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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Today’s list can solve many housework problems, such as window cleaning artifacts, sink filter screens, automatic garbage bags, etc., code these practical goodies, housework efficiency improvement is not a dream.

Free hands – no garbage bags

The first one is

Red-collar garbage bags

, a few dollars can get free hands.

With a red neck drawstring design, it is directly closed when you gently pull it out when you throw garbage, and it is very cool without manually knotting it.

This design is very close to my heart, unlike traditional garbage bags, which will be embarrassing when filled a little full.

Having a drawstring to throw garbage feels a little more elegant, and you can hold more garbage.

Reference price: ¥3.3/volume

Free hands – no need to manually clean the kitchen sink

There are no friends with the same type of sink, washing dishes and washing dishes is easy to pile up some vegetable residue, and every time you clean up, it is a headache.

A few cents a piece

Sink filter mesh

Solved my troubles, put it directly in the sink, and just throw it away when it is full.

No need to manually clean up and don’t worry about the feeling of sewer blockage, really comfortable~

Reference price: ¥4.8/30pcs

Free hands – no need to clean the soap box with stagnant water

Ordinary soap boxes are easy to accumulate water, and if they are not cleaned, they will soak the soap, which will affect the use of soap.

This one

Deciduous soap box

The design is very conscientious, so that the stagnant water flows directly down the veins of the leaves.

The base is a silicone suction cup, just sucked next to the sink, and the stagnant water can flow directly into the sink.

Reference price: ¥4.8/pcs

Free hands – a sponge wipes everything


nano nanosponge

, goodbye to detergents can also be easily decontaminated.

After dipping in water, it can be used to wipe the pot and wipe the desktop, wipe the range hood to wipe the TV, and wipe the corner of the window seam.

Just like an eraser, it can strongly absorb dirt, and the sponge will become smaller and smaller.

The main sponge feels very comfortable to the touch, and the efficiency of housework has risen unconsciously.

Reference price: ¥10.8/40 pieces

Free hands – peeling shrimp is easy

Maybe you’ve heard

Shrimp line hook knife

Is it? I just found out not long ago, and it really smells good after buying it.

The tip of the knife has some serrations, which can easily handle the shrimp, and then the hook knife is pierced into the back of the shrimp, and the shrimp shell is also lightly picked down.

Oh yes, it can also be used to cut the fish belly, and those who like to eat shrimp and fish can arrange it.

Reference price: ¥7.8/hand

Finally, did you get these hands-free artifacts? Friends can also share useful things~

Red-collar garbage bags

Sink filter mesh