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It is often said that the concept of space is abstract, but when you are in it, space becomes an experience, a feeling, a memory. How much inspiration can space give us in our lives? There is a group of craftsmen who constantly explore the possibility of space between the structure and light and shadow of the building, and record the beauty of space while constructing space.

– “Glowing Space”

“One more idea, space will shine”

Lighting design for Hotel Indigo Hongqiao

If light is seen as a gift from a hotel to its guests, the gift is as meaningful as the famous Swiss interior designer German del sol Guzman. Guzman) put it: “What matters is not the light we turn on every night, but the memory of the light left for the guests after the light is turned off.” “

Designed and built by Longhu, Hotel Indigo Hongqiao is like a train to 2046, and when you open the hotel doors, you feel like entering Wong Kar-wai’s movie world. Light and shadow, virtual and real, the exquisite combination of scenes, in addition to the decoration of the decoration, the creative combination of light and space is indispensable. Keep up with Longhu lighting designers, take a journey of light and shadow, and bring the magic of light and shadow back to the home space.

1. Multi-level entrance and lobby lighting

The entrance and lobby of the luxury hotel should be like this: gorgeous revolving doors and heavy crystal lamps support the brightness and luxury of the whole venue.

The entrance and lobby of Indigo Hongqiao are unusual: abandon the main light and skillfully use different levels of light.

In the foyer, light is the welcome ceremony

Above the Indigo entrance is a translucent color screen with its own BGM, visually separating the hotel space from the outside world. From here, the journey of light and shadow begins.

In the lobby, light becomes the material of architecture

Entering the hotel lobby, you will be greeted by the modern crimson lobby, which allows you to travel to the middle of the old Shanghai Paramount dance floor in a second. The brick wall of Shikumen that wraps half of the lobby has been hollowed out by removing part of the bricks, and the design of resin sheets and LED lights is used to create a self-illuminating light strip form, adding a sense of lightness to the originally heavy wall, making the space of the lobby and reception area more artistic and appreciative.

In the corners, the light is a long memory

From the attic of the alley where Tony Leung lived in the fancy year to the private mansion of the business tycoons of the French Concession, nothing conveys the style of life in the old Shanghai alley and bungalow better than a vintage tungsten lamp (aka: Edison light bulb), 1-2W low lighting energy consumption is both energy-saving and full of memories of time. On the side, Republican-style clocks and cameras exude historical beauty under the delicate background of the contour light of the glass cabinet.

2. Romantic and beautiful restaurant lighting

To understand the mystery of restaurant lighting, we need to understand an important concept related to light: color rendering.

The color of skin and objects changes under different color rendering

[Color rendering] refers to the characteristics of different colors when different spectrum light sources are illuminated on objects of the same color. The color rendering index (Ra) 100 is the best, and the color rendering index of the light source in the home is recommended to be greater than (Ra) 80.

Indigo’s restaurants all use downlights and chandeliers with a color rendering greater than 90, with the light of table candles and glassware, the high color rendering lamps set off the dishes more bright and saturated, and diners are always “possessed” by beauty filters.

3. Smart and delicate public area lighting

Sometimes, looking for elevators, passages, and exits in a hotel, you can get lost if you don’t pay attention to a turn. In fact, light can help us identify spatial properties and accurately guide our route.

At Indigo, designers use light to separate spaces to enhance the identity of different spaces. In the main public areas, circulation areas and functional areas of the hotel, different forms of lighting are multiplied, and different spatial characteristics are shaped with different intensity and illuminance according to the absorption and refractive index of light on the surface of objects of different materials. This makes it easy to find spaces such as lounge areas, meeting rooms, banquet halls, etc.


The promenade is clever with natural light

The hotel’s first-floor corridor is large with mesh translucent floor-to-ceiling curtains, which bring natural light to the corridor aisles during the day. The curtain mesh material avoids the damage caused by direct sunlight to the eyes, making the light bright but not obtrusive. The indoor and outdoor spaces are effectively opened, allowing guests to enjoy natural light while ensuring privacy.


Detailed lighting comparable to art gallery quality

In addition to being a boutique hotel, Hongqiao Indigo is also an expo of Shanghai culture, how to make the artwork glow and attractive, [focus light]. Even if there is natural light during the day, accent light is needed to add richer artistic conception to the space. The downlight is designed above the artwork at the main passage entrance to make the artwork more prominent in texture and artistic conception, distinguish and cut the functional attributes of different spatial scenes, and guide people into a deeper and colorful hotel space.

