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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Red jacket New Year time we can also wear a sense of festivity, wear a very handsome atmosphere, more gentlemanly style, let’s say Ren Jialun’s very basic dressing style, such as a slim suit, but add gold, red elements

Blending with the New Year’s atmosphere, plus the design of the short jacket, and the combination of black sweaters and slacks, the basic black is versatile, the red is the finishing touch, and the red jacket is the basic style of black

It naturally feels very practical, if you want to dress more gentlemanly or more advanced, it is also quite good to use red and gold elements as embellishments, such as short designs, or small white shoes to increase contrast

Little white shoes and coats echo each other, add a grab in the matching, coupled with a very Korean hairstyle, the little brother’s style is universal, fashionable and textured, and the style you like to wear will be more nice

Usually like a versatile shape, you can learn from Ren Jialun’s style, because the gold or red aid, is still very OK, like the basic wear of the little brother, you can also wear white knitwear, compared to black, more sunny

Boys are not complicated to wear, only use some simple elements to match the texture, what styles do the little sisters in front of the screen like, you can also tell us in the message area below, looking forward to friends to hand in homework

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