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I am a girlfriend who wants to give a dress, let me draw a cutting. Send a picture to me, what is the prostitute say so like a big watermelon? I saw it, it is really. Especially the few watermelons in front, look cool, hahaha. . .


Come look at the style picture

The first few watermelons are like? ? ?

Look more like this ~~~

Ok, share 130 code cuttings for everyone. Suitable for children with a height of 130cm 6-7 years old


Trimming chart unit: cm

Trimming is a size, cutting the clipping time added

The front piece is disconnected above, and the wavy line part is placed after the following wavy lines.

The skirt is two pieces, and the dashed part is a double fold cut. Many of the front and rear, don’t be wrong.


Below is a schematic diagram of the baby collar map: Suggest collection


The width of the collar is 4.5cm. According to the icon, the collar will remove the position of the shoulder in the position of the shoulder, and the outer painting is a doll collar. This kind of conjoices in this way will not be reversed, and there is a three-dimensional sense. The curved arc of the leader is free to design, like it.

Want to learn more children’s clothing and push plates, you can click on the circle card below, enter the circle from the most basic children’s equipment autologous prototype plate.

(Add a circle card here, please see the headline client today)

Sewing process and sewing process

Selection of fabric, cotton fabric. It is also possible to use a cotton silk, and the effect will be slightly almost in the picture, but it can be.


Based on the above crop diagram combined with your baby’s body type, the cutting edge is made after the cutting is drawn.

The fabric must first shrink before cutting

Sewing process: First put the following tabs, sewn the tabs. The skirt can be sewn after sewing after pleating

Sewing before and after the shoulders, collar. The opening of the rear piece can be directly widened after folding

The cage is in the inside, the skirt is swimming.

Ok, the whole clothes are finished.


The cropping figure looks a bit trouble, but it is actually very simple.

This style is actually very like, I am going to the next piece of Rainbow, arrange the colors of the rainbow, let the child to sort the color. This is also a very good parent-child interaction. The child learned new knowledge and also enhances the feelings between parents. come together. . .

Ok, today’s share is here.

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