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In autumn and winter, in addition to down jackets and coats, autumn pants are the most popular. And the evaluation of autumn pants has been mixed, although it is known as a “cold artifact”, but can not get rid of the “earthy items”, is fashion and warmth really like a donkey and a bear’s paw can not have both?

Since ancient times, the biggest role of autumn pants has been to keep warm and refuse “old cold legs”.

With the progress of the times and the improvement of people’s pursuit of fashion, more and more people

“I’d rather be shivering with cold than wearing autumn pants”

, a large part of the reason is that autumn pants are too rustic.

But the question arises: is wearing autumn pants really dirty?

In fact, Chinese autumn pants have long since got rid of the previous earthy image, and even entered the international fashion stage. As for why others can wear catwalk shows, but you wear something like planting rice in the field, the problem lies in autumn pants






To be honest, the earliest autumn pants did not look fashionable enough, never considering the style design, only caring about the warmth effect. As a result, it looks particularly bloated when worn, and small thin legs can also be worn as large thick legs.

Nowadays, many autumn pants have been improved in their fit, and while meeting the warmth effect, they also pay attention to the tailoring and design of the style, like this

Slim, wrapped close-fitting autumn pants, like “invisible pants”, will not affect the shape of the legs at all. Coupled with the elastic band hemming design, it wears more like a “long panty”.

In addition to the basics, there are many fashion models to choose from

, This kind of autumn pants also meet the aesthetic taste of contemporary young people.

999 joint autumn pants break the traditional autumn pants shape design, add a large number of print elements, the shape of the jumpsuit is slim and warm, breaking the stereotype of young people about autumn pants in a “punk health” way.

About the choice of autumn pants brands,


It is still quite recommendable, not only the style is simple and fashionable, some are also equipped with self-heating technology system, which is warm and stylish to wear.

Seven Wolves pure cotton base, three guns of Lycra cotton

Cat man cationic fabric model

are good choices.


As intimate clothing, autumn pants are in direct contact with the skin, so special attention must be paid to the choice of fabric. There are many fabrics used to make autumn pants on the market, and the advantages and disadvantages are obvious.

1) Cotton

The biggest advantage of cotton is that it has excellent moisture absorption, sweat absorption, and breathability, and the warmth and comfort are not particularly good.

2) Polyester fiber

Commonly known as “polyester”,

Not easy to wrinkle, quick to wash and dry, no ironing and no ironing


Not breathable, poor sweat absorption

, and easy to produce


, not suitable for dry skin and sensitive skin in autumn and winter, and it is best to apply a layer of body lotion before wearing.

3) Cashmere

Warm and comfortable, very suitable for winter wear in the north, more popular among middle-aged and elderly groups. The downside is that cashmere is easier to pill and is not suitable for people with wool allergies.

Most of the popular “hot autumn pants” are made of viscose fabric, which has a good warmth effect but is not breathable.

Don’t look at the autumn pants are just an underwear, if it is not well matched, the shape will still “overturn”.

Cropped pants should not be paired with autumn pants

In order to show their leg length, many people will choose to wear cropped pants regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, but in winter, cropped pants must not be matched with autumn pants, otherwise the exposed autumn pants are really embarrassing.

Hole pants do not match autumn pants

Many young people who pursue fashion trends, want to balance warmth and fashion in winter, will match a pair of fashionable autumn pants in ripped pants, seemingly layered, but expose vulgar taste, really do not recommend wearing so.

The right match for autumn pants is

Choose the right pants length

, no ankles are best.

If you really want to “roll up your trouser legs”, you can match it with a pair of fashionable stockings,

Tuck autumn pants into socks

, taking into account both fashion and warmth.


It’s 2021, stop complaining that autumn pants are not fashionable enough, as long as you choose the right style and fabric, plus some matching skills, you can also wear autumn pants out of fashion!

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