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Many people say that if you want to see a person’s personality clearly at first glance, look at the shoes she wears, because shoes can reflect a lot of information, such as a person’s shoes, particularly clean, just like newly bought, then it means that the person is a person who pays attention to hygiene and pays attention to small details; On the contrary, if a person’s shoes are dirty and dirty, it means that the person is not informal, or has a more casual personality.

Therefore, when matching, you must not ignore the importance of shoes, because shoes really occupy a very key part.

In recent years, the boom of Martin boots has been high, is the heart of many people, and this year, Martin boots gradually began to withdraw from the rivers and lakes, pointed toe boots have become the new darling of the fashion industry, want to make themselves fashionable through this winter, then you must need a pair of pointed boots, pointed toe shape with little femininity, and especially modify the leg shape.

But there are many who don’t know how to match? Don’t worry, next I will tell you about the matching skills and methods of pointed toe booties.

1. Pointy booties + coat

In winter, everyone must try more coats, because coats are really suitable for everyone, whether it is age, or tall, short, fat and thin, a coat can make you in line with fashion, this is the easiest for us ordinary people to get close to the fashion shape, and the warmth performance is second only to the down jacket, if you choose a lamb wool material coat, the warmth effect is absolutely super powerful.

Under normal circumstances, women wearing coats will show a particularly capable and refreshing side, but they also need to add some feminine elements, such as pointed toe booties can be a good task.

In addition, pointed-toe booties look lighter from the shape, which is an advantage that many shoe types do not have, especially Martin boots, so the slenderness of point-toe booties will produce beauty, and then the coats are matched together, bringing a good visual effect and enhancing the sophistication of the overall shape.

2. Pointy booties + down jacket

When it comes to down jackets, presumably most people’s first reaction is bloated and fat, and pointy booties can greatly weaken the shortcomings of down jackets, narrow shoe shapes and wide down jackets form a sharp contrast, thus solving the problem of dressing and showing a charming sense of line.

It is recommended that when matching with down jackets, choose more black pointy-toe boots, which will bring better results.

3. Pointy booties + sweater

Sweaters are definitely an indispensable item in winter, and if you don’t want to make your look rotten on the street, then choose to match it with pointed toe boots, saving time, effort and effect.

Since the style of the pointed toe boots themselves is more obvious, it is possible to match sweaters with simple styles and colors to highlight the uniqueness of the boots, so as to make the overall fashion value of the shape to a higher level.

3. Pointy booties + blazer

In the past, blazers were often used by everyone for formal occasions, or worn by staff, but now blazers have gradually become popular, and it is becoming more and more difficult to set up a brilliant shape, and may not pay attention to it, you will wear a sense of “selling insurance”, which can be said to be particularly embarrassing.

But the emergence of pointed-toe booties makes this problem easy, just use the simplest color matching formula, for example, we wear a classic black and white clothing, such a matching is simply the basic operation of “selling insurance”, but as long as a pair of brick-red pointed toe boots are added, the sense of fashion is instantly improved, and the formal aura is reduced, which shows that pointed-toe booties are really very important.

After reading the above introduction, let’s try the matching of pointed toe booties! Whether it’s with coats, down jackets, sweaters and blazers, it can help you create a beautiful and attractive look, what are you waiting for?

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