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What to wear in cool weather? Wear a good-looking wool sweater in the spring to be beautiful on the street, the following Xiaobian brings you a variety of 2016 spring new wool sweaters, sweet and versatile wool sweaters, beautiful outfits rely on it!

〓Spring 2016 New Cardigan 1〓

——【Bow Doll Collar Cardigan】

Price: 209 yuan

The new spring 2016 cardigan for elegant ladies, the doll collar design is playful but sweet, the decoration with a bow adds sweetness, and the slim fit looks thin and very casual.

〓Spring 2016 New Cardigan 2〓

——【Wooden ear stand collar cardigan】

This new stand collar cardigan for spring 2016, sweet wood ear stand collar design temperament is soft and not tight, slim fit design makes you thin and non-stop ~ wearing the inside alone is very fashionable and good-looking.

〓Spring 2016 New Cardigan 3〓

——【Doll collar embroidered diamond cardigan】

Price: 158 yuan

The sweet and versatile spring new lace cardigan, the doll collar with embroidered diamond elements is more dazzling, the double-hemmed umbrella skirt is sweet and eye-catching, no matter how you wear it.

〓Spring 2016 New Cardigan 4〓

——【Lapel check cardigan】

Price: 79 yuan

A must-have for ladies in the spring 2016 new cardigan, the lapel design is sweet and stylish, and the pop elements of the check are versatile and atmospheric, simply wearing feminine.

〓Spring 2016 New Cardigan 5〓

——【Solid color slim sweater】

Price: 388 yuan

Simple and versatile spring new wool sweater, solid color is more sweet and versatile, classic H shape is very slim and stylish, stretch body does not pick the figure Oh, 2016 spring must-have!

After reading the above new spring 2016 cardigan, which style do you think is more attractive to you? Let’s go home!

Price: 209 yuan