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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

An hour later.

Xie Zhi sighed slightly, and after experiencing the process from rapid heartbeat to numbness, she was already indifferent.

“Boss! Are you okay. ”

At this time, the door was suddenly pushed open, and a man broke in.

Xie Zhiwei, who rubbed his hands, turned around vigilantly: “Who are you!” ”

“What happened to our boss you did!” He saw Gu Huaiyuan, who was lying on the bed and did not know whether he was alive or dead, and his eyeballs were instantly bloodshot.

Is it Gu Huaiyuan’s subordinate?

The vigilance in Xie Zhiwei’s eyes was undiminished, but he thought quickly in his heart, no wonder she woke up in her last life and didn’t see Gu Huaiyuan, presumably she was taken away by his subordinates.

Although the man was worried about Gu Huaiyuan’s state, he still did not forget to pay attention to the situation behind him, and carefully closed the door before rushing to Gu Huaiyuan.

Xie Zhiwei looked at his methodical actions, his pupils shrank, even the little brother was so well-trained, then wouldn’t he be more simple?

She had a hunch that she might have provoked a troublesome existence.

“Don’t worry, your boss is so big and three thick, what can I do to him as a little woman?” Xie Zhi avoided the man who rushed over defensively, first clearing himself, if he suddenly went crazy and knocked her unconscious, who would she cry to?

“Boss, boss, are you okay.” The man ignored Xie Zhiwei, but gently shook Gu Huaiyuan and shouted.

Seeing that Gu Huaiyuan did not react, he took out a small bottle, opened the cap and put it under Gu Huaiyuan’s nose.

“Ahem!” In less than three seconds, Gu Huaiyuan woke up coughing.

As soon as he opened his eyes, there was a cold light in his dark eyes, and his sharp gaze immediately locked on the outsiders in the room, Xie Zhiwei, who was putting things into his bag.

“You’re not gone yet!” Gu Huaiyuan supported the bed and slowly got up, and his tone was even more covered with a layer of frost.

His momentum was as dangerous as his people, and just staring at her made Xie Zhiwei feel creepy.

She knew that if she didn’t answer correctly, then there would definitely be no good fruit to eat, because he didn’t look like he would pity the lord of jade, but on the contrary, as long as she answered well, maybe she could use this to escape here!

“I want to leave, but isn’t it just over?” Xie Zhi stared at him defensively and said speechlessly.

Finish? Gu Huaiyuan and his subordinates both sweated, they glanced at each other, and their subordinates immediately gave orders and captured Xie Zhiwei.

Xie Zhiwei struggled, and she glared at Gu Huaiyuan, who was getting closer and closer: “What do you want to do!” ”

Gu Huaiyuan’s eyes were cold, and his voice was cold: “I want you to tell the truth.” ”

“If you want to know something, as long as I know, I will tell you the truth.” Xie Zhiwei had already greeted Gu Huaiyuan thousands of times in his heart.

Gu Huaiyuan came to Xie Zhiwei and raised her jaw, “What is it called?” Why stunned me? “He touched the swelling on the back of his head, this girl is really ruthless!

Xie Zhiwei took a deep breath, “Xie Zhiwei, as for the second question, uncle, if you see a lewd man who pounces on you and treats you ill of you, you will also stun him.” ”

“Then why help me again… Detoxification? Gu Huaiyuan could be sure that the passion in his body had been unlocked.

Xie Zhiwei’s face blushed: “Then thank you for having a handsome face.” ”

Gu Huaiyuan: “…” Although this answer was full of slots, he couldn’t refute it.

His voice was a little awkward: “Are you little girls so shameless now?” ”

Xie Zhiwei, who has lived all her life, is certainly not like other little girls of the same age, and she sneered: “If I am ashamed, you will cut off your children and grandchildren!” ”

Every word she said was accusing, accusing Gu Huaiyuanen of taking revenge.

Gu Huaiyuan coughed lightly in embarrassment, and his subordinates let go of Xie Zhiwei.

Xie Zhiwei rubbed his pinched hand and said softly, “Do you want to escape?” Can you take me, for my sake. ”

“Little girl, so much nonsense? Am I like the kind of person who can’t save death? Gu Huaiyuan glared at Xie Zhiwei.

Xie Zhiwei looked at Gu Huaiyuan, and his expression expressed his thoughts – like!

Gu Huaiyuan was so angry that he turned around and asked his subordinates: “How many people are outside?” ”

After hearing the detailed report, he muttered for a moment: “Lead them away, can you do it?” ”

“Boss, promise to complete the mission! But, boss, where are you going to hide? The subordinate asked worriedly.

Xie Zhiwei interjected at this time: “You can go to my house, there is no one in my house.” ”

Her interjection attracted the attention of the two, and Xie Zhiwei naturally looked back.

She knew that Gu Huaiyuan’s identity was not simple, and she would definitely not believe what she said so simply, instead of letting him secretly investigate her, it was better to put this investigation on the bright side, because the matter of her rebirth must not be known to others!

Just as Xie Zhiwei expected, Gu Huaiyuan did not refuse.

With Gu Huaiyuan’s subordinates leading away the people guarding outside, Xie Zhiwei and Gu Huaiyuan’s escape became simpler.

The two arrived unimpeded all the way to Xie Zhiwei’s residence.

Gu Huaiyuan looked at the neat but deserted residence, and asked in a deep voice, “What about your parents?” ”

“Huh? They? The divorce went to pursue their true love, so I have always lived alone, don’t worry. Xie Zhiwei put down the bag in his hand, entered the door, turned on the light, and shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently.

Gu Huaiyuan looked at Xie Zhiwei, who said so easily under the light, and frowned slightly, what had it gone through to make her say this so indifferently?

However, there are no adults in the family, and she takes a stranger home at will, is she defensive?

Gu Huaiyuan smiled, and standing at the entrance, he swept Xie Zhiwei with dark eyes: “I’m relieved, but can you rest assured?” ”

His eyes were blatant, of course Xie Zhiwei knew what he meant, and secretly cursed the hooligan in her heart, she said expressionlessly: “Don’t worry, if you also feel that three years of steady earnings, the death penalty is not a loss, please feel free.” ”

Gu Huaiyuan was stunned, and he stared at Xie Zhiwei deadly: “Then how do you help me solve the medicine?” ”

As soon as his words fell, a cylindrical object was smashed in front of him, followed by Xie Zhiwei’s angry and unrequited voice: “Uncle, what age is it now, should you still think that I will use my body to give you an antidote?” You’re thinking so beautiful! ”

Gu Huaiyuan almost crushed the plane cup in his hand when he listened, he actually ate in the hands of a little girl, what is the situation!

“As far as your chest is only used to distinguish between positive and negative figures, you should indeed rest assured.” Gu Huaiyuan gritted his teeth.

Xie Zhi smiled slightly, she didn’t expect that a person who was so rigorous and mature ten years later would be so young … Immature.

She turned around and was about to continue teasing him.

However, what greeted her was his fallen body.

Xie Zhiwei’s eyes instantly condensed, and he shouted in a lost voice: “Gu Huaiyuan!” What happened to you! ”