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If you have to be like a small person, the comfort of the shoes is very high.

The autumn and winter season is generally wearing a ball, spring and summer, because you don’t like sandals,

So it is generally wearing canvas shoes.

Say the comfortable canvas shoes that is relatively comfortable, Converse must have named names,

Because of its high comfort, the style is simple,

Neutral wind design, whether it is a boys and girls like it.

The most important thing is that the color and color of Converse have been changing, but the style is similar,

So as long as the color is not too abrupt,

It’s a hundred feet.


Whether wearing casual clothing, or wearing a suit effect is very good.

Ouyang Na is a faithful fan of Converse,


Although few people don’t love Converse,

But I want to buy Converse, I really need a certain economic strength.


Since we can’t afford it, let’s not be difficult to get it.


Through these years, buy shoes experience,


Xiaobian organizes some of the better canvas shoes,

Let’s share it with you.

The cost performance is still very high.

The first thing to say is definitely a domestic brand “leap”,

This double

The bottom of the shoes is very soft



The price is around 100 ~ 200


Buy a pair of Converse, you can buy a few pairs of flying.


Another is a street brand in New York, USA – Pony,


This brand is said to be the first to produce some basketball related items, and later start production of canvas shoes.


While the style is characteristic, the foot is still very good.

This brand of canvas shoes,

There will be a iconic “V-type” sign on the side of the body.

Because the appearance looks high but comfort, it is favored,

It is because of this, the price of canvas shoes is even more expensive than running shoes, and around 200 yuan.



Italian brand superga canvas shoes are also very good,

This brand canvas shoes also have their own characteristics.

Mainly based on solid color,


A series of candy colors have been launched in the past two years, allowing canvas shoes for more choices.

There is no doubt that the comfort of this canvas shoes is also very high.

There is a feeling of stepping on the feet, and every step is like stepped on cotton.

Wearing such canvas shoes with girlfriends, don’t worry about it.

Compared with domestic old bodies,

The price of this canvas shoes is slightly higher,


Have to admit, comfort and appearance is also very high,

Each pair of canvas shoes is also acceptable in 200 ~ 400 yuan.


Another thing is

In the past two years, the Australian old brand Volley,

Mainly mainly based on solid color,

White belt is the most classic style,

There will be a variety of colors on the back side of the shoe.

Such a shoe, whether it is a boys or a girl, is very good,



Wear in summer, give people a clean and small feeling,

The price is also what we can will bear, around 100 ~ 150 yuan.




Of course, there are

Domestic old brand – back,

The small partners who often wear canvas shoes should know,

The most classic style is red and white.

When the couple wear should not be too eye-catching, walk in the street “Takage Food”.


The last thing to say is a brand LOSERS in Japan.

It is said that it is hand-made.

The identity of the shoe is very high.


This design is generally can’t do it.


I can try the novel small partner.

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This brand of canvas shoes,