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A dark blue short cotton suit, with a plush hat design, presents a beautiful visual effect, brings a strong sense of layering, and also has a little effect to set off the fair skin tone Oh, after adding a loose cotton clothing body as a decoration, it is more fashionable.


Ginger clothes, worn on this young lady is really quite good-looking, although it is also a version of the H style, but it can be worn to a certain slim effect, adding brown plush hats as embellishments, more natural.


Dark blue loose cotton clothing, after adding white plush collar, and the blue body to form a strong visual contrast, enhance the sense of fashion of wearing, the short style is more a certain role in trimming, the two large pockets on both sides of the body, also have a unique sense of design, very full.


A light pink short cotton coat like this, worn on the body is super age-reducing style, but also wears a youthful beauty, after adding the design of the fur collar, it is very foreign, and the pattern of the body is also a super layered type.


Compared with the previous ginger yellow, this is obviously a little more mature taste, wearing on the body is also very foreign and close, and the zipper is added as a way to wear, which is more simple and good-looking, and the existence of the big pocket is also quite layered.


This purple short cotton clothing, many girls like to wear Oh, wear on the body super fair complexion, and the overall is also very loose and natural, will not be tight, directly zipper can be pulled, no unnecessary wearing complexity.

The six cotton clothes introduced today are all short forms, whether they are tall children or short girls, they are worth trying~ Of course, finding the right one is the most important thing!

Tomorrow, Big Dream will continue to bring you articles on dressing!

(The text is all my original ha, the pictures are from TB, if there is a little cute fancy, you can leave me a message directly!) I will send you a link ~)