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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Zhang Ruonan, recently appeared at Shanghai Airport, wearing a black turtleneck undershirt, with an off-white plush sweater, gentle and warm, temperature and demeanor, with a pair of blue straight-leg jeans underneath, DlOR old flower cross-body bag blessing, the whole outfit looks more attractive, showing fresh age-reducing beauty, looking so comfortable. I have to say that I like Zhang Ruonan’s street photography this time, it’s really amazing!

This white plush sweater, plush déjà vu, looks so gentle and warm, people love not to let go, wear it on Zhang Ruonan’s body, really good-looking! The black shirt with the bottom and the exposed black part collide perfectly with the white of the sweater, which is full of charm.

I especially like this blue jeans, so fresh look, good age reduction look, classic charm, when to wear will not get tired, and the fit is also very good, the thin effect is good, wearing will not have a sense of restraint.

The cross-body bag shows the unique brand texture, adding a lot of attraction to the whole outfit, great!

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Autumn and winter are more dull, like Zhang Ruonan’s outfit, can drive away the dull, beautiful fresh, beautiful charming, love love love, do you love?

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