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The “Jiangsu Province Electric Bicycle Management Regulations” will be officially implemented from July 1, requiring electric bicycles to wear helmets. However, the current electric vehicle helmets on the market are not only of varying quality, but also range in price from a dozen yuan to thousands of yuan, and there is no unified national standard. How should I choose a quality electric vehicle helmet? How to wear a helmet correctly?

Status quo:

Helmets are more than a dozen yuan cheaper and thousands of dollars expensive

Product safety needs to be verified

Through network search and store visits, it can be found that the current types of electric vehicle helmets on the market are relatively diverse, including full helmets, 3/4 helmets, half helmets, lift-up helmets and many other types, the price ranges from a dozen yuan to thousands of yuan, and the material and weight are also inconsistent.

Many EV drivers don’t know if the helmets they wear are compliant. “I only knew that the traffic police would check if I was wearing a helmet recently, so I bought one online.” Ms. Zhang, who lives in Pingshi Street, Qinhuai District, said, “It is not expensive to find high sales!” ”

Mr. Wang, who lives near Mochou Lake, said: “I think it should be an all-inclusive helmet, but this helmet is expensive and heavy, so I bought a light one casually.” ”

Not only consumers, but also electric bicycle dealers have “blind spots” in their understanding of helmets. A salesperson in a store of a well-known electric car brand admitted that the sales of helmets in the store have increased significantly recently, but when asked what is the difference between helmets at different prices on the shelf, the salesperson is a little vague, “The more expensive the better, the specific (difference) is not clear.”

When searching on an e-commerce platform, I saw that electric vehicle helmets are thousands more expensive, and the cheapest one is only 14 yuan. Randomly opened a store with high sales, and found that customers who reviewed generally paid attention to the appearance, weight, sun protection, breathability, comfort and other characteristics of the helmet, and few paid attention to safety performance. When asked about the material and performance of the helmet, the owner said that it was “made of ABS engineering plastics” and “quality assurance”, but did not provide any product certification.

(Screenshot of an e-commerce platform)


There is currently no national uniform quality standard for electric vehicle helmets

“The shell of common helmets is made of engineering plastics, fiberglass, carbon fiber and other materials.” Han Kuanbao, vice president of Nanjing Electric Bicycle Industry Association, introduced that the stronger the protective material, the higher the price, a high-quality carbon fiber helmet, the price can reach thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan.

In addition to material differences, the coverage area of the helmet also has an important impact on safety. Full helmets have the best protection, but poor breathability; 3/4 helmet is both protective and breathable; Half helmets are easy to wear, but the ability to protect safety is poor; There is also a “lift-up helmet” that can completely turn the chin device up, which is easy to wear and has good protection.

(From left to right: full helmet, 3/4 helmet, half helmet, flip-up helmet)

Han Kuanbao said that among the helmets currently produced and sold, “there are no helmets for electric bicycles in the strict sense.” In addition, motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmets, skateboard sports helmets have corresponding quality or production standards, but there is currently no national standard for electric bicycle helmets.

It is understood that although some regions have launched local group standards for electric bicycle helmets, Han Kuanbao believes that the formulation of national industry standards specifically for electric bicycle helmets is an important way to regulate the helmet market in the future. “This criterion should meet the maximum travel speed, in the event of a collision, so that the cyclist is not harmed.” Han Kuanbao said.


Wearing a helmet is equivalent to not wearing it

The traffic police recommend buying helmets to comply with the “3C” compulsory certification

It is understood that at present, some electric vehicle companies have begun to give helmets to consumers who buy vehicles under the initiative of the Nanjing Electric Bicycle Industry Association.

Boss Peng of the Jinling Vehicle Mall showed off the helmet he was going to give to customers with his car: the shell is made of plastic, the inner layer is composed of a harder foam box and a softer sponge, which is very lightweight, and costs about tens of yuan. Boss Peng said that although this helmet is not as strong as a motorcycle helmet with hundreds of dollars, for electric bicycles that are not fast, even if the shell is accidentally hit and broken, the cushioning effect of the internal sandwich can also play a certain protective role on the head.

In addition to establishing basic safety awareness, it is also important to standardize the wearing of helmets. Observing the streets of Nanjing, it can be found that not everyone can standardize the wearing of helmets: unfastened buckles, inappropriate size, crooked helmet straps, etc. are often seen.

According to the article released by the “Jiangsu Police” WeChat public account a few days ago, wear a helmet to choose the size that suits you, and adjust the adjuster; Helmets should be worn horizontally; The webbing used to secure the helmet must also have the correct fixing position.

(Image source: “Jiangsu Police” WeChat public account)

(Source: Xinhua Daily Editor/Zhao Yang, Jiangbei New District Rong Media Center)