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Summer children’s cotton silk sleeveless suit, use the northeast big flower fabric to make a set, do you see the foreign air?


A few cotton silk baby sets to everyone the day before yesterday, many people have chosen this today to share it.

First look at the style

Northeast big flowers, cotton fabrics have a lot of splines, choose what you like.

Cotton silk is generally used to do homes, but today’s style, wearing out is also very priest.




Post-film display

In fact, I feel that I can wear it before and after.

100 yards, three-year-old baby cutting sharing.

Trip tie, length 38cm shoulder width 23cm bust 60cm

The other number type can be pushed according to the length of 1 cm in length of 3.5cm in length.

100 yards, cutting, three years old


Pants length 44cm hip circumference 76cm

The other number type can be pushed according to the length of 4cm length of 4.5cm in length.

Set of production processes and sewing process

The selection of fabrics, cotton, cotton can.

Treatment before the fabric is cut


Drawing drawing with cutting drawings above.

Sewing sequence: First, the stack in front of the front is sutured according to the process of the crimp seam, intersecting the front


Sewing front and rear sideways, shoulders. The neckline cage can be folded directly after the side. Want to do fine can handle


Folding effect

The mounting of the top can be densely treated or 0.3 cm. The last layer is plated to the upper body sizes, and the following two layers are fixed, and the upper and lower body are stringed.

Pants sew sequence: suture inner sewing, 缝, waist, slit, built-in lens

The ribbed line is built into the scroll of the foot or the crimp sewing. Made into a lace foot

Ok, the finished product is completed.


This suit is very simple whether it is a cropping or sewing.

If you like it, you can try it, you can’t understand that you can go to the comment area or private letter.

Welcome to praise, forward, to encourage, thank you! ! !