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Many people think that short legs are not suitable for wearing high-top shoes, which makes sense, high-top shoes are easy to make your legs shorter, but you can try mid-top shoes, and then make a reasonable match, which is also very good and does not show short legs.

Today’s Topic:

How should I pair my boots with pants?


Pairing Recommendations:

1. Top [sweatshirt + lamb fleece jacket]

2. Bottoms [striped slacks]

3. Shoes [high-top boots]

4. Color [off-white + gray + black]

5. Matching skills

(1) The letters on the chest of the sweatshirt make the upper body match richer, but not too monotonous; The hem is slightly longer than the coat and has a sense of layering; Black adds personality and calmness, accentuating the bright coat.

(2) The lamb fleece coat has an asymmetrical collar, which is warm and personal, attracting attention.

(3) Striped casual cropped pants are slightly wet, and the legs and shoes just touch and connect, modifying the long leg effect, but the little friends with short legs try not to choose high-top shoes.

(4) High-top boots show the mature and attractive side of men.

6. Features [personality, slightly trendy, attractive]

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