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Water coat is a single item that most 50-year-old woman will miss in winter, keep warm and arrogant, can be elegant can also be very profitable, choose a simple and generous hair, you can create a variety of fashion style.

However, the coat is practical, but when it comes with a skirt or trousers, the 50-year-old woman must pay attention to the shoe selection, and use the thick-footed boots to replace the flat shoes to be more beautiful. This winter, when wearing coats, the 50-year-old woman is too lazy and not equipped with the bottom shoes, replacing “thick and boots” is really elegant!

First, how do you choose thick with shoes?

It is said that there is no ugly person only lazy. Most 50-year-old women will pay attention to the clothes and save some ordinary items, and they can make more charm in order to save time.

1, more choice leaving less snow boots


The flat shoes seem simple and comfortable, but most flat shoes are difficult to play an effect in creating an elegant temperament, most flat shoes are compared, and there is no increase in the effect.

Unlike the boots, the boots are more warm than all kinds of shoes, plus thick with design, but also shape the legs and legs. It is best to be the above leather thick with short boots, or short boots of suede materials, less choice of thick and flat snow boots.

2, choose to choose less, choose short, choose long selection

The thick heels uses thick and design, so its stability has not been said that 50-year-old woman who is comfortable and stability in shoes is not necessary to choose flat shoes.

However, the boots of thick and boots are best short, too short, and the flat shoes are not too big, too high, and tired. Although the thick and long boots are more warm, it is more changing, and there is no challenge.

3, choose the thick heel boots of the classic color

The boots have a lot of colors, especially with fashion, you can see all colors of boots, red, purple, yellow or green in the market. But these colors are not a 50-year-old woman.

The classic colorless and short boots designed to be designed or the square design are the tools of high-grade temperament, such as beige, cof color, camel, brown or black.


Second, how to upgrade the coat of coat with thick heel boots?

For a 50-year-old woman, it is necessary to consider whether the style and material of each piece is in a match, and pay attention to whether the coefficient of coat and thick heating boots is coordinated.

1, the same color match


The truth is also very simple. Most thick and boots seem to have different, but when combined with a coat, the thickness of the boots will bring a different effect, to wear “1 + 1> 2” effect, Coats and thick boots must complement each other, and use thick heel boots to improve the matching quality.

For example, use the same color coat combination of coarse heel boots, or with the same color line, the coarse heel boots are used, and the same color system helps to reduce the split line of the lower body.

2, color balance

The second is to achieve visual balance by means of coat with coat color. For example, when the color of the coat is delicate and sweet, choose black thick and boots facilitate emphasis on stabilizing.

Like a dark coat, it is best to match the beige, white thick heels, and the age-age improvement is lifted.

Third, coat + thick with the shooting


The 50-year-old woman is equivalent to simplicity, and it is necessary to use the coat + coarse heel boots, and try to follow this dressing tone, minimize the styles of styles.


1, coat + skirt + thick heel boots

The skirt is elegant and fashionable. This is the addition of dressing in the partner, which is often able to further shape the well-informed diastal temperament.

First recommend the high waist pleated skirt with coats, short boots belong to the same color, and leave a distance between the skirt and the short boots, and the legs are thin and fashionable.


With the main color of the earth, you can win good temperament if you need too much. If you are in black or gray as the main tone, then it is recommended to choose a black patent leather bootstream or silver thick with boots, with a metal color system to improve the highlight.

If it is a skirt, then it is necessary to change the thick with the boots to the long boots, outer coats or windbreakers.

2, coat + high waist pants + thick boots

When using coat combination, the 50-year-old woman can also match the pants, provided that the trousers should take high waist design and three-dimensional straight lines, like straight trousers, straight jeans.

The coats and high-calorie trousers are more suitable for workplace women, you can choose the thick with short boots with trousers belonging to the same colors, so wearing more legacy.

Wearing black, gray, blue, dark camel or dark brown coat, is more conducive to shaping elegant temperament, like the two sets above, is suitable for the 50-year-old woman.


On the sense of fashion, thick and boots must be larger than the flat shoes, the comfort is moderate, the thick and boots are not inferior to the flat shoes. When wearing coats, the 50-year-old woman chooses that it will never be wrong. If you like, you may try it!

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