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The movie “Charlotte Troubles” was released on the eve of National Day in 2015, nearly three years ago. Every time I think of the plot and characters in this movie, I am unfulfilled and applauded, among which the role of “Mr. Wang” especially impressed me.

Teacher Wang in “Charlotte Troubles” (source Baijia)

Teacher Wang’s appearance was full of comedy effect: at Qiuya’s wedding, Teacher Wang was surrounded by a group of students who had not been seen for many years, a touching scene full of peach and plum, but helplessly Teacher Wang’s actions were shocking, and identifying students had to rely on what gifts they had given themselves.

It is the image of Teacher Wang, which is very different from traditional teachers, and a virtuous image of taking advantage of small advantages and receiving favors jumps out, and the comedy effect is full.

Can play, teach, and receive gifts (source Baijia)

It just so happens that September 10 is Teachers’ Day, and on Teachers’ Day, every student should send blessings to their teachers, thank their teachers for teaching and educating people, and make contributions to the cause of education.


Teacher Wang on this day

, in addition to blessings,

And what gifts were received



As an excellent cadre in the class, Yuanhua not only has talent and appearance, but more importantly, he has a district chief father. Therefore, when he was in school, he sent a TV to Teacher Wang’s family, and in the 21st century, Yuanhua participated in Qiuya’s wedding and dressed up in the stream, which shows that the second generation of officials Yuanhua is still very good.

Now Mr. Wang’s requirements for TV will definitely be higher, ordinary LCD TVs can no longer meet Mr. Wang’s critical vision, it has to be a big brand, new technology, and the most important thing is that the price should please Mr. Wang, so Yuanhua chose 29999 yuan Sony 65-inch OLED TV KD-65A1, this Teacher Wang should be happy.

Sony 65A1 OLED TV priced at 29999 yuan


“Where do I smoke from the fire” made the audience remember this role of Zhang Yang, and Charlotte called brother and brother and father in the movie, and the plot of the lines simply made the audience’s stomach hurt to laugh. In the movie, Zhang Yang gave Mr. Wang a “Sony radio”, a shot in the movie can also be seen, Mr. Wang is listening with the radio, in the 90s, the radio has become an important channel for most people to obtain information, and the radio is also a very good tool for listening to songs and cultivating emotions.

At the Qiuya wedding, Zhang Yang’s first impression to the audience was the Hermes belt around his waist, it seems that Zhang Yang has made a mark, this Teacher’s Day, Zhang Yang is ready to give Teacher Wang a set of HiVi Diva5.0HT home theater, the original price is 14500, now buy directly down 4301 yuan, although Zhang Yang is rich but very shrewd, fancy the huge preferential range. And it is simply invincible with Yuanhua’s TV set, the two of them should have colluded in advance, and when the time came, they would try to show off in front of Teacher Wang.

HiVi Diva 5.0HT home theater

Big Silly Spring:

Big Silly Chun played a funny role in the movie, silly in silly, Charlotte once told him to let Big Silly Chun’s parents take out all the money for his college to buy a house, on the grounds that who would compete with the fool, the audience laughed. However, Da Silly Chun sold it when it rose by 200, and persuaded relatives to rent a house.

Da Silly Spring did not calculate that the rise in house prices in Beijing is so outrageous today, renting a house is almost impossible to rent, even if Da Silly Chun is not chased by relatives, life is average, this Teachers’ Day, what will Da Silly Spring give to Teacher Wan? Although the big silly spring is stupid, the heart is still very kind, considering that Teacher Wang liked to move his hands and feet when he was young, and now his legs and feet are not good, so he should rest more, so he bought a massage chair for Teacher Wang – Yihekang X5S massage chair. The price is 6599, and the price is acceptable.

Yihekang X5S massage chair

Ma Dongmei:

Ma Dongmei, a girl from a poor family who does not have much scheming. In the movie, Ma Dongmei lives an ordinary life, wearing a sunhat and shuttling through the wind and rain. Moreover, opposite Teacher Wang, Ma Dongmei is still thinking about how to survive in the big city of Beijing, and she has never paid attention to the matter of giving gifts to Teacher Wang.

But feel that the Teacher’s Day party, everyone has not seen Teacher Wang for decades, Ma Dongmei, who has a straightforward and kind personality, thought that it would be better to give Teacher Wang a gift, the 89 yuan Feike razor (FS372) is a good choice, personal care essential, and more practical.

Feike razor

Qiu Ya:

Qiu Ya is a good student in the school stage, but she has a bit of posture and often receives all kinds of admiration from boys. In reality, such girls are basically married to more successful uncles, and in the movie, they are married to a short rich man who is about the same age as their father.

Therefore, Qiu Ya, a rich woman who wants money and money, should be sprinkled with water in the matter of buying gifts for Teacher Wang. Considering that Teacher Wang is old and it is inconvenient to bend over to wash clothes, Qiu Ya chose a Casa Di double-barrel washing machine (C8 U12G3), which can also be used to wash the clothes of her little grandson, priced at 10999 yuan.

Casati automatic drum washing machine

Some people will ask, what gift will Charlotte give? This answer is handed over to you, let me see in the comments ~