for rain, and for three days, they got rain. The deep room of the rafting is to simulate the scene of the ancients seeking rain, the optical fiber bundle of the cave lighting is hanging down, looking like a rain falling star from afar, boating through the rain in the water, you can touch the optical fiber rain, which is very interesting. Walking to the entrance of the cave is “step by step lotus”, walking on the long steps, the luminous interactive floor tiles ripple, lotus flowers blooming, quite interesting, and with the cheerful song of “White Dragon Horse, Hoof facing West” to relieve the fatigue of tourists climbing the steps. The cave on the way out of the cave is designed with a statue of Guanyin, using yellow warm light cave lighting to show the Buddha’s light artistic conception, and stalactites next to it project purple-red lights, etc., to create the effect of the South China Sea purple bamboo forest. A coin sensor system is set up in front of the statue, and after the visitor drops the coin, the statue lights up and makes a sound: “Good, good”, and visitors can be blessed for a lifetime.

The warm breeze blows in winter, and the sun is like fire in summer – Qingfeng Cave focuses on “Journey to the West”, the entrance of the cave is deep and dark, and the roof of the cave is illuminated with the fluorescent painting “Journey to the West”, evoking the childhood memories of generations of people, for tourists to watch and illuminate their way forward. Walking to the “Thousand Breasts Stacked Lotus”, the top of the cave is cleverly opened up in pieces of lotus petals, opening up a way forward, walking under the lotus road, leading to the next wonderful situation. To the “South China Sea Spring Morning” here, stalactites stand dazzlingly, as if hanging in the sky, gorgeous cave lights are projected onto the throne of the Bull Demon King and the Iron Fan Princess, next to the induction system, when sitting up, the throne will glow brightly, the 86th edition of Journey to the West’s “Mistakenly Entered the Little Lei Yin Temple” was filmed here – the yellow-browed monster stole the Qiankun bag of the Taishang Laojun, transformed into a Buddha, lured the Tang monk to be deceived, buckled Wukong into the golden bowl, and the vivid scene of the Tang monk and others being captured is vividly remembered. The next cave lighting landscape is the “thousand-year-old peach forest”, the stone milk looks like a fairy peach hanging on the wall, the cave development designer uses red and green light projection, as if the peach forest of the queen mother is ripening and tempting to pick. This inevitably reminds people of Sun Wukong’s big peach gala back then, stealing the elixir of fairy peaches, and accidentally getting the golden eye of fire, helping him see the demons and monsters on the road to the Western Heaven and overcome many calamities. The large-scale real image of the cave lighting design in the middle of the cave tells the origin of Sun Wukong’s Huaguo Mountain Water Curtain Cave. The source of the cave is also a cave lighting landscape “Sending Zi Guanyin”, “Fifty-three Ginseng” and “Four Gods Beasts” that are in line with local history and legends.

In the light of the winter morning rain – the cave lighting at the mouth of the misty cave creates the “Gate of South Heaven”, which is the road to the Heavenly Palace, through which visitors will lead to the next magical world. Here, stalactites are staggered into a hole, wisps of white clouds rise at the mouth of the cave, and the cave developers cleverly use the brilliant lights of the distant scenery to create the grandeur of the South Heavenly Gate. Walking to the cave, it can be seen that the cave here is naturally a pool of water, and the stone milk on the water bank is coincidentally formed from the top of the cave and the stone pillar penetrates into the bottom of the cave, stable as Mount Tai. The lighting design of the cave roof is a sparkling projection, and at the same time, golden light is used to project stone pillars to reflect the water, creating a scene of “the world of the South Sea Dragon Palace, the needle of the sea god standing”. The Dinghai God Needle of the South Sea Dragon Palace is also known as the “Ruyi Golden Hoop Stick”, and Sun Wukong relied on this magic weapon to kill demons and remove demons on the way to the West Heaven Scriptures. The only cave in the sea is also the only cave, and the roof of the “Guanghan Immortal Palace” here is developed and designed with white cloud starry sky projection, with light projection, to create the beautiful scenery of Guanghan Palace. Surrounded by clouds and mist, the vast starry sky twinkles, and pedestrians are like in the mist, as if they can see the vast cold fairy scenery. “Panlong Double Pillars” adopts modern cave lighting technology to create a large-scale real-life image, microwave ripples, sparkling water light, reflecting the entwined cloud dragon, lifelike, telling the origin of the “Panlong Double Pillar” of the gate of the South China Sea. The cave lighting design has a virtual interactive landscape “seven steps on auspicious clouds”, here the cave design steps on the auspicious cloud game – after the tourists drop coins, the induction system is turned on, and the tourists walk in the virtual interactive place created by the cave lights, auspicious clouds emerge, people can randomly step on the auspicious clouds, the auspicious clouds scatter, and the lucky ones can step on the corresponding prizes. As we all know, auspicious clouds symbolize auspicious clouds, the colorful clouds driven by legendary gods. Tourists stepping on auspicious clouds can get auspicious qi and bless their safety. A short underground world tour will end, the exit of the cave looks like two stone pillars entangled from the bottom of the cave, a pair of lovers look at each other and tell each other, so the cave lighting here combines local historical legends – a local couple of lovers who fell in love but were opposed by their families, eloped to the cave, hugged each other and died, turning into two stone pillars in the cave. They agreed to reincarnate their lover, and saw that this stone pillar had something to respond to, so that they could continue the frontier. The whimsy of the cave developers gives people a good hope to end this fantastic cave journey.

4. The importance of creative design of cave lighting theme culture

Cave resources have three typical characteristics: ubiquity, similarity and substitution, but the resources are limited and the creativity is infinite. Creativity is the core strength of cave lighting design and an important driving force for the generation and development of cave tourism. With the development of cave lighting technology and the transformation of people’s aesthetic understanding, cultural creativity has changed, adhering to the inheritance of local customs, historical legends and culture, the two periods of cave lighting cultural creativity has its own characteristics of the times, cave development designers have created a novel, exclusive, and unique cave theme cultural creativity, so that Lingqi cave has different attractions in different periods. This is also the embodiment of the creative landscape of cave lighting is the establishment process, without controlling the end product, learning to look at everything with the perspective of development, and not taking the creative planning of tourism cave development as a fait accompli once and for all. On the contrary, the times are changing, and only by exploring the cultural creativity of cave lighting theme with the perspective of discovery and creativity can tourists truly understand the cave culture, inherit and promote the local culture, and drive the growth of the cave tourism economy.

If you want to learn more about the creative design analysis of the cave lighting theme culture, stay tuned for the next article.

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