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Many women in autumn and winter like to wear simpler, and the feeling will be more compatible with this autumn color, but if you want to wear differently, you need to work color matching. Women who know how to match colors can easily wear ordinary clothes out of texture, and they will also look particularly advanced and elegant.

The color-blocking coat is full of foreign feeling, the upper body is fashionable and very layered, you can easily abandon the dullness of solid colors, and it will also look fashionable and foreign when worn

。 In the dull autumn day, it looks particularly prominent, and the design of the silhouette is mostly more structured, so it looks more spontaneous and fashionable.

The color-blocking coat is a lot of diversity in wearing, because its own color-blocking is more abundant, a variety of different contrasts, or added fashion elements embellishment, such as plaid stripe printing These modifications, will make the whole dress become different, showing different style attributes, then the fashion degree will be different.

For girls who can’t dress, on other matching items, only choose a solid color to combine with it, there is no mistake, this is also its most conservative way of dressing, in order to not change.

Color-block coat + bag

The loose straight coat is simple and generous and very inclusive of the body, and it looks simple and casual to wear

。 Add a contrasting splicing design, the fashion sense of the whole dress has also become very strong, and on the matching of the lower body, it still uses the contrast embellishment with the coat, which echoes up and down, with a pair of comfortable and beautiful single shoes combined, the overall wearing style has also become fashionable and elegant, suitable for daily life and commuting.

After adding contrast prints, the visual sense of dark coats will become richer, and the fashion of wearing them will be greatly improved

。 In the autumn and winter season, you can also put some plush decoration on the collar, which makes the visual appear warmer and also creates a sense of layering. And the lower body is matched with casual small foot trousers, and then integrated with boot embellishment, it looks fashionable and outstanding.

Khaki coats will have one in many people’s wardrobes, which is a very classic basic model, if you feel that the solid color is too monotonous, then use a contrast design, so that it will look exquisite and charming

。 Wearing a pair of Martin boots full of personality echoes it, the simple and atmospheric dressing style is also very natural to show, and you can also wear a kind of your own exclusive charm very well.

Color contrast is a bright color inside dull monotony, and it is also the essence of beauty after condensation

, through some bright colors or some neutral color combinations, reconcile each other, with a stunning eye-catching visual feast, so that you can easily become the focus of the crowd when you go out on the street. And such a contrast, compared to those big red and green, can easily improve their matching level.

Color-block coat + pants

There are many ways to contrast colors, large areas of foreshadowing, small area embellishments, or collisions of different colors, and the ratio of different color systems, which are actually the category of contrast

。 Choosing the right color is also testing your dressing skills, which is understandable, whether to add black and white gray, or to find black and white gray in bright colors, these are undoubtedly experiencing their own color control ability.

The safest is also a little conservative, or in the classic color system of black, white and gray, plus some color tones, there is generally no big mistake

This is worth trying for novices in color matching. The use of atmospheric and simple coats as the main items, classic and generous but without losing the fashionable taste, using fresh colors and colors collide, you can easily wear a relaxed feeling.

The classic check is a very popular color system, and its stitching with solid colors is also very attractive and simple, which is both high-end and stable

。 And like this not very ostentatious color blocking, it is very worthy of being used as an autumn and winter coat color matching, the lower body is injected with invisible shorts, and then wear a pair of comfortable boots, the overall shape is also very fashionable and foreign, and with the addition of belt modification, the slenderness of the figure is also naturally presented.

It is particularly bright yellow-brown and has a beautiful color, and when combined with black, it looks very prominent and eye-catching

。 As soon as the upper body creates the most fashionable high-end color system in autumn and winter, plus the high-grade shape and material, it looks light and luxurious and restrained and has some gorgeous feeling. The lower body chooses a very classic denim blue and fresh little white shoes, and the overall outfit is worn with a sense of sound and color.

Color-block coat + boots

The blue plaid color-blocking coat that does not feel eye-catching at all, with a bit of high-end, and the skirt that is also a blue checker, the overall color system is relatively uniform

。 The material of the clothes is obviously different from the fabric of the skirt, creating a light and tough feeling, and you can also wear a sense of layering. With the blessing of small booties, it still adopts a contrast design. In this way of contrasting colors from head to toe, the overall outfit looks stunning and atmospheric.

The most common coffee color in autumn and winter, regardless of whether the color system is dark or light, has a classic and simple charm

, combined with the coffee color lattice, it looks a little French high-end style, and this color matching looks like it is not abrupt at all despite the degree of comparison. The white long-sleeved undershirt, when the sleeves are pulled up at will, just echoes the color of the pants and boots, and the overall appearance is fashionable and beautiful.

The royal blue, which shows off the beautiful complexion, is a little more advanced, and when combined with the elegant light gray, it looks stylish and beautiful

。 The coat has a strong silhouette and looks dashing when worn, and can be worn with a belt to modify the circumference of the waist, which also creates a slender and slender figure. And the classic versatile black boots are worn up, but also a hind leg that will not drag the shape at all, carrying a fashionable small bag, looking fashionable and foreign on the street.


The fashionable and outstanding, color-blocking coat creates a visual sense of eye-catching, and it is also very attractive in matching with other items. The upper body looks fashionable and casual to wear, and when you change into your favorite beautiful shoes, it seems that you can easily control it when you go out on the street or commute!

Well, that’s it for today’s sharing. Follow the daily styling guide so you don’t have to worry about outfits!

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This year’s popular “color-block coat” is so beautiful, so fashionable and fashionable, trendy people love to wear