4. Let the eyes do the SPA suite lighting

After a tired day, we can finally lie down in bed, do not want to be blinded by the light to insomnia, we need to choose the color temperature and illumination of the bedroom lighting.

Daily color temperature comparison table of different light

is a unit of measurement that indicates that light contains a color component, measured in “K” (Kelvin). The more “warm” the color temperature of the light, the more comfortable and reassuring it is.

Overview of the color temperature of the illuminance corresponding to each location of the single deluxe room of the hotel

[Light intensity] refers to the luminous flux of visible light received per unit area. Simply put, too strong light intensity will irritate the eyes, too low will make the environment dim and unclear vision.

The color temperature and illumination of each corner of the suite have been carefully polished by the design team, and the lighting source is strictly controlled within the range of 2700-3000K, striving to create a home-like intimate and peaceful atmosphere.

In terms of details, different lamps such as light troughs, backlights, desk lamps, and basic downlights in guest rooms and bathrooms have anti-glare design to meet the comfort of light sources required by guests when working, reading and resting.

1) The spotlights directly above the bedside are crossed and crossed, the left light is given to the right guest, and the right light is given to the left guest, so as to avoid sleep and reading front glare

2) The hidden light strip under the bedside background wall reflects the texture of metal and highlights the details of artistic achievements

3) The brightness of the bedside lamp can be set by the smart touch version

4) Set up reading lights around 65CM above the dining table to ensure that the desktop sight is bright and soft, not dazzling

5) The illuminance of the front lamp of the bathroom mirror meets the all-round makeup and styling; Sensor lights in the dark corners

5. Dream-themed pool lighting

Check out Hotel Indigo Hongqiao’s infinity pool on the 10th floor, but the source of happiness is by no means as simple as a pool of water. Others used it to make the lighting material of the national venue of the World Expo, and Longhu designers used it to build the ceiling of the pool.

Renderings of non-dazzling but eye-catching fiber optic lights

[Fiber optic lighting system] is composed of light source, reflector, color filter and optical fiber. LED fiber optic lighting can create many brilliant and colorful effects, such as: starry sky, flowing water curtain wall and other aesthetic artistic conception. The light source has low energy consumption, easy to replace and easy to maintain.

Push open the door of the pool, and the body and mind are instantly lit up. The “starry sky” composed of fiber optic lights and the huge English letter “WINNER” at the bottom of the pool perfectly echo the dreamy starry sky of the Great Hongqiao. Maybe this summer’s business negotiation field is no longer a hot golf course, the destination of a water holiday is no longer a long journey, and you are a real winner in life when you stay at Indigo Hongqiao.

Follow Indigo’s lighting aesthetic

Let’s turn your home into a vision of light and shadow

How to use lighting to make the living room more artistic.

First of all, choose a softly lit astigmatism-type ceiling lamp or modeling chandelier as the overall lighting of the living room. Secondly, the TV area can be installed with a video wall as an invisible light strip, or a floor lamp can be placed on the sofa and audio and video area to add a sense of literature and art. If there are picture frames and pendants on the wall, it is recommended to install track spotlights with adjustable angles, and the material and artistic conception are highlighted.

2. How to create a warm atmosphere in the restaurant?

Generally, Chinese restaurants only have one chandelier, which can only meet the basic lighting. It is recommended to add accent lighting near the chandelier, such as downlights, spotlights; At the same time, the use of light sources with color rendering exceeding 80 will make the food more vivid and greatly enhance the appetite.

3. How to choose a bedroom lamp to help a good sleep?

The bedroom lamp is recommended to use warm white light with a color temperature of 2700K-3000K to make people more comfortable. For children’s shoes that have the habit of reading before going to bed, you can add a desk lamp or LED spotlight to the bedside.

4. How to add fairy tale color to the children’s room.

Starry sky themed fiber optic lights can be set on the ceiling of the children’s room to create a dreamy feeling of stars, safe and energy-saving, and easy to take care of.

“Let light do the design” is the most classic quote of I.M. Pei, a world-class architect. On the road of Longhu’s practice of “space and service”, light is also an important medium to connect people and space, and this light and shadow tour of Hotel Indigo Hongqiao is just the beginning of Longhu’s exploration of luminous space. In the future, we will follow the pace of craftsmen, use wisdom and ingenuity to create more possibilities of space and services, and condense various novel and warm discoveries into the evolutionary source of a better life.