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In the autumn and winter season, leggings are the “just need” products of the girls. There will be at least two leggings in the female closet: a skin color, a black, of course, if it is a loyal fan of leggings, then this quantity There is no upper limit.

Both leggings will buy, but are you buying high quality? Some leggings are not only unreasonable, but they are still very uncomfortable. It is not a falling gear. It is not to buy high quality.

I don’t know how to pick it? Don’t worry, look at how the internal pedestrians say, you will know how to pick it later.

There is a sock plant from Zhuji on the “Ming Dynasty” platform, called “Mingyan Knit”. He Qi, which is the factory of the factory, starts to contact the pants and sock products, graduated from the University, starting to take the socks, and now there is 6 For 7 years, it can be called more than one.

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She told reporters that they can generally discriminate whether it is a high quality leggings from these aspects such as material, touch, workmanship, and fluff. You can choose this day:

1: check the material

There are many materials in leggings, such as cotton, polyester, anti-ally, nylon mask, etc., different prices of materials. Some leggings are not high, maybe as long as 10, 15 pieces of money, many of this leggings are all anti-ally, easy to hang. Now, the nylon mask and water pants are better in the industry.


The material is also an important factor in determining the flexibility of the leggings, the material is good, high density, such leggings are not easy to halt, and the elasticity will be relatively large.

2: See details

Look at the details, now a lot of leggings are just “there is no afterward”, it is exactly the same in front and back, so the leggings are likely to be too tight.


Three: Pulling


Many leggings in autumn and winter will plus velvet, pulp with the fluffs in the leggings, drop the fluff in the very light effort, so that the fluff is pulling the fluff when wear, and it is also removed. I will fall, so I don’t recommend everyone to buy.

There is also an important reminder, He Qi said: “Many people have a misunderstanding when they choose, and feel that the strings are striped and better. If the material is cotton, soft may be better, but If it is a nylon, or other materials, you can’t use soft to discriminate. “

After reading these, you will find that it is also a technology to pick up leggings.

Now that the new situation in Hangzhou is still more serious. If you don’t want to go out, look at the picture is also afraid to see the quality, you can directly place the order directly in the “life” platform, and several “Mingyan Knitting” Pants belong to the high quality and the cost performance is also relatively high.

Previously, readers who had purchased people and cats can also be replaced into water pants and 2088 leggings. These two leggings are relatively thick, and they are more suitable for winter.

Water pants have 200G and 300g of two specifications, and there is also the difference between steps and socks. 200g leggings suitable for 10-15 ° C, the weather is wearing 200g, but if it is going to work outdoors or is afraid of cold, then the choice of 300g is complete enough, 300g leggings suitable The temperature of 0-10 ° C is worn.

The biggest feature of water pants is that the upper body is relatively natural, and its color is close to the color of most girls. After wearing it, it is like a “beautiful grinding” function for the leg, far from the star leg. “

This leggings is a baby velvet, which is smooth, and it is very comfortable to wear.

Of course, leggings that can wear below 0 ° C are also arranged, 350g 2088 leggings can make you feel a strong warmth in cold winter. Don’t look at it is very thick, the abdomen hips are not in the words, and it is the material of the nylon mask. The rumored velvet is used. It is also very smooth, and the feedback is also very good.

The warmth of these two leggings is very good, the factory is produced from the selection, and the packaging is strictly controlled, the price is still the “cabbage price” feedback from the reader, no more than 50 yuan / article.

In order to further exert the role of consumption’s stabilizer for economic development, the impact of new crown pneumonia epidemic on the economic development of the province is minimized. The Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province on the promotion of the promotion of economic stable growth have been issued in recent days. “Opinions” put forward 16 specific initiatives of boost consumption, including broadening the new field of intelligent consumption, and vigorously cultivating the night economy. Daily business report is also active, launched

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