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Taking the baby out and eating is a top priority.


The child should make milk powder

Minutes away from the hot water collapsed

Count the bumps encountered on the road to milking:

During the conversion of pure milk powder, I brought boxed milk when I went out to play during a small long holiday.

The baby is not comfortable outside, begins to sleep, and is unwilling to drink canned milk, so she must drink bottle milk.

The temperature of the water in the baby water cup could not flush the milk powder, so I could only ask the waiter for warm water, but the restaurant did not have it, and finally poured a cup of hot water.

Holding the cup back and forth to cool down the hot water, the child was crying next to his heart, listening to the brain pain. What can be done?

Take the baby out, one

Useful thermostat

It is very important, today the house sir to recommend to everyone –

Daewoo portable thermostatic milk cup

It both is

Hot water cup



, Mothers can easily reduce the burden while still solving the problem of difficulty in making milk.

With it, the problem of drinking water and soaking milk when taking the baby out can basically be easily solved.

【Daewoo portable constant temperature milk cup】

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Compared to traditional milk blenders, it

No need to plug in to heat up

It’s OK

Adjust the temperature

The baby is hungry, so there is no time to boil water, wait for water, mix water and other processes.

37°C-50°C temperature control

, drink as many degrees as you want,

More suitable for carrying on the go

It is no exaggeration to say that usually

When the thermos cup is brought to the gym

, In the gym, many people came to ask the house sir for a link.

Wireless heating, easy to solve the problem of soaking milk

There are many hot water cups on the market

Wired heating


Car and mobile charging are not supported


Daewoo this

Plug-free wireless heating

, there is at the bottom

Battery temperature control chip

, anytime, anywhere

Quickly heat up to the specified temperature

, fully charged can be used on the go.

Take your baby out and never bring a heavy and heavy thermos again.

Even if you run out of water,

Pour in mineral water to turn on the heating

Type-C interface,

A charging treasure can solve the charging problem

Constant heat preservation

, I am not afraid to take the baby out of the house.

Precise temperature control, wireless refilling

When you go out, there are too many places to use warm water, especially in winter

Hydrate your baby in time

Daewoo thermostatic milk cup is OK

According to different brands of milk powder

Accurately grasp the water temperature

37-50°C can be freely adjusted

Novice parents don’t need to think about how many degrees of water temperature is appropriate, and it is more accurate than the temperature measurement of the skin on the inside of the wrist~ With it, the night milk is much faster.

even though


, it can also do it

12 hours long-lasting heat preservation

The boiled water the night before, drinking it in the morning is still warm, and the heat preservation is not inferior to the special thermos cup.

Take the baby out to play crazy, and open the lid is the right temperature.

It can be operated with one hand and the details are more intimate

Compared with the large and heavy plug-in thermostatic kettle, the Daewoo portable thermostatic kettle is much lighter.

220ml scale, full can reach 300ml

The size is about the same as a thermos cup

, about equal to the weight of a bottle of mineral water, how much water is added each time you drink.

For families who go out with big bags after having a baby, it can be said to be super friendly.

The lid opening button of the cup lid is made one

Design of security locks

One push and one press to open the lid.

For parents who are busy traveling with their children, don’t be too intimate.

The body is

Transparent and visible

The design of the cup, the cup body is added

Precise tick marks

, You can see at a glance how much water is left, and it is super convenient to easily control the amount of milk soaking!

As a tool that babies use more frequently in daily life, the mother must pay special attention to it

Material safety issues

, Therefore, the house sir carefully selects materials and strives to give everyone a reassuring experience.

The inner tank is made of better quality

316 food grade stainless steel

, safer than the general thermos cup material, and compared to other materials, more

Corrosion and oxidation resistance

Although this milk mixer

The temperature control is accurate to ±1°C

, to ensure that milk powder nutrition is not lost, but it is suitable for far more than mothers.

Business travelers and health girls are also very suitable~

300ml lightweight and portable

, the grip of a bottle of mineral water, light and effortless to hold in one hand for a long time, does not take up much space in the suitcase.

Constant water temperature adjustment, selection of suitable temperature,

Instant milk without delay

, the baby is full and not noisy, a bottle is multi-use, this cup is really worth it!



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【Daewoo portable constant temperature milk cup】

Original price: ¥299 |

Limited time offer


Stamp purchase

Stamp purchase

It’s OK